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Tenkaichi 3 is indeed the best DBZ game ever. This one...haha not so much. Although I would probably play this over uh...what was that side scrolling brawler? A friend and I beat that co-op. It was just a bunch of yelling:



Because the game would slow down and they would say their ultimate really slowly and spam it mercilessly.

I love DBZ but some of games are straight up junk. Also thanks to SSJ God mode or whatever, it basically means they decannonized GT. (Yes I know it was made by the people who made the movies but it was accepted by Akira Toriyama as cannon at one point.)

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@daddycabinet: To be fair...."fair" all Maxis did was try to explain why they wanted it to be always-online and a massive emphasis on multiplayer with multiple cities. They constantly got asked why there wasn't straight up offline single player and they would go back into the spiel about wanting multiple people working together to create this great region which could pool resources together to build the great works. Ultimately this is what the goal of this game was. To build multiple cities with different focus to maximize profits and exploit as many natural resources as possible to build a great work that would benefit everyone and thus happiness and tranquility would fall upon all and yadda yadda EA's great.

They were always upfront about the vision and goal of this SimCity, the problem is they did it by ignoring what long standing fans wanted and alienated new players by having poor server support and a debacle of a launch.

I applaud when companies try to do something with an old franchise, to freshen it up and bring new ideas around a familiar package because otherwise no one innovates or takes risks but sadly this is a case where SimCity 4 was a long time ago, and just making a bigger, prettier more functional version of that would have been A-OK.

I will continue to play a little SimCity here and there while listening to podcasts or watching long Brad videos, but it did not live up to expectations and Maxis will need to do a lot to repair it's reputation with gamers.

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You know what plays CDs? MY PC. Just another thing the PC is better at. :P Although it does suck that DLNA won't be supported (at launch?) or just in general.

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I'm waiting for Lego: Warhammer 40,000. I mean I know it'll likely never happen but can you imagine Lego Titans?

Any one else's pants get tight all of a sudden?

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@tsiro I want Puzzle Agent 3 too! :(

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Persona Total War 40,000. On. Fucking. Board.

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Butcher Bay was totally fine, Dark Athena dragged on and on. However I'm still curious what the other one turns into.

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I like how cook, serve, delicious straight up put the Giant Bomb quick look in the video queue for their greenlight page. GB helping sell quality.

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Too bad, Eidos was starting to make games I cared about again.

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