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Hi, just installed the new boxee app. App says the account is linked with paid account but no members only videos shows up. Tried restarting the app a few times, just gets the free shows. Also tried to enter code again (got different code from giantbomb.com/boxee second time) Get message that everything should be ok but still no members only content.


Can it be because I turned off the auto-renew for whiskey media sites? Should still work as premium member till subscription runs out right?

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Great to see them on yet another platform. Great games!

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I agree that the controls still aren't perfect. Not noticing any huge improvements from the first game, still if the story and humor is anything like the first one this will be awsome :) Going to buy it on release. Not that many games out this summer.

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Demo for Overlord II is now on Xbox Live (for Gold members at the moment) and on the Playstation Network (for everyone)

It's a tutorial type demo, with only the brown minions. Getting close to the release of the full version now :D