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@thejke said:

I can't get it to work.

The game starts fine but I encounter problems when I try to start a new game. First, during the opening video, all I see is subtitles on a black screen. I waited for a while to make sure this wasn't just for dramatic effect, but after several minutes I knew for sure it wasn't working. So I skipped it.

After that I get to the loading screen. I installed the game on my ssd, so it should have loaded very quickly. I let it sit on the loading screen for about 5 minutes before I turned it off and tried again. Everything went the same way the second time.

I have been trying to find some help with this issue, but since it just came out I have been unable to find anything. Does anybody know how to fix this issue?

Well two of my buddies had a black screen issue and one is ongoing. As for the other, it was because of some HDMI glitch. If, by chance, you're playing using an HDMI cable to your display, try unplugging that and launching the game, then reconnecting the HDMI. Best of luck duder.

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My best friend sent me a text wishing me a Merry Christmas and threw in a Happy Birthday a month ahead of time because he knew he "would forget it".

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@naru_joe93: I streamed the PS4 live show thing on my ps4. Totally worked fine.

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You keep saying "as someone who spent hundreds of dollars on an SSD" and mentioning your offense, but why did you but a ps4? Clearly you want PC gaming....I for one love the PS4's implementation of installs. Clearly you are some kind of obsessed with SSD's so you must know the PS4 doesn't have one, so the anger here seems misplaced to me. Whatever though, to each his own. It isn't "poor design" seeing as even you admitted it's great for 90% of people. In fact it's wonderful design, you'd just prefer it be worse...forcing a player to wait for a 50GB install is worse. Sorry if I sound like a dick but I find your attitude about this to be very off-putting. If you "demand" excellent load times and are "willing to pay for it" then go back to your expensive brainer here.

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Well at first blush that cpu/gpu combo is a mismatch. That's a budget cpu, and an older one, with a pretty top of the line gpu. I'd install the GeForce experience for an easy way to check your gpu drivers and maybe try some nvidia control panel editing (forcing vsync, threaded optimization, performance mode, etc). If you're still having issues it might be time to buy a new cpu that compliments the rest of your rig.

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I don't mean to ask the obvious, but it's the best place to start: are all of your drivers up to date?

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You could always chillax, because it's in no way a big deal....

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It's going in and out. I finally got logged in.