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That's right, I'm LTTP.

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@nardak said:

I think my curse is that in open world games I almost have to obsessively collect every collectable item that there is out there.

I see you come from the @vinny school of open world completionism.

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It sort of depends on the kind of bad. If the gameplay is not enjoyable to me, I usually don't finish games (in that respect, even TLOU would fall in this brand of "bad" for me).

On the other hand, if the gameplay is enjoyable, I am more than willing to play a game all the way through despite glaring flaws in other areas such as story or visuals.

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Thanks for doing this again, @thatfrood! I loves me some data processing and all your efforts over the years are very much appreciated!

I've submitted my list, still WIP of course. Hope to get some more games in there during the holiday break.

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All Star Trek TNG movies. Especially Insurrection and Nemesis. You know, the bad ones.

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@baka_shinji17 said:

They must be feeling a Guilty Spark. Eh?

That's right, come on, UP TOP!

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@orusaka said:

Just to clear up some inaccuracies in the post, the gold and blue chests require more than just for you to sync up to Uplay or the companion app. The gold chests are actually tied the Initiates web-page where you achieve levels from, among other things, having played previous AC games. Simply linking will not unlock the chests. The Blue chests similarly will not simply unlock by linking with the companion app. You have to solve the glyph puzzles and do the missions on the companion app to unlock those chests.

Apart from that, I completely agree that it is total BS.

Yeah, that's all sorts of shitty. I appreciate getting stuff for having played legacy content/games, but don't package it in such a shitty way. Take a cue from Bungie! Send players a bunch of cosmetic goodies (such as Destiny emblems if you've played earlier Bungie games), don't lock other players out of fucking chests.

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Sorry if this has come up dozens of times before, but how awesome is it that the Guardian Outfitter is selling (or rather, can sell) a Bomb Squad player emblem? :>

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I know a lot of fans don't want to hear it, but them just doing right by the Master Chief collection, I think they can deviate a bit with this game. Yes it'll feel more like CoD but I'm interested to see what else they do. It could be very good.

And if you'd rather play and one of the other Halo's multiplayer online you can do that now.

That is an excellent point, MCC allows them a ton of leeway to go further in the direction they started in Halo 4. Which is a Good Thing(tm) if the franchise is to stay relevant.

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@whatthegeek said:

I wonder if they'll officially launch that Doritos flavored Mt Dew during the awards?


Edit: As long as there's going to be a limited Halo MCC themed edition.