What is your favorite drink?

Whenever I need a pick-me-up or I just want to relax, I always turn to Sun-Drop, a locally made soft drink that has recently gone national. It is known for its high caffeinated awesomeness. So I ask, what is the one beverage that you reach for when thirst hits you or when you just want relax with something good?


Dear Whiskey Media..I miss you.

I'm home for the summer working for a  veterinarian out in the foot hills on the Tennessee and Alabama state line and I have to drive 30 mins to get a decent internet connection to watch vids on the sites.  I can pull up the sites at work but can't watch videos or download the bombcast.  Just to make it through the week  I listen to old bombcasts I'v already downloaded.  I miss you Whiskey Media and I shall not forsake you for another.  I believe there should be a support group for those who must go without.  


Please keep the Southeast in your thoughts/prayers.

Even as I write this, a massive outbreak of tornadoes has swept a devastating path of destruction and death starting in Texas and Arkansas and plowed  through Mississippi and all the way towards the Carolinas.  The total number of fatalities is already over 140 and it is continuing to rise. In Tuscaloosa, Al alone there's up to 37 fatalities and they've hardly begun rescue/cleanup operations.  Please keep us in your thoughts/prayers.


Are accents dying in America?

While waiting for the bombcast, I listen the Sunday Radio Show with Dave Snider and heard him comment about how accents must be fading away.  This got me wondering, are they?  I'm from the Heart of Dixie and I'm proud of my voice.  So here's the question I want to throw to the giantbomb community, "How do yall feel about this?"  Is it getting harder to differentiate regions of the U.S.  by their voice?


Jeff is right..Onions should not belong in food.

I strongly loathe eatting onions.  When I forget to tell McDonalds to hold the onions, the first thing I do is grab a fry and scrap the foul things off.  However, I don't mind onions in food on several conditions: 1. I can't see them.  2. I can't taste them. and 3. they should not leave the nasty feeling in my mouth  when I eat a hamburger with chopped onions. 

Deadly Premonition won't leave me alone!!!

Am I the only one this happens to?  I was watching Criminal Minds and  the old guy started to drag the baseball bat on the ground as he went to kill someone.  The first thing that popped in my head was "holy crap it's the raincoat killer from Deadly Premonition!"  Also, whenever I hear someone whistle, the main song throughout the game goes through my head. 

What do the numbers mean?

After playing Black Ops, there is just one question that I can't get out of my head, What do the numbers mean? So I ask yall, besides starting the Russian conquest of the western world, what else could they mean? (this is just meant to be for fun)