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God damn it Konami. There goes one of the precious few games I was actually excited to play.

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Nintendo should've done this a year or two ago. I just fear that their mobile titles will all be mediocre half-games, like that weird Pokemon thing they put out on phones, or a lot of the stuff that they've put out on the eShop. Mobile would be perfect for a new WarioWare game, for example, but it'd be even better if they could make a full-fledged Pokemon game for the systems - a new Pokemon Stadium would even be perfect for mobile. My inner businessman quivers at the thought of how they could monetize those franchises. The rest of me hopes that they can find a balance between quality and monetization.

Either way, it seems like a lot of Nintendo's quality teams have been focusing on the Wii U, which I'll actually be kind of sad to see go, and this announcement didn't necessarily give the impression that they'd be too intimately involved in the development of these new mobile games. They have a history of squandering potential, so call me cautiously optimistic at best right now.

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Man, the PS4's exclusive content has been nothing short of pathetic since launch. Hopefully we'll get a cool new AAA franchise at E3, or at the very least a neat looking reboot.

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Thanks for reminding me why this is totally the best FF game. It almost makes me want to go back and replay it, but I'm not big on turn based stuff anymore

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Sounds interesting, but what I really want is. Hunger Games Telltale project set in a games before the books. Seems like a no-brainer

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I only play with randoms and it's fine. I felt bad when I was learning my class and clearly dragging the team down, but I learned fast. The bigger problem seems to be a lack of full games

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I'd totally buy Super Mario Galaxy 2 if I could be sure that I wouldn't need to pick up a stupid Wii Remote, too, but that's unlikely...

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All the tears. That was a moving goodbye. I wish all the luck in the world to you, man.


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Great list! Reminds me that I still have to buy Route Zero.

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I'm surprised that this seems legitimately excellent. I'll probably pick it up after a price drop or when I actually have some spare cash, whenever that might be. Seems from your description that this game, like Souls, maps the attacks to the shoulder buttons? I hated that in the Souls games. Do you know if there's any way to change the controls?