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I have been using wired stuff for a long time since im still using a wireless b router for my laptop.  Its to slow for gaming, but im thinking of upgrading to G.  Does wireless G run smoothly over multiple consoles? and is anybody having problems with it? It would also be great if someone would recommend the type of setup i need, im thinking of going with netgear cuz my linksys does drop out on occasion.

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im guessing those are recommended because i can run C&C 3 on a nvidia 6600 graphics card and it is fine

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that would be great if that happened

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My only beef with the film is we didn't ever see what happened to two-face, they need to expand on that in the next one or something because you just saw him go crazy, the guy is supposed to be good at combat and a legal mastermind so it would have been interesting how to see his actions after he kinda cooled off

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Not much of a comic book reader nowadays, but are a big fan of Iron Man and War machine

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I would like to see the transporter films changed into a game.  Awesome driving sequences with close combat martial arts sounds like a winner to me

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With the high amount of games being stolen and cracked it is hard for a company to take the risk of making a pc only high end game.  Lets face it consoles are cheaper than pc's and they are at least par with the computer in tech level.  Its also much harder to crack and steal console games.  Its more of a business point of view.  Saying this however there are a some genres that are far from being perfected on consoles.  MMO's like WoW are just fitting for pc and its hard to convert over to a 360 version of Command & Conquer for those of us that grew up pc.  I don't think pc gaming is dead, but it is definitely getting narrower  as consoles are now  trying to emulate everything they do.  We even have web browsers on our ps3's and wii's

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It has become a sad day when i look at the Wii more as a toy than a console.  I feel this is okay, as it is hitting its target of casual gamers, but i haven't touched the thing after a week of mario kart.  The wii just isn't made for the hardcore gamer that helped make nintendo what it is today.
    Its not that nintendo doesn't have third party support, its just that the handful of good stuff (like no more heroes, and medol of honor heroes) is overshadowed by tons of crappy third party games (like deca sports).
    I do feel that Sony and Microsoft are trying to acquire more casual gamers with stuff like lips, rock band, and buzz.  XBLA and PSN does a good feel of giving a everyone a taste of that casual fun, just as long as they keep pumping out great games like MGS 4, and Halo 3, they won't be in the same "boat" as nintendo

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If one console version releases before another one, get that one as a port may not be as good, if your an acheivement junkie go for 360.  The really big reason to choose 360 multi platform is because the online is much better.  It takes less time to find a game and the communication is overall better, well unless paying for it turns you off completely

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