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Bomb Squad on Zul'jin is pretty quiet atm, but there are a large number of inactive players in the guild. About three or four of us are playing right now, leveling for the expansion. Guild is lvl 25, lots of perks and bonuses to go around. Hopefully as the expansion closes in things pick up.

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Thanks for all the replies guys. I wish I had been just a touch more patient and gone on Aerie but my 85 paladin has been transferred to Zul'jin and is now a troll so.... I will send out some in game emails, but my realID is spazm6666#1408 and my new main monk is Oobak, my pally is Noobak. Look me up and lets get ready for the exp pack. And of course good luck for any folks joining Dan on Aerie. Not completely sure how the Cross-Realm stuff works but I think we could still sort of group up for folks who are crazy and have toons in both factions if there are multiple GB guilds on different servers.

Curious, can guild invites be sent to offline toons now? I have been away a few years and don't remember if you HAVE to be online to receive the invites. Thanks!!!

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Well if anyone is interested, myself and a fellow duder just started up on Zul'Jin and would love to get the guild there back in action. It's already lvl 25 which would be a nice boost all around. The armory suggests there is some activity there but being new to the server, we need to get a hold of the GM. Just looking for some casual action. Speak to me!

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I am soooo sorry, I totally forgot to reply but thanks guys!!!!!

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I was wondering if the Live Stream (I think) that Ryan and team did many months ago where they went through that massive lot of Famicom/Super Famicom games was ever archived anywhere? I love retro stuff and wasn't able to catch much of that stream that day due to conflicts. I think it was around the holidays, 2012. Thanks for any answers.

Still missing the big guy.

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: Well you are reinforcing what I seem to be seeing.. that some sys admin work will be a necessity to have any success. I know Valve or similar company is the end game, but I fogure if I shoot for their expectations, getting a gig anywhere in the tier below should be easily doable. I have already considered reaching out to some HR groups so you echoing that is great. Internships unfortunately aren't an option due to my family/adult status which is why I am trying to feel out if this is even a smart or good move. It would mean setting a goal and then to complete it, uprooting my family to go there.

@Sooty: The games industry because I want to work somewhere where the products my employer makes or the services they provide have value to me. I can make networking happen anywhere, but if what they are doing is completely uninteresting, my motivation for caring about teh company is extremely diminished. And if a time comes where I want to segue into a different role, I want it to be gaming/tech. Once I am in that industry and talking the language, that transition becomes much easier.

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I am looking for advice on breaking into the games industry from the IT Administration side and was wondering if anyone could provide any foundation suggestions of things I should absolutely nail down before I pursue this seriously.

I have a basic system administration background on the Windows side (little to no Linux/Unix) but I am currently stepping up my network background (CCNA right around the corner.. finally). Networking and Security are the things I tend to gravitate towards and what I enjoy the most. I have checked one or two posted positions at some of the big players as I am just starting this process in earnest, including Valve, and the Network Engineer positions seemed to require exactly what I would have expected with one twist. Knowledge of C++ or similar language was preferred. I am so not a programmer... Any thoughts on this would be most welcome

I was wondering if anyone out there could possibly enlighten me on what else specifically I might look to learn, how I might put myself in the best position to be an engineer/admin for the large volume of traffic that online gaming creates and if there are specific technologies I should focus on or learn. Any and all advice welcome, even if it is negative. I will weight it all as objectively as possible. Thanks!!

EDIT: I am currently about at a Jr Level of knowledge. I know enough to get around in Cisco IOS but am far from an expert. The goal of my next job step is to get me that solid foundation, hence this post.

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The internet and mass media in general have been selling cynicism and skepticism for the last several years, and it's made it's way mightily to gaming and gaming sites. Ignore the trolling and lulz-ing and take the important facts from each article or 'cast.

As for GB and other reviewers being harder or more critical... I agree to a point. But remember these guys have been doing this a long time and it's hard to not get a little bit jaded with the sheer exposure and access to gaming and the industry they have. Watch the E3 wrap-ups.. especially day 3, THAT WILL SHEER YOU UP!

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Yeah this is going to be a tough time of year... and forza is squeezed in the following week I believe.... I am going to need to use my vacation time just to finish games....

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Is anyone watching it?

How good is it?

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