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no but halo is always a consideration for xbox.

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I liked it as well, but anyone saying the gameplay in Skyrim is good is a liar and a cheat. For a game focusing on alot of melee-combat it does it incredibly poorly. Just check Chivalry or Mount and Blades combat, it requires actual playerskill both when it comes to timing and twitch-play. Dunno what skyrim requires, depth perception and high smithing? :D

Exploring is what makes the game for me.

^^^^ this if the game had chivalry's combat it would be perfect

sadly combat sucks but the other parts are so good it doesnt impact the experience. just standing and looking at the worl left me in amazement very few games have ever managed to do that. to me.

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I would enjoy battlefiield if i could ever get into a default server.

the iinsta spawn vehicles kill the balance.

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so there's parity across all three versions (something Dead Space is known for) and suddenly the game is shit and nobody wants anything to do with it?

Christ you PC guys are difficult.

This is one of the most ignorant things I have ever read.

The PS3 and 360 are relatively close to each other when it comes to power, also they are CONSOLES. Every single 360 and every single PS3 is exactly the same. PC's are all over the board, some people have far more powerful ones, some have far less powerful ones. Not giving PC gamers the options to utilize their more powerful systems is absolutely lazy from a developer standpoint. Just because you don't have a powerful PC doesn't mean we should be punishing those people who do.

Except for the part where you think the developer owes you DirectX 11 features and hi-res textures and a bunch of other bells and whistles that they should've been hard at work on just for a small segment of their user base. I fail to see how having all three versions run at the same quality (which, for Dead Space, is excellent for the record) is somehow a bad thing. Sure they won't have hi-res textures or a bunch of DX11 features out of the box, but does that really mean the developers were somehow lazy and that they deserve derision because boohoo you can't max out uberdupersupersampling on this one game?

It's not a big deal and does not impact the quality of the game one fucking iota.

this ^^^^ its still a good looking game and i play mainly on the PC

it just makes sense that they wouldnt...

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Like with anything in life jerks are usually the loudest and most noticeable.

that can get irritating day after day.

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For those complaining that they might not be able to make darksiders.

at least they have jobs and at a pretty good developer no less

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I like the tone of the trailer. Basically the viewer is probably familiar with the tricks and story so far, so it's time to get in there and fuck shit up (with a few scares along the way).

this ^^^^ isaac got over his fear. It was kinda the point of the 2nd one, I mean he moved on from his dead girl friend physically and emotionally.

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Hey look! It's another shitty Branthog comment that goes on for twelve pages!

Honestly, I have a hard time being offended by any of those, either.

Part of the problem with all this stuff these days (because it's every incident every time) is that there seems to be this general consensus that being a little tacky, tasteless, or crass, or even sexual is akin to discrimination, abuse, absolute lack of respect, etc. There's nothing "bad", per se, about any of this. It shouldn't absolutely consume all of the marketing or game content we encounter, but I have no qualms with there being some of it. Yeah, I have a mom. A sister. A fiance. Loved ones. Respected colleagues, etc. The GTA girl sucking a lollipop doesn't change that. It doesn't change how I treat them. It doesn't change how you treat yours, either. It doesn't change how those who created that content treat theirs. This absolutist attitude that everything showing even a smidge of titillation or "inappropriateness" somehow must be exterminated is, frankly, offensive.

Fair enough to call these things out as a little classless. I'd be right there with you. But, even as a man brought up in a household full of primarily women, I feel no particular drive to eradicate all of this from existence. Maybe nudge developers and publishers to be a little more creative, clever, and subtle -- but guess what? Sometimes a firefighter wants a half-naked pin-up chick on the door of his locker. Sometimes a pretty face and body or sexual innuendo is used to sell a game, or car, or food, or restaurant, or cigarettes or beer, of medication, or clothing, or makeup, or floor cleaner. And this stuff is just as often as not marketed to women, in that way. Yet suddenly an affront to humanity, if found in gaming. (Mind you, I think women should be consider more when marketing games, though -- and they should be treated as an important part of the demographic that deserves to be marketed to; not just guys, like is usually the case).

Let's not act like every instance of this type of thing is a real-life Leisuresuit Larry moment. Because they aren't (okay, some are). And it's okay to be off-put by them. And then we shrug, give a little dissatisfied 'tsk' or even a chuckle and move on. My loved ones haven't been molested by any of the content, shown here and nobody who plays games is going to alter their perception of nor treatment of women based on the marketing or content of games. Further, like Adam Sessler and others have noted, violence in video games is not propaganda directed toward influencing people to accept or commit it. Violence in video games is not a motivator. Violence in video games is a by-product. A reflection. A mirror of the things we, as a society, find compelling. At least, in entertainment form. Likewise, sex in all of its complex and also brain-numbly neanderthal forms are also not a directive from gaming to the population that plays it. Doesn't condone, enforce, or suggest mistreatment of women. Doesn't influence some sort of deranged perception of them. At most, it might put women and some thoughtful men off a particular product or company or game because it insults them on an intellectual level or strikes them as insipidly juvenile.

In too many words, I guess what I'm saying is it seems reasonable to find this stuff tasteless, but let's come down from the ceiling and back to reality. This isn't female genital mutilation, human trafficking, or spousal abuse nor does it lend nor relate to any such actual grievous things in any way whatsoever and instead of demanding this sort of thing be done away with permanently lest the Rightous Internet Brigade put you out of business, let's encourage and celebrate those attempts at smarter content and smarter marketing?

And as an afterthought: How do we, collectively, feel about the above examples, the sixth one cited and exhausted by now -- and, say, Frag Dolls and their lot? They play on the same manipulation and marketing, no?

Fuck, I can't say anything in one paragraph, can I. I'm sorry there isn't a Branthog-filter you can just hit sitewide. There kind of should be. :D

this ^^^^

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ill admit i wasnt that scared,and there seem to be alot more action. Given that its a demo and the fact that it took place during the day its understandable.

the controls still feel like deadspace and the crafting was awesome. also for those of you who said that it didnt feel like a deadspace game go into the weapon only portion and press the button. youll be reminded fairly quickly its dead space.

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golden eye and the dragonball tenkaichi games