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I believe this goes down in the "Jeff hates Red Dead Redemption" level of how poorly an argument was made for a game.

Some caveats up front:

  • I never do this, ever. The arguments were so infuriating that I had to say something.
  • Picking apart an argument made in person is not fair when I have had some time to digest the arguments.
  • I enjoyed Destiny for what it was, a very flawed game.

Now in no particular order:

  • Diablo 3 absolutely has hand crafted items with flavour text; and they have more impact on how a class plays. They can modify abilities, proc effects and can be items which people make builds around.
  • Diablo 3 again, the maps are randomly generated including random Elite and Champion encounters with their own resistances. Like the elites in Destiny but with more unique abilities and more resistances.

I only mention Diablo 3 because he made an equivocation himself, which rings so false having played a stupid amount of both games they are barely similar outside having loot.

  • Nightfall and Raids cannot be match made. This is inconceivable. The argument that its too hardcore for a pickup group is ridiculous and fundamentally proven wrong by the DestinyLFG third party site.
    I cannot access the "best content in the game", the game WILL NOT LET ME.
    I could randomly friend people in game and try to group with them, but what the fuck difference is that than just hitting a matchmaking button?
    I can do it with everything else, including PVP. It is the absolute worst aspect of destiny.
  • Grinding and attunement was weeded out of MMOs 5 years ago for a reason. It isn't fun, its a meaningless timesink and 100% of the time is looked back on as a mistake.
  • The whole engram system is idiotic. Its like having an identify scroll but with a decent chance of getting something worse than you anticipated.
  • Going back to the tower is dumb. Every godamn time you have to load in and talk to some faceless NPC. The tower is a meaningless hub, there are no social features whatsoever, its the mass effect elevators all over again.
  • The mission design is pathetic. You defend that boring ass robot so many times I felt sad by the end of it.

This thread will probably be a horrible mess of people hating on Brad, which I am sorry for because I don't want it to be that at all.

Opinions are subjective and all are valid, but some of the facts glossed over or misrepresented were terrible.

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I also wondered this, I see no ads on any whiskey site so if its some venture capitalists project the time to sell is probably coming to head.