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Christine is a film i saw as a child, killer cars haunted my nightmares. A close second is Escape from New York, That soundtrack ,amongst other things, is fantastic.

I follow him on twitter, he sometimes talks about video games he plays.

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@TheSouthernDandy said:


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I'm a few hours into DmC on the PC and I love the gameplay and the level design but come on, women really aren't shown in a good light. Pretty much all the women so far beside Dante's mother and Kat have been just empty one dimensional sexual playthings. Kat is treated like a kid and hides whenever there's any action and Dante's mother was murdered in her home. Fuck do I know , tho.

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Female because being the paragon of manliness I am I could never pass as a female in real life ,so games will have to do. Until I can get a full cyborg female body like in Ghost in the Shell anyway.

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"PS3" Lol NOPE. Ive played well over 300 hours on the ps3 and have long given up any hope of ever playing any skryrim DLC there. With a new graphics card in the mail I may get the dragonagehearth dlc(? whatever its called) for pc though.

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Every game that gives me the choice i play as a woman. Also always pick a lady romance partner if given the choice.

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I have only one platinum, and its walking dead . Closest after that is Skyrim at 94% . Yep .

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Ahh why are you posting this, I dont care about female protags in games I dont care if women say they are being treating badly. I dont care so much that I read this whole story even though I think its not worth talking about and I really need to comment about how commenting on this is lame. La la la Im not listening.

Yep, that's as passive aggressive as I can get. I believe the opposite of that to be clear.

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When Alex was on the game of the year podcast talking about the worst games I really enjoyed that. The duders aren't big fans of Skype so mightn't see him skyping in that often but I think if we can get more Navarro audio/video that would be rad. That motherfunster sure does write a hella lot of reviews ,so maybe he's too busy.

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Its red and black .. I love red and black , I have a red and black dualshock , a red and black watch ,a red and black phone cover .I wish this wasn't a wii tho cuz i really don't need a wii,

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