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It kind of gave me an itch to play an MMO in general. Unfortunately all I have to use is a macbook pro and that kind of leaves me with just playing WoW. Even tho I still want to play it since I have never played it before. If anyone is getting back on or starting for the first time as well I would really like to play with you guys. I guess I give my Battle ID which is Spence5060

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I am currently trying to join the playstation clan part in the Lincoln Force team. Is it full up for that and that is why I am getting an error?

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Well I just joined the group on PSN. PSN ID is MastuhSpence

But if you don't see me on there I just got my new PS4 and would love some chatable friends and good group to play with

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Name: Spencer

Friend Code: 1907-8888-6714

Pokemon Y

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Cool so I've added everyone that has put a steam ID on here. And I would be totally down for a L4D specific group for active people playing. If anyone is serious about setting one up, hit me up on Steam

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Ok I'll add whatever steam Id's I can get on here and make up some groups right away. And any official or unofficial gb L4D groups on steam out there that are active. Let me know

@earlessshrimp: Also what is your steam ID so i can add you

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I would love a Giant Bomb to group up with and play on this game. Am mostly playing Vs on here but am willing to play anything with a good talkative group.

If you would like to play my Steam ID is Spence5060

Also, is this game very popular at all anymore on Giant Bomb?

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You can add me on Xbox. Not currently on it.

GT: Mastuh Spence

Steam ID: Spence5060

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I don't know if this is still active at all. But with the new sale of it on xbox. I'm looking for people to play with on the 360 or on PC

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@shinjiex: Does backwards compatibility include all the digital games I have on those systems like the arcade games and such?