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I love the time period. Skipped unity (so far) but I'll give this a shot

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@wrecks: I'm with you here. Somehow simulating loss, while I'm sure it will elicit an emotional response from just about anyone, it just doesn't sound fun. Hopefully they will inject some 'fun' somehow - gone home had a lot of neat stuff to discover and read, and to me, that was enough 'fun' for me.

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Witch is already female so writing female witch just looks silly.

Actually, traditionally witch has been a gender-neutral term. In fact, plenty of men were burned at the stake for being witches. I'm not sure when the term began being applied almost exclusively to women, but I'm guessing Macbeth had a lot to do with it...

It's like most people assuming "duder" applies to men only. It's gender-neutral just like "witch."

I dunno man, Merriam-Webster states that witch is a gendered term: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/witch

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Mushrooms are a game about synaesthesia for those who don't actually have synaesthesia.

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This is why this argument is madness. We all have connections and yet we can still comment and record and share them without damaging or endangering the "public trust". In fact you are doing it right now.

The average Joe posting on a message board isn't claiming to be a journalist, critic or anything other than the average rabble. Those claiming to be journalists need to be held to at least some level of standard, or else it's just more rabble.

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I don't really understand the hostility towards this word to be honest. My friend was going on a rant similar to a lot of people in this thread, and all I could wonder was why it bothered him so much, haha.

Mountain Dew broke it :(

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Just out of curiosity what would you write if Patrick wrote something new on Zoe Quinn? If you have a slightly positive thought about Giantbomb, Patrick or anything else then I guess you can't say anything less you violate some trust.

Patrick's connections to Zoe are well established:


As far as I know he hasn't given Zoe any money or vice versa. I don't really agree with Patrick's stance on a lot of issues he brings up, but he seems like a games journalist who takes the ethics side of things very seriously. I'm sure if he did write an article it would clearly disclose any level of personal involvement with her. Again, the issue isn't the fact that people have connections in the industry, its when those are kept secret from the public.

The funny thing is you didn't answer the question. If what you take to heart the things you claim about "public trust" then it isn't about Patrick but ABOUT YOU.

I don't follow. The question is what would I write if Patrick wrote something new on Zoe? I probably wouldn't write anything. He clearly has some type of relationship with her that goes beyond a dev/reporter one, they have collaborated on at least one presentation together. That is clearly established in the public sphere and not hidden away on a patreon contributor page. So I wouldn't really see anything unethical there because his relationship is well known.

If Patrick is to continue his quest to be seen as more of a journalist and less of an enthusiast, would you see this relationship (or any other personal relationship with a game developer) as appropriate? Or would you see it as potentially damaging to his credibility and ability to be seen as objective?

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Would it be considered edgy to use it as hold music?

Because my work just asked me to replace the hold music.

Just hire a live band.

Only if I can beatbox