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Name: Spencer

Friend Code: 1907-8888-6714

Pokemon Y

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Cool so I've added everyone that has put a steam ID on here. And I would be totally down for a L4D specific group for active people playing. If anyone is serious about setting one up, hit me up on Steam

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Ok I'll add whatever steam Id's I can get on here and make up some groups right away. And any official or unofficial gb L4D groups on steam out there that are active. Let me know

@earlessshrimp: Also what is your steam ID so i can add you

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I would love a Giant Bomb to group up with and play on this game. Am mostly playing Vs on here but am willing to play anything with a good talkative group.

If you would like to play my Steam ID is Spence5060

Also, is this game very popular at all anymore on Giant Bomb?

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You can add me on Xbox. Not currently on it.

GT: Mastuh Spence

Steam ID: Spence5060

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I don't know if this is still active at all. But with the new sale of it on xbox. I'm looking for people to play with on the 360 or on PC

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@shinjiex: Does backwards compatibility include all the digital games I have on those systems like the arcade games and such?

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When Saints Row first Cam out I thought, "Awesome! A GTA clone! These open world games are great! I want that!" But then I realized that what this was was something different. I now know that I com to GTA and Saints Row for two different reasons. I come to GTA for the serious story and serious emotions that come with it. I come to Saints Row to not give a fuck. Saints Row's special sauce is being absolutely over the top and not caring about itself at all. I mean look at the development of your gang over this series. In the first game you're fighting for the neighborhood, in the second it's the city, and in the third you're fighting an international syndicate. And now in the fourth game you seem to be fighting to control your country. I mean if you're looking for anything that resembles serious emotions or story in a video game, you're looking in the wrong place.

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Most definitely not. Dude would save his own ass before mine. Look at any of the team games he's played on here like the lantern runs for instance. Nothing but selfish.