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We need to get some Wind Waker and Majora's Mask characters up in here stat. Yet another OoT character doesn't do much for me even if the game does look pretty cool.

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This makes me think that Battlefield Hardline might not be total junk, which is cool. And honestly, Evolve is probably gonna take up a lot of my multiplayer time this year anyway. I think it's great news.

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As much water as most of his arguments hold, I probably wouldn't own an Xbox One right now if Microsoft hadn't backpedaled on a few issues, the Kinect specifically. There are some incredible-looking games coming up on Xbox One, but there's no way I'm paying a $100 markup for a camera I don't even want. The console ecosystem would be a lot more diverse right now if Microsoft had pushed full steam ahead with their original plan, but in this case that might not necessarily be better. With more Xbox consoles selling now than ever, the competition between Microsoft and Sony just became real.

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Far Cry 3 is really up there for me as well, which is odd given that I actually don't like the way Ubisoft structures most of its open world games. Other than that, Saint's Row 3 and Sleeping Dogs were pretty great. Can't wait for far Cry 4 later this year.

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Totally agree, Watch_Dogs was an utterly mediocre game and Aiden was a boring reckless dickhead of a protagonist. I don't mind morally grey or skillfully inept protagonists (that's what made the movie Blue Ruin fun, for example) and I even like role-playing jerks in some RPGs, but my big problem with the ending is that it doesn't feel like Aiden gets the end he deserves. There's no growth or poetic justice there. If anything, the rest of his family should die too because he just kept repeating the same mistakes, and then he could go on to become the villain of the inevitable Watch_Dogs 2.

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Transistor and Outlast are the only games on PS4 I'd really consider "great" at this point. If you like multiplayer shooters, Battlefield 4 is more or less fixed by now and is pretty solid.

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Haven't read through every entry in this thread yet, but I saw A Serbian Film mentioned at least once above and would second that one. Also I Saw the Devil is super disturbing. It's a gory movie, but not to the extent of films like Saw or Hostel. What makes it really troubling is the psychology behind the violence, and the unflinching direction. My friend and I saw it in theaters and left feeling like we had just worked out because our muscles had been tensed for the whole two and a half hours.

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Nah, I enjoyed the whole season even if it wasn't as consistent as TWD and still ended up getting a solid 8-10 hours of fun for my money.

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The BioShock or Resident Evil games would make amazing adult theme parks. A kind of place where you could really get lost in that world.

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Honestly, I'd say no. I have a PS3 and a PS4, and had a Vita until recently. The remote play with Vita stuff never felt right on those sticks to me, so I never used it. There have been solid games on the PS4, but I don't feel like I've played a single thing that's justified my purchase thus far. I'd say wait for that Destiny bundle. It looks like a really good deal, and you'll be able to jump in with stuff like Far Cry, Evolve and Driveclub soon after it comes out.