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@mb: Ah, my pardons then. 100% unintentional! 10th run overall for BOI:R (1st run was a Mom takedown, 8 failed attempts then my 10th), never got really deep into BOI and couldn't tell you what's new in BOI:R without resorting to a wiki. Or what can be gotten to so early because the RNG decided to allow it to happen.

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I would prognosticate that if PC gamers will ever hear about the MCC coming to PC, it'll be no later than E3 2015 and hopefully sooner. Even that's a loooooong ways off and I doubt it'll get much of my interest if it was announced then. Too many games going to have been out by then that it'll be a bargain purchase.

Not a Halo fan, but I would of bought the MCC if it was available release date for the PC. 4 AAA games for the price of 1? Hell yeah! Probably would of even gifted a copy to a friend to have a co-op buddy.

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Or can you do both? This is pre-10 Heart kills. I was thinking that it was an OR, not an AND, and went with the Devil Door even though I still don't have a Mom's Heart win yet on my BOI:R save yet. I'm now thinking I might of wanted the Box instead.

Which then ended up on a crazy run through Sheol, telepill into the I AM ERROR room, down into Dark Room and just about took out The Lamb on my first time ever seeing it. So close and I thought it was completely worth the time seeing new stuff.

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Corvallis, OR, USA

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One more of the crowd that insta-bought X-Wing & Tie Fighter.

I don't care if you're a X-Wing diehard or a Tie Fighter diehard, GET BOTH. If you didn't have X-wing, there wouldn't be a basis for Tie Fighter. If you didn't have Tie Fighter, you wouldn't have an incredible sequel to judge X-wing to.

Fuck yeah, I've been waiting for this for over a decade.

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@fapathy said:
... so hopefully it gets more interesting later.

That's what I'm hoping for. Everything fapathy put up, exactly like that. Right now, there isn't much of a game and definitely a sub-par MMO questing system that has you running around everywhere with no real reason to group up. The game really needs a better tutorial that explains all the systems. There's no explanation on how the crafting system works, how to read the scan hammer terrain results and just lots of the systems in play actually.

Where I'm at: 38 hours played, level 27, Accord Biotech frame. Started at level 4 (Probably due to some time spent in the beta?) and have been running through all the job boards (Up to Shanty town, 20 - 24). I guess the main "story" quest line is the level unlocked missions you'll find in your quest journal (Mission Ledger). The game has been much of the same experience, over and over again. Going to take a frame to max level or through all the job boards.

No idea if you can friend folks if they aren't online, but you'll find me under Spiketail. Mostly a couple hours in the morning, US west, sometimes an hour or two in the evening.

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@truthtellah - Thanks for compiling the list! I always bookmark them in hopes I'll have time to enjoy the awesomeness of it all.

EDIT: Marble Madness, so incredible. One of the few NES games I have actually beat after spending hours trying to get through all SIX 30 second stages. Watching the SotN race and wow.

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@nmckee503 & @cornbredx : http://www.twitch.tv/event/pax

Basically it'll be the GB panel (The Giant Bomb PAX Taipei 2016 Panel Preview Show! [Hints of plans for The Raid?]), the Royal Rumble and 404ing. Adjust time to your zone.

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All very much worthwhile advice. Found it very nice to have looked over and keep in mind for my first PAX last year. Guidebook was a superb bit of advice! Plan out what panels you wish to see, set alarms, and being able to easily check what's coming up! Probably the QR code hunt too, used Guidebook at Prime.

Thanks, @marino!

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