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Budokai 3 hold up extremely well and should be played by fans 2

I was around 13 to about 16 during the era when these games were coming out. At that age I was in the prime of my Dragon Ball Z fandom. I played all 3 of the Budokai games to death during that time and I have a great deal of nostalgia for them, so I absolutely had to buy this collection. This review will sort of be my experience in replaying these games after having not touched them in 5 or more years.The Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD collection collects Dragon Ball Z: Budokai and Dragon Ball Z: Budo...

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A fantastic Simpsons game and a great game in general. 0

There are literally 3 Simpsons games that are good. The Simpsons Arcade Game, Hit & Run, and the Simpsons Game. The arcade game might not hold up so well these and some may argue that Road Rage is pretty good but it's so forgettable and such a shameless clone of Crazy Taxi that it's not even really worth mentioning. And the Simpsons Game was too focused on parodying various video games that it forgot that it needed to tell a Simpsons story and be a good Simpsons game. So we're left with Hit ...

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Almost great but control issues hold it back. 0

It's an ongoing debate on whether or not games like this should be on a mobile platform like the iPhone and iPad. The touch screen controls make it very difficult to pull off a 3rd person shooter of this caliber. For the most part, Dead Space controls fine with what it's given. But every once in a while I was on the edge of frustration petering into full on rage as I struggled with the controls. The biggest draw for this game is the story. It bridges the gap between Dead Space and Dead Space 2. ...

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Funny, clever, and one of the best adventure games I've played. 10

Ben There, Dan That! may very well be one of the best adventure games I've played. It's strange saying that since it is such an obscure game and is available for free as a download from the developers website. It's very much an homage to the late great Lucasarts adventure games featuring lots and lots of humor and lots and lots of items to pick up that you don't use until your moments away from the end of the game.   Since this game is very British an...

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It's fun while it lasts but it's almost laughably short. 0

 It's nice to finally see the Dragon Ball series in video game form. It has been neglected by developers for so long and has been overshadowed by Dragon Ball Z. But this game is so short it's almost not even worth playing through as it clocks in at only 2 hours your first time through. It's laughable and disappointing at the same time. It's strange that you only get 2 hours of gameplay out of a series that lasted so long. The story won't make any sense to anyone who has never watched the s...

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It's a surprisingly great game concidering it's source material. 0

 A lot of the previous SpongeBob games have been a little sub-par. Not now it seems like they've finally gotten it right.. You start out in SpongeBob's house and from there you find out that Mr. Krabs has hired you to find Golden Spatulas by doing various tasks given to you by the citizens of Bikini Bottom. After this you are introduced to the world of Bikini Bottom and this is were you walk around to the various levels in the game. The area outside SpongeBob's house acts as a HUB and you ...

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You'll have more fun remembering the game than playing it 5

It's been a while since the arcade release of Turtles in Time. It's gone down in history as one of the greatest arcade games of all time and for good reason. It was a great beat em' up that let 4 people play on the same machine at one time. It truly was an experience to behold. But games have progressed a lot since then and old school beat em' ups just don't hold up as well anymore and this remake of Turtles in Time is no exception.  In Turtles you get very few play modes. There is Story mode th...

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Fans will love it, everyone else probably won't understand it. 0

A game about Strong Bad seems like a great idea. The characters are quirky and offbeat and would fit well into a video game. TellTale games realized this and finally made a "Point and Click" adventure game based off the web cartoon.The game opens with Strong Bad reading an e-mail asking him why he doesn't just pummel HomeStar and get it over with. He then travels down to the race track to beat up HomeStar and learns that a race is being held. You play from there interacting with all the characte...

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Size Matters tries too hard to be like it's big brother. 0

A lot of the time when a major console game makes the transition to a handheld it often turns out as a completely different game or it takes place as a side story or a spin-off. This is apparent with games such as Vice City Stories and the Metal Gear Acid games. But this isn't the case with Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters. In fact it's almost the exact same as the console versions. It's a direct sequel to Deadlocked and picks the story up from there. Ratchet and Clank are on vacation and a littl...

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You'll have to look past a lot of bugs and glitches. 0

Bully is one of the most entertaining games ever made. Why this is is fairly apparent. It's a Rockstar game that plays like GTA and who better than to rip off GTA than Rockstar themselves? But that's not what Bully is all about. Sure, it's another open world game and that's been done a million times before but that's beside the point. Bully offers an experiance that many other games strive for but fail to accomplish. It offers an engaging story that will keep you playing just to see what will ha...

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A pathetic combat system and sloppy Wii controls ruin this game. 0

Mortal Kombat has been around for a long time. It's a cultural icon and was responsible for the creation of the ESRB. This is because the game is full of gore and people love games with lots of gore. Not to mention the Fatalities are some of the coolest deaths in any game. But Mortal Kombat Armageddon doesn't have the coolness factor that the previous games have. The first thing that makes this game fail is it's controls. Specifically the Wiimote and Nunchuk attachment. To do your special moves...

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The Warriors packs a mean punch. 2

The Warriors is a brawler based on a film of the same name. In the movie a man by the name of Cyrus held a meeting with all the gangs in New York. He wanted all of the gangs to join together to create one gang that could take over the city. He says "Can you dig it!" a couple of times to the crowd and a shady character with a mullet shoots and kills him. The shooter quickly blames the Warriors resulting in them having to sneak, fight, and run they're way back to their hideout. The game shows thi...

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Constant backtracking almost ruins the experience 0

The Sam and Max games have been a lot of fun so far. What has made them so much fun is the voice acting and of coarse the gameplay. Every episode has you starting out at Sam and Max's office. This episode does something a little different and let's you start out at the White House. But you'll spend about 5 minutes there are go back to your office and do the regular stuff that you've come to expect from the games. This episode suffers a lot from the constant backtracking. You'll be in one area, ...

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Cheat at cards, and join the Ted E. Bear Mafia. 0

Episode 3 plays exactly the same as the ones before it. It's shorter but just as much fun. This installment has the best jokes, items, puzzles, and characters. You get to recover a 50 year old meatball sub, fake a death, cheat at a card game to win money, play the slots, and hypnotize a giant mole. The game is over even more quickly than episode 2 but that doesn't matter. You'll have fun from start to finish. The game is over in 2 or 3 hours depending on if you get stuck or not. If you liked the...

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It's shorter than Culture Shock but it is better. 0

In Sam and Max Episode 2: Situation: Comedy Sam and Max have to investigate a crazy talk show host who has taken her audience hostage. The game plays exactly the same as the previous episode so other than the new setting, story, and some new characters nothing has changed. You point and click your way through the areas picking up items or examining them. You solve puzzles with these items. If you've ever played an adventure game on PC then you know what to expect. The dialog is funny and the voi...

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Great humor, voice work, and gameplay . 0

Sam & Max Episode 1: Culture Shock is the first episode of 6 that takes PC gaming back to it's roots. This is a simple point and click adventure game that plays just like they used too back in the early 90's and even before that. There's no health bar or boss fights like most games of today. You solve puzzles by talking to people and getting clues or using items to get the job done. It's a great and rewarding gameplay experience that, while short, does what it sets out to do and ends up bein...

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As far as 2D games go Super Metroid is the best. 0

In 1987 a lone bounty hunter named ,Samus Aran, went to the planet Zebes to destroy Mother Brain and eliminate the Metroids on that planet. She succeeded (or so she thought) and the galaxy was safe once more. In 1992 Samus dawned her power suit for a second time to take out the queen Metroid and take them all out once and for all. After it was over the last of the Metroids hatched from an egg and mistook Samus for it's mother. Instead of killing it she took it with her. This is where Super Metro...

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