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A bunch of US-centric media services with no real equivalents in other regions. That's so amazing, Microsoft, really. Getting my feel-good spots with that, let me tell you. I can't wait to utilise whatever barebones, low quality Netflix imitation happens to pop up on there.

Feeling a bit melancholic after that, to be honest. I can't even say I have anything against the console; I won't buy one, but it's existence doesn't offend me. Still, the reveal was such a downer.

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I had been playing DMC4 the couple of days prior to playing the demo. As an aside, I think 4 offered a great toolset for new players. You got a new character with one gun, one sword, a magic glowy demon hand. Nero is unfettered by Dante's multiple weapons and styles and all of that. I think people tend to forget most of that game behind the whole level backtracking thing. Someone mentioned DmC to me the other day, and I told them to go to DMC4 if they wanted a good jumping in point. They can start with something that isn't complicated and build it up. To me, that's perfect.

To get the "hot topic" part out of the way, NT Dante is gross. I'm not going to pretend I don't dislike the design and I won't engage people who use that as a means to dismiss my opinions. Fuck them, they aren't worth the time if they're going to be like that. I came to terms with it a long time ago. I came to terms with the fact that DmC won't just go away a long time ago. I don't want it to supplant DMC, but I won't go off my tits at it. Playing the demo, spending most of the time staring at Dante's back (except for all the cool cinematic times it made me look at his stupid face, it was tolerable. It was playing a third-person game.

But I almost muted it. The music is just plain not my style in any way, shape or form, but Dante. I couldn't stand listening to the little prick. That part in the demo where those little cherub things pop up and he says "Get over here, you little shits." Oh... I enjoyed the goofball-style of DMC3 and 4. Whatever NT Dante does, trying to tap into that arrogance and devil-may-care attitude, it just rubs me the wrong way. If he were standing next to me in real life, I would remove myself from the vicinity because I'm not going to deal with this tryhard little fucker. Classic Dante might get laughed out of a bar, but NT Dante will get bashed and left at the curb.

People can say "But he gets better/he isn't like that all the time/whatever", and I'm not going to sit here going "NO FUCK YOU YOU'RE WRONG SHIT SUCKS." Instead, I'm going to say that Capcom did a really bad job in their advertising. I get the sense that I'm supposed to care about this character and whatever story they're a part of, but I don't. I don't want to look at them, I don't want to listen to them, I don't want anything to do with them because I haven't been shown why I should.

I think anyone who sits there and says "DmC has bad gameplay" is being disingenuous. It's not bad. Maybe, after getting a few upgrades, it's actually good, I don't know. Haven't bought the game, won't buy the game. That said, for me, it's not where I want it to be. I'm not a Devil May Cry pro, but I like knowing that maybe, if I put the effort into it, I can be. Playing the demo for DmC, I didn't sense that that level existed anywhere in the game, so... what's the point. I already own a game where, theoretically, I can get there. Why go out and buy DmC? I could spend that money on better things.

Maybe it's just that, by the time I played the demo, I didn't care. I'd already decided that I wasn't going to buy it, so the only thing I had to lose by playing was time. Nothing I played made me think "Well maybe...", but I encountered things that just reaffirmed my total lack of desire to exchange money for this game. But you know what I did after playing that demo? I shared my opinions with certain people and then I went back to playing DMC4. I don't even feel particularly compelled to share my opinions, I'm not interested in where they take DmC, I'm really not. If people enjoy it, that's fine, that's their thing. Spending $60 or whatever your regional equivalent is on a game and having it turn out to be unenjoyable is a shitty feeling, I'd rather the people that want it to enjoy it than to have more bodies for my army. I know what it's like to want, to anticipate, to so very desperately believe that shit's gon' be goooood.

You had to reach the bar, NT, if you weren't going to surpass it. You can't work your way up to it, you had to get there this time. As far as I'm concerned, you didn't, but I don't think either of us cares. You seem to be enjoying at least moderate success. Good for you, I guess. But I want Devil May Cry 5 and if the choice is between DmC2 and DMC5, fuck all your faces, I will fight you to the death to get what I want.

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If they, as a community, believe it will help avoid unnecessary violence within their community, then it's no one's place to judge what they do with their games or anything they own. They aren't forcing people to burn anything, they're even offering compensation. I don't see cause to get all up in arms because a group in a town has said "We don't want glorification of violence in our community." If they were holding people at gunpoint, demanding their violent media to contribute to a modern Bonfire of the Vanities, maybe there'd be something worth getting worked up about.

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I don't think we're anywhere near the point where any video game would have to be classed as obscene or some similar designation. I think it can still go further, I think it should be allowed to go further if publishers and developers want to take it there. If there's enough of an audience to justify the cost, I don't see why restrictions should be put in place. I might find it that it's too much for my taste, but then I have the choice to abstain. Or maybe I want someone to challenge my sensibilities, to hit me in the face and say "Hey, consider this for 5 minutes."

If "the line" exists, I think it's at the point where we're no longer shocked by anything. I speak only for myself, but I still am.

I will share my most recent shocked moment. I was playing the Yakuza 5 demo a couple of weeks ago. Personally, I rank Yakuza fairly low on the "graphic violence" scale. You beat dudes up, some blood goes flying, but you don't see any horrible wounds or things like that. I had my Heat gauge built up, so I used a finisher. Kiryu slammed the guy's face into the ground, grabbed the back of his head, and just dragged it back and forth a few times. There's blood flying up, the guy's screaming and I'm sitting there with my hand over my mouth and I go "Oh, my God!" To use one of the industry's favourite buzzwords, it was quite visceral. That moment stands out in my mind. If Sega get their shit together enough to release it here, it will be what I think of when buying Yakuza 5.

I don't know what point I was trying to make. Just a nice little story to go with my opinion on the matter.

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All being descended from convicts, Australians are particularly adept at stealing things. Even jobs.

Australia's local media production is quite small and if, God forbid, you manage to score a role on something Home and Away, you're probably set for life. The rest typically move about low-paying, low budget films that are seen by an incredibly limited audience. Alternatively, there's theatre, probably Australia's strongest thespian offering. The strength of the Australian dollar has driven foreign productions out of the country, removing an avenue for work. Original television series tend to fail.

If you want screen acting and don't live in Sydney or Melbourne, you should think about fixing that because you aren't going to get work otherwise. Since you're moving anyway, why not jump through the hoops to go to the US? I'm not at all sure of the relative proportions, but I don't think you're any less likely to get work and if you do actually manage to get a semi-decent list of credits together, it holds far more opportunities than Australia.

As for what makes Australian's so successful that they can replace Americans as Americans? It's the physiology of the accent. We are naturally pre-disposed to imitating them. Anecdotally, I can vaguely recall the several times my sister has accused me of sounding "American".

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It didn't scare and confuse me at first glance. That's a solid win in my book.

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@Bourbon_Warrior: Baba Yetu was nominated independently of Civ IV following its release on an unrelated album. Journey is the first complete video game score to be nominated.

Bought the soundtrack when it came out on iTunes and ordered the signed CD a couple of months ago. Austin Wintory seems like a really neat guy, so it's nice to see him get some recognition. Pretty heavy competition, though, so I'd be surprised if he won.

But, from what I understand, lol grammys.

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3. Why are you charging my credit card before the unit ships?

We have to charge your card in advance because all payments are immediately sent to the manufacturer after the 30 days to speed up the process. This is a very expensive project, and the quicker we can get suppliers paid the sooner we can get OTON into your hands.

Well golly gosh gobble, that doesn't seem dodgy. I'd say that I feel sorry for the 6 people who have decided to back it, but you know what they say about the fool and his money.

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@MB: Oh, that's not at all what I see. I'm sorry, I can't help you. I looked at their support pages and it seems like the only ways to cancel are through the console or, failing that, by calling support. I hope you can figure it out without having to do the latter, just for the sake of not having to deal with support.

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Sign in to your PSN account, then go to Account Management. Under Transaction Management, go to Services List and select PlayStation Plus. If you have more than one entry, the top one should be the most current, select that. It will detail your subscription and at the bottom should be a button saying Cancel Automatic Renewal.

To summarise, PSN > Account Management > Transaction Management > Services List > PlayStation Plus > PlayStation Plus: [Period] (Subscription) > Cancel Automatic Renewal