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Nas' album is pretty legit. But you're right, Lupe's album is gonna destroy anything "hip hop" related this year. In my opinion he is the best mainstream hip hop artist out that gets NO LOVE.

i think it'll come down between Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid, Mad City and Lupe Fiasco's Food/Liquor 2. in fact, im willing to bet that if they both come out on schedule they'll be competing in one way or another. probably only between fan boys and shit but who knows.

i have a feeling lupe may have an ace up his sleeve. kendrick's album on the other hand is something of a known quantity. it's probably going to explore many of the same themes as section 80 (dissecting hedonism in a way that speaks to his generation). i hope food and liquor 2 marks a comeback for lupe cause lasers was a little low-impact.

also, this

Lupe will probably just fuck up again like he did with lasers; I really hope he was joking when he said 97% of today's rap is garbage. Kendrick pretty much has the freedom to do whatever he wants but he might also fall into the same trap that every rapper seems to these days (really wanting to be played on the radio 26 times a day).

But honestly, I doubt either album will "destroy" Killer Mike's R.A.P. music.

I really liked Lasers. Despite all the crap his record label put him through, I think he did a great job. I trust Lupe lyrically. And I haven't heard any of Killer Mike's new stuff so I'll check that out. I have no idea who Kendrick Lamar is. I'm into conscious hip hop and spoken word stuff, Is KL any of that? If so, I'll have to give him a listen.

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@thedj93: Oh snap?! Lil' B the #basedgawd himself? lmaooo. he sucks though.

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@SmasheControllers: Nah you just gotta look a little harder.

In terms of rap, Lupe Fiasco has Food & Liquor II out in September, and Tyler the Creator is supposed to release an album too (I don't really "get" his stuff but it's definitely more interesting than this guy). But hey man, it's all subjective so play that shit loud!

Nas' album is pretty legit. But you're right, Lupe's album is gonna destroy anything "hip hop" related this year. In my opinion he is the best mainstream hip hop artist out that gets NO LOVE.

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How the fuck are you supposed to fall asleep while playing a videogame? I understand movies, but in games you need to actually concentrate. I guess it's just me, but as long as my mind is actively registering what I do I just can't do that. Would be nice, though.

Weird, but it does happen. I remember in the 8th grade after school I was playing Pokemon Colosseum (I think that was the name...the one where you put your RED or BLUE version in an expansion pack in the back of the N64 controller). I was in the middle of an intense battle and then zzzzzzz... all I remember was that I woke up and my Articuno was just flying there waiting for my command.

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So, Sony's Pub Fund is bad?

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Atelier Rorona. Finished it, but I'm going trophy hunting right now. Need two annoying trophies until I get my 6th Platinum.

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I'll go to my grave screaming that Nier was the best game of 2010. Had better music and story than any game that came out that year.

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I've said it once I'll say it again. The media will always dictate what sells and what doesn't. There are games coming out. But because it's slow sales are alarming, the media has already begun to call the Vita a loss. Combined with the negative press, there's no way Sony can bounce back from this. Unless its Micrsoft 8 enabled or is from Nintendo.

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@Sammo21: I'm aware of his trolling. And LMAO on the Skylanders. Very true.

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So it seems that anytime Asura's Wrath is brought up Jeff makes a comment about the game does what anime does all the time: sell the true, or real, ending to the anime separately months later. Now, I don't buy anime all the time nor do I keep up with every anime made, but this comment consistently makes me scratch my head. From what I can tell, at least from all the anime I've seen and own, this really isn't the case. The sell the anime just like television shows, in series, or if its a movie it will be by itself. You might have an OVA a while down the road but that's not really an ending, let a lone a true ending. Hell, sometimes an OVA is a remake of the show (like with the Hellsing Ultimate OVA). Considering I knew he's mentioned at least 3-4 times it just kind of blew my mind in a way that made me wonder if I was just clueless to how anime is sold now. I know the last bit of anime I purchased for my wife for Christmas and it was just like I remembered it when I bought it for myself: a boxed set of the series.

I take it you haven't hear Jeff's "anime is for jerks" comment.