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Xbox 360, Kochamara


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I'll be online the next few hours looking for some foreign fruit (I have peaches). PM me if you added me!



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I've seen this same issue come up in multiple threads, but this looks like the oldest, so I'll make my post here.

I've had 25 unread messages since the site relaunch. I didn't see this error in the site preview, and it wasn't an issue in the old site. I've went through and marked all messages (inbox and outbox) as unread and then read, but I'm still showing 25 unread. The unread section of my PM box is empty, despite the number staying at 25. This issue is consistent across other browsers and platforms after clearing cookies and cache.

This is obviously in no way an urgent issue, but as this has been going on for a while, I thought I'd report what I tried to do to resolve it.

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Excellent podcast. I'm looking forward to a second one.

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Calling the 360 Orange Box multiplayer shooter "Team Fortress 2" at this point seems ridiculous. The Uber Update was update number 218. Has the 360 version been updated once?

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Fascinating read. Klepek is a worthy addition to the Giant Bomb team. Well done.

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I tried the PAX showfloor video and it was 640x360, compared 1280x720 (the resolution of the test WUTANG video Dave uploaded).

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This is probably the worst quest since the one that involved "First!"  Come on, guys.  Scavenger hunts are fun.  Stuff that encourages spam isn't.

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This isn't exactly an edit, but I guess it belongs here.