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Great job.  While building lists, can you design them to support large collections?  I will eventually record my complete game collection using this tool, so it would be nice to see a compact list that I can sort, maybe by GB review score.

Also, when can we expect a trophy system?  Personally, that system will boost my site activity.  It's just fun to collect those things, you know?

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Fuck yeah. 

"DBoy:" if you don't consider actually melting faces with the power of metal in a game is intense enough, then... try another form of media
Snail: EA published The Orange Box under the same program, and that turned out okay.

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Damn it, you need to stop posting these things before G4's podcast feed updates.

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Don't forget about the SDK; that's the only important part of this update for me personally because I own the PC version.  I'm ready for some user-created campaigns.

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I have sexy wallpapers, people.  The original files are 1680x1050.  Can your computer handle it?


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I have wallpapers, people.  The original files are 1680x1050.  Are you guys ready to have this much sexy on your desktop?

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Work it, gentlemen!

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That was an especially entertaining Soapbox.  I love Adam Sessler.

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Am I the only guy unable to view his profile by clicking his icon on the top of the page?  This just started today, and I now need to change the "S" in the "Spencer" of the URL to an "s" to access my profile.