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I am sure you are dumb enough to not deserve your avatar.

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Couch, big TV and... the video player uses Flash.

Really? GB tech is stuck in 2009?

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I going to ask for a friend buy one for me. But not if is too much expensive. There are new models or only used ones? And the used are expensive in japan?

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Kuchera talk a lot of bulshit, but this time he made a very good point.

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I am trying to remember what arcade game had a similar tone in the intro.

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@penguindust: Just download the first episode and try. Nyaa has a lot of versions. Dont need to be the 1gb uktra hd. The 300mb episode version is fine. The blu-ray were not released in usa yet. Only official method are the overprice japanese blu-ray. I hope they release with the original audio. But was very strange see the name "Starblazers 2199" in www.starblazers.com. The best site for Yamato stuff is ourstarblazers.com, from the dude who did the content for the old official site, before the japanese changed the site for this shit version.

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Yamato 2199 is better every new volume.

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Old, but I don´t knew before a Kotaku post. Very cool. And the guy uses Flash to do the animations.

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Tomb Raider story is so dumb. Rich english teenager girl become a mass killer in two days.