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@murisan: @gaminghooligan: Yes. But if you're the kind of person who removes BF3 from your hard drive, I'm not sure what you'd be into though lmao.

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realistic scenery of classic maps such as Operation Metro and Damavand Peak.

You lost me there, are you meaning to say Operation Metro is now considered a classic map? As in good? Or just one of the maps that came with the game?

Well I think it's an awesome map, but yes, I meant it as in one of the original maps that came with the game. In any case, this thread belongs to Aftermath, so lets not go off on a tangent about why you are wrong thinking Metro is lame... Sorry, had to take a low jab lmao! XD

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I've been playing Battlefield 3 for a year now, and so far have really enjoyed my stay on the game. Even the extreme disappointment of Armoured Kill and the underwhelming Close Quarters/Call of Duty Quarters DLC's couldn't sway my view that the core BF3 multiplayer is probably my favourite of all games. It makes you feel like a real soldier, with team work and objectives, where you don't mind going negative 500 in your kill/death ratio, as long as you blow up that final MCOM station. But I have been wanting a great piece of DLC to add to the maps I already play. Sure you could add maps from Armoured Kill like Alborz Mountains or Armoured Shield to your conquest rotation (if you don't mind the limited gameplay seeing as the console version is so sparsely populated and frustrating at times), but you certainly can't add them to your rush rotations, and you definitely cannot add any maps from Close Quarters to your server due to the limited amount of players allowed to play on them.

Then came Aftermath. After annoying downloading the 2 gig update last week, and then seeing another 2 gigs worth of maps waiting in the DLC, I almost shuddered at the near-20 gigabyte space BF3 takes up on my 360 hard drive and wondered if the maps were worth it. Boy am I glad I continued. Aftermath is, without a doubt, the BEST DLC the game has so far. Period.

I luckily had a couple of friends who were equally crazy about BF3 as I was downloading the maps at the same time. We entered a hardcore server, and from the first time you enter, you go "Wow..." and your mouth hangs open and perhaps a little bit of drool leaks out. Maybe an orgasm. Definitely some illegible ecstasy grunts. The maps look gorgeous. Unlike Armoured Kill, where it seems DICE just plonked default clusters of houses into open areas, the maps of Aftermath hark back to the lived in and realistic scenery of classic maps such as Operation Metro and Damavand Peak. There are massive highrises, tunnels, breath-taking mosques and palaces and just so many pathways through the urban terrain.

The first impression I got was that I was fighting in what could only be the love child of Fallout 3 and Battlefield 3. Being paradropped from a helicopter onto a crumbling highrise and picking off engineers making their way through the scrambled streets below, it really did feel like I was in a resistance or guerrilla force trying to hold a post-nuclear city. The maps are all designed to look like they've been hit by a massive earthquake (in line with the game's storyline), although in the map Epicentre, the earthquakes are still rolling! I'm not sure if they can topple buildings etc seeing as we were only on the map for a short time (we handily defeated the opposition in quick-smart time) but every so often, an earthquake will stop the hectic fighting, everyone will stand around and watch as objects and vehicles bobble around, undoubtedly saying to themselves "Damn! That was freaking awesome!" There are huge cracks in the ground and crumbled decay everywhere. It truly is urband warfare at its finest. The choke points and intense firefights are back, but don't discount vehicular manslaughter! One of the maps, which recreates a maze of markets, doesn't have vehicles (at least not for the game modes I played with), but the rest have vehicles and various difficulties of driving through the map with them; some are so cramped that driving a jeep through the centre of the map is tantamount to suicide, while others allow armour to dominate and makes for a frightening experience for ground troops who turn a corner and find themselves face to face with a tank!

The ruins and decay also make for great vantage points and nooks. So much so, that it almost makes other maps from the original rotations seem limited in their options to hide and set up traps. There are ledges, walkways, windows, roofs, tunnels, balconies... the list goes on and you feel like you could play on a map for hours and still end up finding new places to hide, new routes to take and new tactics to employ. With so many routes, games of conquest are frantic, with flags being exposed to multiple entry points, while still allowing an intense fight if you have a decent squad. Rush, although on a couple of the maps it feels a bit smaller in scale, is still a viable option and really showcases some of the best scenery of the maps as you push through to new areas. Conquest is perfect for the Aftermath DLC, and so is team/squad deathmatch. Unlike the Close Quarters DLC, the new maps retain enough size and Battlefield-feel to avoid seeming like a Call of Duty-wannabe, but still really place an emphasis on infantry/light vehicle based play.

The new Scavenger mode is a weird sort. Imagine a cross between Gun Master and Close Quarter's Domination modes. You start with a pistol and must search the surrounding area for better guns. At the same time, you must capture flags around the map, which basically determines if you win or not. I'm not sure if it's based on kills or how many flags you control, but over time you begin to see better guns on the map (the have level 1,2 ,3 etc above them). I'm also not sure if the gun spawn points are random, or if they're predetermined, but it's fun to search every nook and cranny for that great gun which will give you the edge. If you're lucky, you might even find the crossbow on the map (usually you have to complete a series of assignments before you can unlock it and its parts in full). The crossbow is a strange weapon (following a similar strange feel as the modified vehicles you can find and drive). I'm fairly sure it's a one-shot kill, but it takes a long time to reload and feels very strange and light in hand, probably due to the lack of recoil and sound as you fire. So it is unclear how useful it will be compared to sniper rifles, but with the upgrades ranging from high explosives to sniper bolts and the like, you can help but go "It's a friggin' crossbow. In a Battlefield game. AWESOME!"

So if you pick up one piece of DLC for Battlefield 3, make it Aftermath. It has everything going for it. New weapons, new vehicles, new modes, new maps, new achievements, new assignments. The maps look fantastic. Probably the best I've seen in an online shooter. The flow and choke points and pace of the maps is perfect. They offer something for everyone. For the sniper who likes to camp, to the run and gun sort, to the vehicular master, you will love the new maps. And finally, I can add to my server four new maps that can be played on any game mode. Excellent. Aftermath is a cool, hard 10/10.

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There are new weapons. Well, weapon... the crossbow.

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@Gamer_152: And there are Quarian women too. And probably others.

I really wish you could kill children on the consoles. You can take a living corpse, set it ablaze with your VOICE, stick it with arrows then CUT the muthaf*cka's head off and watch it spiral down a slope where you can then pick it up and carry it and place it in someone's bed before drinking their blood, robbing them, killing their husband, killing them, stripping their clothes down to bare panties, and then empty your inventory of onions into their front lawn, BUT AS SOON AS YOU KILL A KID, OH NO! TOO FAR??! C'mon, let us slice the little ones puleasee?? :(

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@HKZ: Lmao, we made a believer out of you yet! ; )

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@HKZ said:


I play on PC so it is a little different,

YOUR ARGUMENTS ARE MOOT! GTFO and stop acting like you're the only one who knows how to own in a tank or knows about team work or how to kill tanks on the ground. I've put months and months and months of game time into BF3, I'm not a noob. As Big Jon, and a fair few other people have mentioned, the new maps need major balancing and are a far cry from what they should be.

It is UNREALISTIC to expect that you'll have 11 other people on your team who are ALL your friends who you can communicate with unless you're in a clan etc. 99% of the time you're going to be playing with at least 2-8 people you don't even know on your team. You keep spouting off about team work team work but a single squad can only do so much if the maps are one-sided and your team mates are doing the stupid things I've been experiencing for almost 100% of the matches I've played on AK.

I've spent nearly 4 days on armour kill and I'm still having the same problems. I've now learnt where all the vehicles etc are and the like, but you can't learn away the balancing issues.

@big_jon: Good videos. Pretty much my thoughts on the AC-130 exactly. At least for Rush. On Conquest, it ain't so bad, although a 30 second extra spawn time would be nice on that mode, but on Rush they should just plain remove it. DICE stop being so damn stubborn. The whole point of being in a squad is in part to move up and be effective mobile spawn counters. To be able to simply drop directly over an MCOM simply because a vehicle spawned there is completely unreasonable and stupid.

Again I do not like the way these maps are making our choices for us. As a defender versing the AC-130, you pretty much HAVE to be an engineer. With a stinger. You'd definitely need about 3 or 4 to combat that and the other air vehicles. Of course, you've also got the tanks. So then another 3-4 people are going to have to take rpgs or javelins. If you're lucky to have a full server, then everyone else is probably an engineer in a jet or tank too. Where are the options for being a sniper or assault? They just don't really factor into this game and it annoys me that the rest of the maps have places for all types of gameplay, and yet the AK maps really just funnel you down into a few options that are neither fun nor enjoyable.

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I agree. BEST part (perhaps the ONLY good part) of Armoured Kill by a loooong way. The air time you can get on Armoured Shield is just insane. :D

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Your problem is that you have shitty teammates, and you played two new maps and a new game type for half an hour. Everything after saying you only played for 30 minutes has no value as a statement. Go back, play it, learn tactics, get better teammates, and quit bitching. There's a million different things you can do to stop enemy armor, you just have to quit being a baby and rage quitting when you don't get a vehicle that is almost invincible. Armored Kill has nothing wrong with it other than the weak defense against air attackers in the C-130. All of your problems are because you have shitty teammates, you didn't spend any time trying to learn the maps on empty servers, and you don't know anti-vehicle tactics. Get more than 30 minutes under your belt, and then you may have something worth reading about.

Ummm, maybe you didn't read my follow ups. I got banned for calling someone else a f*g before, so I'm not going to call you one, BUT you should go and re-read your comment and realize you have no friggin' idea what you're talking about and you just ended up looking stupid posting a comment in here without the facts. In your advice, go back, re-read the entire thread, learn manners and quit bitching, then maybe you'll have something worth reading about. : )

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@MoleyUK: TBH, I don't think they have but for some reason many times all I can spawn on is just the home base of flag! It's unlikely their vehicles are full with the tank destroyers and their many slots, or me having unlocked the CTV station for the MBT, so I have no idea why. They're not shown in the gunship or in a heli. Strange indeed.

@GoofyGoober: 100% agree. I've already gone back to the normal maps.

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@Qwell: @Seppli: I definitely think you'd have a completely different experience on the console. Those maps would be great with 64 people! But our max is only 24!!! Can you imagine those maps with only 24 people?

@deathstriker666: Good advice! Seriously, I think this is really the key. Even ONE more tank per spawn would improve things dramatically.