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I think runcrash, dungbootle, and Green_Incarnate have the right of it. I consider myself a pro dreamer and have had many lucid dreams, even given myself tasks to complete while in them (all 5 senses work in dream, for example). While I've not had the pressure sensation you speak of, you must have hit REM sleep or lucid territory. I notice that my most vivid dreams occur while sleeping on my back and the sheets are never that disturbed, thus the sleep paralysis theory. You've probably entered a dream-reflection of your room which captured your curiosity so you continued it, or it freaked you out and you became a slave to it. The only way to defeat these types is to look for discrepancies in the dream to give you a "Matrix moment" --"That's impossible", as the agent makes an incredible rooftop jump-- or muster your in-dream courage and tackle whatever it is on your bed which should force-fire your real muscles and jerk you awake. With practice you'll be able to flee dreams at will. For me, it feels like standing up out of water, a light resistance flowing past back and head.

Pass on the doctor and do some reality checks throughout the day. "Is this a dream? No, because of this.." Good luck!

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What about your companions shrinking inventory space when you switch to different companions and back??

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How about Arkham Demolition, so we can move on with more interesting Batman titles?

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Barbie Ultimate Unicorn Dance Attack for Kinect - sorry to ruin the surprise..

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The backwards dragon looks like a time-lapse fake video.. I'd like to see a more fluid instance..

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"My name is Shepard, and I have boned a mermaid in Skyrim."

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I have this issue with the "newer" HD html 5 videos. I don't have a time point of reference but I've been watching the Persona Endurance Run in HD Html 5 and there is no artifacting at the bottom. The 18 minute rule is pretty spot on, however the R & C All Four One Video corrupted for me in Theatre mode at the 9 minute mark. I revert to HD Streaming when this occurs, but still a nuisance..

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They should have left the ban in place - now Germany is doomed..

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Even if they're told to stop, there will be a way to play this for ourselves. Oh yes, there will..

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@Toms115: I wanted to destroy that bastard so badly.. Never mention that name again!

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