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I'd totally buy Super Mario Galaxy 2 if I could be sure that I wouldn't need to pick up a stupid Wii Remote, too, but that's unlikely...

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All the tears. That was a moving goodbye. I wish all the luck in the world to you, man.


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Great list! Reminds me that I still have to buy Route Zero.

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I'm surprised that this seems legitimately excellent. I'll probably pick it up after a price drop or when I actually have some spare cash, whenever that might be. Seems from your description that this game, like Souls, maps the attacks to the shoulder buttons? I hated that in the Souls games. Do you know if there's any way to change the controls?

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You know a situation has escalated to ridiculous proportions when over half of the first 10 comments in the thread are mods and staff reminding you not to be a giant arse. I was not personally one of the people campaigning for GiantBomb to take a stance on this issue (that stance, as this article has since proven, would obviously have been "Hey, this is bad.") But it's nice to read a well-articulated argument against the - frankly - anarchy that has been bombarding certain people's feeds for the last few months.

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I just watched The Houses October Built tonight because of the awesome trailer in the original Shocktober post. I thought the last half hour was solid up 'til the end. There's a great sense of ambiguity running throughout the film, especially through the last third, but it doesn't manifest in a satisfying ending, especially when you start to think about the logistics of everything. Ultimately quite disappointing, even if it's still not that bad - felt like it would've worked better as a short film.

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I'll definitely pick this up at some point in the future, but I don't even have $15 to spare for the next few months. Damn college. Seems like the kind of game that will end up on Games With Gold sooner rather than later, but then again MS would have to acknowledge its existence before that could happen.

Edit: Just realized Swery follows me on Twitter, holy shit

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Hey, I'm watching Alien tonight too! I always find a few neat-looking movies on these lists so i really appreciate all the trailers. Houses October Built seems really neat.

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That's funny, because I had the opposite reaction. I couldn't have cared less about Destiny before the beta, but I got bored and decided to give it a go. It's now my most anticipated game of the fall and I'm pre-loaded and ready to play at midnight. Conceptually I can definitely see why you'd be lukewarm on it, but I think it was mostly the social aspects that sold me on it.

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Well, this thing looks like the worst. I mean, what is up with that second analog stick? The thing is microscopic and placed somewhere that looks like the bottom of your thumb would always be mashing on the X/Y buttons. Those new shoulder buttons look clumsy too. And what's up with the name? is this a successor to the 3DS or not?