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Yo duders, feel free to add me. Hitman #1875

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@ripelivejam: Of course they do, they are from Maryland, and everybody knows that people from Maryland are f'ing garbage.

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@animasta: It's called normative analysis. I believe it's a good product and my review will reflect such attitude.

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@psychonautics: Your faction does not matter as far as guilds go, they are account-wide. However you cannot group with people of a different faction.

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@death_burnout: I am dreading that as well. Other guys within Gamespot have been giving it great reviews/comments, so thats a plus.

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@geirr said:

Give it a year or two. There are many Elder Scroll fans and I'm sure they'll manage to keep some of them entertained for a while. Some of my friends will play it just because, and I quote "It has to be good! It's Elder Scrolls!" and this they repeat to themselves over and over and over.

Speaking as an Elder Scrolls fan who doesn't want to touch this dreck with a ten foot pole, I find your generalization offensive.

Calling something "drek" when you haven't even played it seems like a very radical generalization. Which is ironic.

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@random45: I'm wondering if there is going to be any draw for past Elder Scrolls players. With 20 mil units sold for Skyrim, a portion of those players should transition over to the new game under that IP.

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@hanskaosu: Citation? If you are referring to this article, it's from an outside analyst and not an executive within Zenimax. Also the question isn't if it will go FTP to stay in the black, it's a question of if it will need to. I honestly don't think that will be the case here.

Edit: In fact, the VP of marketing at Bethesda has said that subscription MMO's only fail when they don't meet user expectations. In this case he believes it will, and so do I based off the changes from a month ago until today.

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I don't know why the graphics on here look like poo, on my machine it looks almost identical to Skyrim. You should see the sunshafts in the morning in the Aldmeri starting zone. Just seriously wow. (Also GiantBomb seems to compress the file in a way that takes away the amazingness.)

Foggy morning.