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You remember from last year how one of the categories for their Game of the Year Podcasts was Best apology of the Year and Hottest Mess of the Year?

Well I was just listening to the podcast and it was a bit contentious. It was a pretty good category and they hoped that they never had to have that category again for this year. Listening to it now that its hilarious.

How contentious do you think this year's category for Best apology and Hottest Mess of the year will go? I bet they will be there forever talking about it. There's plenty of games to go through for that one.

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I would choose Dead Rising 3 really. I am pretty much in your same boat. Love the Dead Rising games. Just Love em. and Dead Rising 3 is great. Loved that one too.

And when the first two Metro games came out I never played them so that I can play them on PC later but ultimately got them with Redux for the PS4. And honestly I wasn't super impressed with them. Maybe because of them being dated or maybe just because of the style but they are just so slow. Too much for me even, which I can usually handle and get the hang of, but not hear.

So for me personally I would get Dead Rising 3.

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To me it was a throw away story. I never did read the books and did hear that the story comes from that. I guess if you read them and were into that lore more than it would be better, but the mechanics and gameplay way overshadow any story that is in there. Also I feel the way they told the story was bad as well.

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The best deal for me was the Endless games on there. I got the Endless Legend game and Dungeon of the Endless since I already had Endless Space. And for being 50% off was really good for a relatively new game that is just a fantasy version of Civ 5 with the Endless Space UI

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PSN ID: MastuhSpence

Tomezone: US West

I am willing to play most any game on here. Most of my game library is on this console which includes Destiny and Diablo 3.

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How I see it since I have played both games is that Jade Empire is more optimized for console play and Dragon Age: Origins is more optimized for the PC.

I personally chose Jade Empire purely because you don't get many games with a Chinese lore background and there are a lot of fantasy games out there.

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Gamertag: Mastuh Spence

West US Time Zone

Top Multiplayer game I'm playing now is Call of Duty: Advance Warfare

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Thank You all for the advice and tips you gave me. You all helped out immensely.

I have my build and this is what came of it.

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The five games I chose are:

D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die - This game is all sorts of weird and funny. i figured this would be right up their alley. Though all they did was a small quick look of it from the Giant Bomb East guys and that was it. I don't remember ever seeing any mention of it on the podcasts or anything. Was a little bummed.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! - I know that Jeff being the resident Borderlands expert did try and give this game a chance and didn't like it, but I think that they should give it another look. I played it through the end and enjoyed it enough to at least be a contender. It is definitely not the best borderlands game out there, but I think it is still a good one. Also with some of the DLC coming out like playing as Handsome Jack, I think that this could only be getting better (maybe).

Legend of Grimrock 2 - This is for some reason one of my most favorite and anticipated PC franchises out there right now. I don't know why. This game just looks so cool to me. I currently don't have a gaming PC to play this game or its predecessor, but I am in the midst of building one right now with the final parts on the way. And when it is completed this franchise will be one of the first that I boot up and play. I don't really know if there is anyone on the staff of Giant Bomb that likes these particular kind of games now that Dave is gone (he was the one that did the first game's Quick Look). Maybe Vinny (he did the second game's). But this really is the highest quality in its class. All from this game was a Quick Look and a small but of playing from Brad on the Extra Life show. No other mention to my recall from the Bombcast. This is definitely a game to talk about if anyone has an interest in it on the staff.

Lords of the Fallen - This is a game that I wish I could have played this year, but did not have the funds to justify purchasing it with so little coverage of it from the staff here. I wish there was a bit more of an in-depth look of this game or talk about this game so that I know whether or not it's worth purchasing and playing. I love all the souls games with everything included with them. And the small talks on this about it being a bit more arcady do not necessarily turn me off. I just don't know.

South Park: The Stick of Truth - This game is great. Just so funny (as long as you like South Park humor of course). And this game was covered a bit from these guys. I just don't think they are gonna remember it or even think of it this time when it comes to end of the year stuff. Also if any of them have not finished it yet, they definitely should the value of time used with enjoyment and entertainment of this game makes it highly worthwhile to finish before the year's end. Also I tried to add this game to the list, but could not. I think the problem is that it is classified as a 2013 game when that was the original release date and then they pushed the game back to 2014 and no one updated that fact. When you search for it it says 2013 game and on the game page it says release date of March 4, 2014.

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I am actually in that exact scenario almost right now. I had finished my playthrough of mass effect 1 and 2 and then got into a little bit of three but then stopped for some reason. I can't remember if it was because of personal reasons or because of other games. I wanna say it was a bit of both. But what I did recently to get back into things is to just start over from mass effect 3. I remember fine everything that happened from the first two games. And anything I don't remember they don't skimp on reminding you in mass effect three. They make sure to plainly tell you the choices you made as those particular situations come up. As long as you know the main overarching storyline, you will be fine.