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Yeah I'm number 604 in the queue, I was 618 over 24 hours ago, this is gonna take a while.

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I think buildings that aren't marked as targets on your map come back eventually if you destroy them.  Anything that your map says to blow up shouldn't come back, and if it does don't worry, you already got the morale and lowered EDF control the first time you did it.

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amazing commercial, very amazing app, just bought it, good work!

Just one question, when I'm reading a review, there is now button to click to watch the video review.  Add that.
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I had a blast with the first Resistance playing local co op.

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Thanks man, that makes sense too, I hope they make a sequel, I love this story.
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Fallout 3, Infamous, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2.

Probably Fallout though, so much to do in that game.

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@Mordukai said:
" @SpinCookie: Kessler did not went back in time in order for cole to save hid family. Kessler went back in time in order to make sure Cole won't run away and to make sure Cole will be prepared when the Beast arrived. Listen to the last cut scene, in it cole says that Kessler was so determined in his quest that he went as far as sacrificing the woman he loves because Kessler knew that her death would make sure Cole will kill him and grow stringer in the process and also to make sure Cole's love for Trish won't cloud his decisions. The other twist in the end is also that Kessler is the one who made the ultimate sacrifice in killing Trish because he knew her death would make sure Cole would stay and face the Beast and won't run away like he did. He sacrificed her life for the life of everyone else.  "
Ah I see what you're saying, that makese sense.

So what about the other part to my question, in the original time line how does Kessler get his powers?
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I have a question.  Spoilers!

So if Kessler (Cole) went back in time to prepare Cole to fight the Beast so he can save his family, then:

A: How did Kessler get his powers in the original timeline (like was their still a ray sphere or something)
B: Why did Kessler let Trish die, if the whole point was going back to figure out a way to save her, now she won't be alive in the future to save?

I loved the game and the story, I'm just trying to wrap my head around it, any help would be much appreciated!

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@Ket87 said:
" You can't climb up the tower until the mission you are supposed to do so, whats at the top is very crucial to the story so you can't just wander up there anytime you want. "
This is false.  I climbed all the way up there before I actually had to.  You get to the top (the same place you go for the crucial story mission) and nothing is there, it's just an empty area with crates to hide behind, it definitely looked like something bad ass would happen their eventually though, which it did.
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I listen to it at work