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You're such an integral part of GB in my eyes Patrick, it'll be hard to imagine the site without you. I'm excited to see what's next in your career, and best of luck!

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Drake did an awesome job- Best of luck to their Kickstarter!!

I'm still down to do the Giant Bomb version if you guys are though :D

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@cloudymusic: Thanks for that! I made a new cut of the music track that incorporates the Castlevania Legends version as a sort of flashback to Barkerville of old :P

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@deadpancakes: Love this! I've added an opening section at the start for these lyrics.

Here's version 2 below. I guess I should update the main post with the most recent changes to the song too...

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Here's the cut I put together. Trying to think of the best way to suggest lyrics; maybe comment on the song and post lyrics where you think they fit?

edit: for non-sounscloud users (like me) click on the lower part of the track's waveform to leave a comment

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I'm sure I'm not the only person who couldn't get 'Barkerville' out of his head after watching that VinnyVania stream... so I've been thinking about putting together some sort of lyrical Barkerville song based on some of the lyrics they spitballed during that episode. Since this song would be a bit out of my range to actually sing, I figure I'd test the waters to see if any more musically-inclined Giant Bombers would be interested in collaborating!

I stitched together a few pieces of Simon's Quest music to make a 2-minute song (with Barkerville as the chorus, of course) and have been tooling around with writing some lyrics. As it stands, it's a sort of account of Simon's business trip into Barkerville and experience with having night fall midway through the song. If we want to get really ambitious, I have also been thinking about a short Rock Opera following multiple storylines, like one of the hidden shopkeeps who is trying to feed his family but can't understand why he doesn't have any customers, and a ghost who is eventually killed by Simon.

This could be a lot of fun, so I pose it to you guys... Post your lyrical ideas, possible arrangements, etc here and let's try to make something awesome!

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^ Above is the most recent cut of music. Lyrics should pop up as you listen. Takes a few minutes for them to update when added.

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Nice! I missed the first 10 minutes when I got there.

I was pretty surprised at the general not-terribleness of the questions in the Q&A part, haha

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I've been dealing with this issue for a bit and wanted to try to wait it out, but it seems like it's not coming back. What I'm referring to, is a subscriber feature that would save the progress of the last video you were watching, so when you came back it would continue from where you left off. Are there any plans to bring this feature back? Or am I missing something?

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> dat official description for Lock Down

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What does GB think of this fight scene I put together? My brother and I are fascinated with South Korean action movies, and we've been making these shorts to try to capture the feel of the fights in those films.

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If embed doesn't work: https://vimeo.com/78634395