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I've had a broken 60GB Playstation 3 for almost a year now. I bought a new slim to replace it, but wanted to keep my original in order to fix it. Well, I'm planning on fixing it now. My problem lies with my disc drive not looking like all the rest I've seen online as a replacement. Before I go further I think I need to spill the history of my problem.

I had gotten the YLOD on my launch console. Instead of taking the advice of everyone I went ahead and paid Sony to repair, which they just sent me a refurbished unit. After about 2 months or so the disc drive stopped reading all disc. I called Sony and they basically told me "tough shit, deal with it", and so I just let the console sit until I could repair it myself.

I've taken the console apart and when I looked at the disc drive I noticed the board wasn't visible, that I had to literally remove a metal plate on the bottom in order to get to the electronic board. Now, every drive I view to purchase, at least the ones with pictures, have one of the flat connectors going to the board on the left side, the same side as the grey and black wires, but mine is on the opposite side, and I believe mine is smaller as well.

Is this some sort of trick from Sony to keep people like myself from repairing their console? Or is there another drive I just haven't found out yet that would be a perfect replacement?

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I've made up my mind. Come time to purchase I'm going with the 3DS, unless the Vita hits a price drop. I'm going to download all the Vita games from Playstation Plus, and then when the Vita hits a price drop then I'll end up getting it as well. I just can't justify, bundle or no bundle, the price of the handheld along with a decent sized memory card...plus I have a feeling Sony might release a new iteration of the Vita somewhere close to the launch of the Playstation 4.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and opinions on the matter. Every post gave me something to think about.

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For those that ask, yes I love Persona...really the only turn-based RPG I could really dive into, I've played half of 4 on the PS2, but never got into the earlier ones, which might be a good thing that I haven't finished the fourth yet. I'm hoping that the earlier Final Fantasy games will hook me, since I've never been able to get into the 3D ones, I probably wasn't trying hard enough, but I do love me some SNES style games. No, I don't like Pokemon, never really understood why it was so popular, and it probably has a lot to do with my age as I did not really grow up with the cartoons or games. I did own a PSP when it launched, but no, I never really got into a large library of games. I was so excited to have a powerful handheld system, but at the time I never really had a reason to play it on the go, and I certainly wasn't going to play it with a console mere feet away. I don't have Playstation Plus at the moment, but I will be re-subscribing very soon, not specifically for the Vita but because I've always liked the service and now will have enough financial resources to warrant the yearly purchase.

I'm still leaning more toward the Vita at the moment. The 3DS seems great, and there are several games I want to play on it, but the same goes for the Vita. Still though, there are a few things I need to figure out. One is, will my new job have wifi, I think it does but still not sure. Either way, if I can find a decent bundle, that at least gives the illusion that it's the same deal as if I waited for a price drop then I'll go Vita, if not I'll simply get a 3DS, save all the Vita games on Playstation Plus, and wait for a hopeful price drop on the Vita near the PS4 launch and decide from there.

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@gravier251: Last I heard the 3DS XL battery is almost on par with the Vita...if 3D is off, and I've never messed with the 3D function so I don't know if it would ever be something I could get into. To be honest I completely forgot the 3DS had 3D, even though it's in the name.

I think I'm leaning more toward the Vita. I have a few weeks to iron out my decision of course, but there are a ton of PSP and PS1 games I've always wanted to get into, but never have. And who knows, maybe I might go for the 3DS now and just wait until close to the PS4 launch, and hope for a price cut.

Another couple of questions for those that might know. Was the Assassin's Creed Vita game any good? I found a place still selling the bundle, which includes a 4 gig memory card, which might sway my decision...if the game is any good of course. Or, does anyone know of any upcoming Vita bundles that also include the memory card? After looking online at prices, the memory card is pretty much the only thing I hate about the handheld, especially since I haven't a clue how many games I want to download digitally, and how large save files are on certain games.

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Thanks everyone! I'm still a bit torn. You all raise some pretty good points, I just can't make up my mind due to not having played on either.

With me getting a PS4 on launch and renewing my PS+ subscription in the near future, the Vita should be an obvious choice, but I can't deny the abundance of 3DS titles vs. games on the Vita. It's a little weird, E3 hosted 30 something Vita titles and yet it feels like Playstation just doesn't give a shit about the system or its future, where the same can't be said for the 3DS.

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I hate starting this topic, because I know it has been done to death, at least I think it has. I just can't find a whole lot of information that seems recent.

My issue is, I'll be starting a new job soon, and this gives me the opportunity to get into the portable game scene, something I never could until now. Though I'm torn on which one.
The 3DS has a good amount of games, Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem and of course Nintendo first party, but the Vita also has some good games like Persona, Uncharted, Metal Gear Solid HD collection (I've never gotten into the series, but always wanted to), and Playstation Plus which should grant me a couple of games every month...plus I hear netflix is better on the Vita.
So, I come here in search of opinions from all you Duders. Does the amount of game on the 3DS outweigh what the Vita has to offer, including Playstation Plus and everything on the Playstation Network?

Furthermore, has Sony or Nintendo announced a price drop? I've found articles about the Vita 3G model being dropped in price at select stores, but haven't seen anything on the wifi model. Also, has Sony announced any big plans to push the Vita in the future...besides the forced integration of remote play with all PS4 games? And lastly, do you think the PS4/Vita cross-play (remote play?) or whatever it's called will be a perfect reason to go with the Vita?

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Just sent off another email to DirecTV, hopefully for the last time. I asked a pretty straightforward question about the promotion that they'll have to get real creative at dodging, though I'm sure they'll be up to the task.

*edit* Instead of writing a whole new reply below, I'll just edited this one. Got back pretty much a reply that I thought I was going to get. I'll just quote it and those reading this thread can make of it what you will.

"Thank you for writing back. I understand you still have additional questions in regards to the Madden NFL SUNDAY TICKET promotion. I can certainly address this for you today.

Please understand, this is an offer provided through Madden and not DIRECTV. The details for this offer are given by them and honored through them for signing up based on the Madden purchase.

The code provided will either allow you to create a new account with us as a customer or you are given a code to use the trial service online as a non DIRECTV customer. From my understanding this just states that if you are not a customer and not going to sign up then you can use a code provided to access the trial online."

I'm still skeptic, but I'm done. This is giving me a migraine and I'm seriously tired of getting back the same copy/paste response every time. I also am skeptic that this is all an EA deal, and that DirecTV has absolutely nothing to do with it. I might contact EA, but there's a slim chance of that as of right now.

*Last Edit* Since GB won't allow me to post in this thread, I'll edit this one for the last time. This page should give all the information one would need on this promotion, and the message isn't cryptic, at least not in my opinion. And how everything is worded, it actually does seem like EA is in full control over this promotion. Well, I hope that helps the people like me who wanted to believe this promotion was legit, or just anyone curious.

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@omniscientcajun: I saw that, but I can't believe it unless it comes directly from DirecTV.

@sackmanjones: Your reasoning is essentially why I have a hard time believing the promotion is a good thing for everyone. New customers I get, and I kind of understand the promotion for people unable to receive the service, but when a company can't flat out tell you what the promotion entails without using somewhat cryptic wording is where it seems bogus.

If I didn't want this so bad I'd just let it go and cancel my pre-order, but the NFL Sunday Ticket has always been something I've dreamed of having every year but the price tag always kept me away. Hopefully my next email will shed a little more light.

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Yeah, I'm thinking, against better judgement of course, on sending yet another email. To see if I can get better clarification on their clarification.

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As promised, here is the email I received from my last and final encounter with DirecTV. This time it isn't so black and white.

"Thank you for writing. I understand your interest in the Madden NFL SUNDAY TICKET promotional offer being advertised at this time. I can certainly address your concerns for this today.

Based on the information, I show for fans who are not current subscribers to DIRECTV but able to obtain service at their location they will receive a promotional code entitling them to a $10 off credit for the first 12 months of service with one year free of NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX at no additional charge. This is non customers signing up for service using this promotional code to receive the additional credit.

For fans who already subscribe to DIRECTV and our NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX you would be able to access the NFL SUNDAY TICKET on your computer, tablet, and mobile devices using current DIRECTV username and password for online account.

For fans who are not able to obtain DIRECTV service at their location, each Madden NFL 24 Anniversary Edition will include a unique code to access the 2013 regular season trial for NFL SUNDAY TICKET on there computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Basically, this offer is providing a discounted credit for people who are interested in having NFL SUNDAY TICKET and not a current DIRECTV customer. If you are a current customer the offer provides a code to allow online access for trial features only.

The details for non customers who are unable to obtain service, this means not able to set up an account with us at this time. This would provide a code to allow you online access to the season viewing of the games.

If you are not a current customer with us and have pre-ordered the Madden game for play the code is provided to you for the access of the trial viewing online during the upcoming season."

What gives a slight bit of hope is, "If you are a current customer the offer provides a code to allow online access for trail features only.", but I'm still not convinced DirecTV customers without the NFL Sunday Ticket are allowed the same benefits as new customers or people unable to receive the service. I'm keeping my pre-order just in case, but if I don't get some form of definitive proof then I'll have to cancel.