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What the actual fuck Microsoft. At this point every single ambition they had for that thing one year ago has been thrown in the trash. What will this console look like another year from now?

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Almost can't believe there was all that build-up, time away from the industry, etc. just for another arena shooter.

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I continue to be weirdly excited for this. Now where's our Skull Kid announcement?

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From what I've seen, it looks like social play is the big push for this next generation. Mechanically speaking, a lot of developers can't find ways to significantly improve on what shooters did last generation, so expanding the reach to try and rope in more players, and hopefully curb used game sales in the process, seems like the next logical step. When you really think about it, how else could you improve upon the mechanics of a shooter at this point? It's a tough position for devs to be in, and it bums me out too, because I'm not particularly interested in the first big wave of social shooters like Destiny or The Division.

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I ended up buying an Xbox One, the only of the systems I didn't have yet (someone please help me), a week or 2 after E3. Its OS is an abomination, but thankfully I don't have to deal with it much thanks to the quick start, and its exclusives are far more interesting to me than my PS4's. The Xbox One currently seems to have more in the vein of wacky third-person action games, which is definitely my jam, so that's nice. Dead Rising 3 is my favorite game so far this generation, and I'm really stoked for Sunset Overdrive, Crackdown 3 and Scalebound. So yeah, I guess it's worked out well so far.

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I've been playing Dead Rising 3 for just that and I love it. There's also the Warriors series or Diablo III, like others have suggested.

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Welcome to the site guys! I've been super excited to see what the new hires will bring to GB, and I know you won't disappoint. Looking forward to that Sniper Elite QL tomorrow.

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Evolve, Sunset Overdrive and The Witcher 3 look incredible, and combined with most of Nintendo's showing they represent the only reasons I'm not totally bummed out about video games right now. Also, am I the only one who thinks The Crew looks pretty cool?

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You could download some movies you've missed out on and watch them on the way. That's a film-length commute right there

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I found that the more I played the game, the more the charm started to wear off. I loved the first half hour or so, but like you said the Demons add nothing but frustration to the game, and the mystery solving aspects all felt really obvious to me. I still found it conceptually a lot more interesting than pretty much any recent game.