Life News *July 2013*

I figure I might keep you all updated with my newest life news each month or so.

My birthday was on the 23rd. I'm celebrating it all week...well up until I got sick two days ago. What a bummer. I was taken out to eat a couple of times and received an XBL 12 month subscription gift card. Woot! Now If only I get the 3DS XL I wanted.

Big changes are coming to my life sooner than I expected. Not only am I a new editor for a website called but I'm also getting a job upstate that I have to relocate for. I'm totally unprepared to relocate but luckily the area of the job is where my best friend lives which I was offered to stay with until I save enough to get my own place.

This is a big deal since at the age of 29 have never moved out of my mother's home definitely. I may have visited family in the past and stayed with them for up to 6 months but this is a new ball game. I welcome the change even though I am terrified. There are a couple more steps in the hiring process so technically I haven't been officially offered the job, but I am confident I will get it.

News on my projects and company...

Since starting the website, I was putting that at the forefront trying to test out editorial management with the team. The team aspect didn't work out as I thought so now I am in the process of revising the mission and how some things are done on the site.

For my business, I have been still in the website construction phase. I am hoping to get out of this phase soon with the new content schedule I put for myself. I had to do some soul searching but things were becoming overwhelming and real quick. with managing about 9 to 10 websites, I had to take a chill pill. I think I found that balance.

I also wanted to start branding my gaming identity - Spawnhellraiser, making a new youtube and google+ account for it. I think this is a good place in that my professional and gaming life are intermingled yet separate.

The year is not over yet and things are looking very promising for me. Who knows, maybe I'll end up at E3 2014!

and the wickedness was not forgotten ^(**)^

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Sega is making my dream come true!

I recently heard that Sega is doing an HD remake to one of my most beloved games of all time - NiGHTS: Into Dreams. It's sequel is currently on Nintendo Wii - NiGHTS: Journey Into Dreams. It will be released this fall for XBL, PSN and Windows PC. Wonderful news for me as a fan!

Check out Sega's blog post for some extra details on the remake.

Sega Blog


State of my Union Address ^_^

Hi guys. It's been a while since I posted here and commented on blogs and at forums. I plan to do more of that now. I've been giving more time at Raptr, Playfire and Giantbomb. I highly recommend Raptr and Playfire because you get to just have straight comments and not have to read a whole thread. Plus they track your game progress.

Anywho, what I've been up to...

Well lots of changes have been going on since the start of this year. I finally decided what I want to do with my life and how I want to help people especially in the gaming industry. So all you guys really need to know is that I'm offering services as a Marketing Consultant to indie game developers. I'll market their games.

This means that you guys and my other friends across my networks will be the first to get promotions, beta sign up information and release dates of these games. Maybe even participate in contests to get the game free.

I have also started the Gameavation company website. When the service launches I'll alert everyone through a blog and its social networks so follow Gameavation on Facebook, Twitter and Google+! All with the same name - GameAvation. Also join the Facebook group - GameAvation. The Gameyourtherapy.comsite is still under construction too.

To promote the future indie game marketplace service under gameavation, I will create a network for indie game developers, their fans and reviewers that will discuss indie game development and how the industry benefits from indie games. Also will discuss tips, advice and strategies to better market indie games, run the studio like a business and for writers to have insights on development and its progress.

To top all that off, I will create another service that will be part of my own brand - Vivacious Entrepreneur, which will be a freelancer marketplace just for video game writers/journalists. Outlets looking for writers will come to this site and see the latest and popular articles written by journalists that are also looking for a site to write for. The service will place a demand for paying jobs for journalists rather than free jobs.

Big things are happening as I create an empire. Let's just hope the industry doesn't tare itself apart before I can help everyone.

I'll continue to post updates about these projects here and my other blog:



My niche blog, Cutie the Triple D Gamer, has been updated. New content will start this weekend!

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And the Wickedness was not forgotten....


Asura's Wrath Rant About Ryu Being a DLC Character

The Rant

Whoever told Capcom and CyberConnect2 that adding Ryu as a DLC fighting character to the newly released action game Asura's Wrath should be fired. First off, have you even seen Asura fight? In the demo, the dude DEFEATED a god that basically was half the size of the earth. Asura used all his might to push the god’s fingers from space. GOT THAT? FROM S…P…A…C…E! So how in the heck can Ryu, who isn’t even close to the power of Goku, defeat Asura in a straight fight? Not even Akuma has anything on Asura.

Therefore, this isn’t a fight amongst equals.

Secondly, haven’t we all learned our lesson from Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV and other Street Fighters that has multiplayer matches online that players almost ALWAYS CHOOSE RYU? We are sick of seeing Ryu. Get another character for crying out loud. Heck, if sticking to Capcom-only fighters even choosing Akuma would have been o.k since Akuma has more of a rage than Ryu. Now I know DLC is optional but this is a waste of time and money. They are praying on the Ryu fans to pick this game up and make a not-so-deserved killing off it.

The Rundown of Other Games with Random Character Universes

The hot trend started with Soul Caliber IV. Depending on which system you brought SCIV on, you were either getting Yoda or Darth Vader as an added bonus character. Later, you were able to download the one you were missing via DLC. Now I heard this wasn’t knew to Soul Caliber series but it was knew for me as I never played a SC game before IV. It was knew and rather cool because I am a Star Wars fan.

The next few and upcoming games include Mortal Kombat 9 with Freddy Kruger from the movies Nightmare on Elm Street and Kratos from God of War series (he also appeared in Soul Caliber: Broken Destiny), Ryu from Street Fighter in the now-cancelled MegaMan Universe, and Street Fighter X Tekken with Cole MacGrath from Infamous series, Pac-man (Namco) and MegaMan (understandable since he’s from Capcom).

The Foot

These character are fun to play with but I’d have to put my foot down for Ryu in yet another fighting game other than some new Street Fighter. Capcom can do better. Much better and they never give love to Jubilee from X-Men in their Marvel vs Capcom games.


Digital trend will not boot physical copies of games

There is an article going around about a survey noting 57% of 1,000 videogames professionals at the London Games Conference believe digital sales will overtake boxed product sales in 2015. 16% of that group say the switch will happen in a year, 39% say during 2013, and 76% before 2015 is over.

Source: Digital Delivery to Overtake Boxed Games in 2015.

Contrary to these industry executive beliefs, the world does not currently possess this kind of technology on a global scale to handle full console to streaming games digitally. Granted there's plenty of digital games for sale, but it's access isn't made worldwide simply because some internet connections cannot sustain speeds to stream games.

Therefore physical purchases will still be dominate in years to come unless everyone has the speed of fiber optics available in their area. I'm not saying that digital sales will not rise or even outsell in the upcoming years, but saying digital games will discontinue physical purchases in just 3 years is downright mythical. I wouldn't want these execs to work for my company in the finance department.

For more articles, check out my blog: Enter the Q Ann


Back and Forth

I am still very much alive n Gamespot but somehow I rarely come here. Perhaps all my friends are still on GS.



To support my gaming habit, I need more money or I need to find a way to decrease my spending and increase production. Therefore, I've decided to invest in renting video games. This should be a good move since I want to one day own my video game rental store.

I picked my choice of game renting - I got the 1 game plan for 8.95 the first month, then its 15.95/mo. I also for a free 14 issue magazine subscription of Entertainment Weekly.

The first game out my queue is Wario Land: Shake It! You know I had to.



I am addicted to Okami for the Wii and God of War: Chains of Olympus right now. i have what seemed to be, abandoned my PS2 and my Xbox 360 Elite. I will be moving soon and I have to pack up alot of things.

What's last going in the box are my games. MAUGHHH.

I need more GiantBomb friends. ADD ME YOU FOOLS!



I came from Gamespot, longing for a better gaming news and social activity experience combined. Perhaps GiantBomb will be that place. Some place where I can grow and mature - with my words and my games. Some place that I am not limited to - only as limited as my imagination. Some place where I can find people like me. Some place fresh, new and improved. The gaming experiences I can fully share without folly.