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Movie: [REC] for some reason, it freaked me out big time. 
Game: Amnesia: The Dark Descent 
Book: IT by Stephen King

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Kind of one of those "No shit, Sherlock" moments.

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I was homeless from 06-early '10 and many, many bad things happened over that period of time. I give it a 9.5, because at least I wasn't raped by a chimpanzee.

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Cry Plays Amnesia: The Dark Descent, specifically the ones from a couple years ago. You could also say  his Penumbra and Amnesia: Custom Stories Let's Plays are pretty great. Mostly because he's actually scared in the original and penumbra ones. He's only scared for the beginning of the custom stories.

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I like to go with hard on my first playthrough then easy on my second so I can more easily appreciate things. However, games like Battlefield 3 ruin that for me, where I can't switch my difficulty, despite it being cheap as a motherfucker. Lol, I dislike that on games.

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@supermariobrah said:

There are a lot of levels/ mission types we find annoying. Water levels,time trials, on rails, the list goes on. Sometimes we dread getting to these moments in our game, and wail in frustration until they are over. However, on occasion we find that we actually like an instance of these types of moments in our game. I usually hate escort missions. While Enslaved is essentially a game based around an escort mission, I didn't mind it and even enjoyed the dependency on the main character and their companion. What game had an instance like this with you?

I hate escort missions. However, Resident Evil 4 and Enslaved are the exceptions.
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@Animasta said:

obama is merely mediocre, bush was actively terrible

also jimmy carter gets a lot of shit, but he's the coolest ex-president

Bad president. Awesome dude. (referring to Carter, by the way) 
Also, Obama just got his own unique pair of Jordans. 
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@c0l0nelp0c0rn1 said:

Red Faction comes to mind, I loved Guerilla and I love the original Half-Life. For some reason, I just couldn't get into it that much.

That's only a recent example. I'm too lazy to think back further right now.

Never got into Guerilla. It sounds and looks like something I'd love, but it just wasn't my thing apparently. I really thought I'd like it, too. Somewhat ironically, I thought I'd hate Demon's Souls and fell in love with it.
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@Abyssfull said:

lol I saw the giraffe part at least as soon as the logo hit my retinas.. but man, the blowjob...

Curse you.

Also it now looks like the giraffe is wearing a boot... is this some sort of picture that reflects the inner-workings of your mind or whatever, like ink-blot pictures? If so, then god help me.

Every word of that sums up how I feel right now.
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@blindisaac said:

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@blindisaac: You forgot I The Breather and Memphis May Fire, dawg. Also, I play enough Miss May I on drums to know that their drummer is just okay, double bass is easy shit once you get good. Want some real drummers go check out progresive metal bands.

As a fellow drummer, I second this. I have never loved Progressive Metal, but there is no denying that those dudes are crazy good at what they do. The drums in the typical metals aren't insanely difficult most of the time, but I still love the sound of it, nonetheless. Also, Memphis May Fire and I the Breather are AWESOME.

I understand what you both mean about their drummer but for what they do their drummer is the sickest part of their band. Nothing on the level of the majority of prog bands and Memphis May Fire and I the Breather are fine for what they do I just do not particularly enjoy them. Check out Catalepsy and Abitoic though.

I'll find you some middle ground then:

I like Woe, Is Me. I like all of the metal forms really. Everything from the stuff that's taken extremely seriously to the stuff with keyboards in it like the song you mentioned.