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I bought it but can't seem to connect with another player or when playing single player a player jumps in for one or 2 levels and then jumps out which makes it kind frustrating playing with the dumb ai?

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I do it is one of the best fps of all time.They got doom and duke nukem 3d why hasn't id added this one to it is the best behind these.Do you think they should added it?

#3 Posted by Spectral_Snake (30 posts) -

Well I got my first RROD Tonight After Downloading l&d last night.How could microsoft release a update that would brick alot of peoples consoles and mind you i have had my 360 since summer of 07 and have downloaded a bunch of other updates for other games and never one got the dreaded rrod why is it i get it now when i download the gta l&d and the  manditory update from micro$oft?And i need to know how can i send mine in to get it repaired or get a replacement one sent to since i bought this from ebay back in 07 any help would be greatly appreciated and what other people on gaintbomb have had there 360 bricked because of this update?

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It sure is taking a long time do you think the servers are that bogged down it will take another 3 hours to finish downloading it completly they sure know how to rip us off don't they they should have made this $10 for all the time people have to wait to play it.

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I was on 28% when i let it download for a hour and then when i turned my xbox back on it was on 16% why did it go back down 12% are the servers that bogged down that it will take me about 4 days just to finish downloading this.

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Where can i get info on this that can help me to know for sure and that will suck i have to pay another $20 to play it on another gamercard.

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Will i be able to play this on another xbl account from the one i downloaded it from?Like if i downloaded it on one can will the game show up and be able to play it on another username?

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I disagree with you on this the 360 should be able to keep me2 because sony will never release mgs4 on the 360 so why should the crappy overpriced black blucrap player get me2 it needs to stay exclusive for the pc and 360.

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Can you still play this game online at all?

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It doesn't say anything it just goes there and then restarts my computer which i heard has to do with the nivida video cards they tend to overheat?I have windows xp sp3 AMD 64 ATHLON 3500+ 2.20GHZ 1GB RAM NIVIDA 8400GS 512MB VIDEO CARD Hope this helps and the sims 2 website forums won't load it takes me to a blank white screen.

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