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I've been back and forth with Amazon, who apparently hasn't a clue on the fine print of the promotion and had to contact DirecTV directly. I'll paste the email I got back from them that entails who is eligible for the promotion.

"Thank you for writing to ask about the Amazon offer that you will get free NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

We are confident that we are providing a wide variety of promotions and offers that our customers can take advantage of. While this is certainly a great offer, it is only for new customers at this time. Rest assured that, as the 2013 season approaches, we will update our offers for existing customers as well. The best way to stay in the loop for any special offers you may be eligible for is sign up for email alerts by logging in at (website removed).

In addition, you may watch NFL SUNDAY TICKET games using your PlayStation®3. However, you must have a base programming package. You can visit our web site at (website removed) to see the wide variety of programming choices we offer. You can also call us at 1-800-531-5000, our general customer support team is available from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PMlocal time daily."

So basically the only way to take advantage of this offer is if you are A, a new DirecTV customer, B, an existing DirecTV customer with NFL Sunday Ticket, or, C, one of those rare souls unable to receive DirecTV service because of where you live. I wish they'd define the promotion a little better, but it is what it is I suppose.

I hope this helps anyone confused, like I was, on the Amazon promotion.

*edit* I've sent one more email to DirecTV to make sure. I'll post the next response I get from them in this thread.

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@dfl017: I actually have the PCI card below the one you listed in a maybe pile.

I guess the reason why this decision is a bit hard for me, is because I'm on a very limited budget, so this USB adapter, PCI card, or Powerline adapters will have to be a one and done type thing. I can't afford to buy something cheap, regret the purchase, and buy something else. Whatever I decide will have to handle live high definition content being streamed to it, otherwise it'll be a useless piece of hardware that I'll never use.

USB seems like a decent technology, but from all my research I'm not convinced it can handle a live HD stream. Powerline I still don't understand fully, but from what I did understand the technology is pretty cool, but the technology is reliant on the overall power usage in the house it's being used, and since I haven't a clue at how much is too much power usage, I might have to skip this technology for now. I don't know, I'm still searching around, but I do appreciate everyone's feedback.

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@myketuna: I think I'm going to do a bit more research on Powerline, and sorry,@subject2change, I saw your post but didn't understand the technology, so I ignored it. I think Powerline might be my best bet, but will need to do a lot of research before making a final decision.

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@myketuna: The more I think about it, the more USB doesn't seem like a leap of faith. I've checked my router specifications and 300Mbps is the highest it can handle, so I'm pretty much stuck with that. I still have concerns on...

Well, let me just clarify what I'll be using it for. For those that have heard, Madden 25 Anniversary edition comes with NFL Sunday Ticket if you buy from Amazon. I've asked Amazon a few questions to try and figure out exactly what the promotion entails. From what I've gathered, the promotion is only for PC use, meaning you can stream every football game from the Internet. So, basically I'm trying to stream live HD content from somewhere other than where my router is, and want to make sure that the video, which will be viewed by several friends, doesn't have any quality issues while we watch.

I think my biggest concern is will I be giving up performance if I use USB over PCI? Is 300Mbps good enough to stream live HD content via wifi? Distance on the other hand shouldn't be a huge concern as the room I'll be connecting my desktop to is literally a brick wall away. And to add a little further detail. The room that houses the router is an old garage made into an entertainment room, and the room I'll be connecting the desktop is right next to the entertainment room, I'm adding this info so that those who read this will know that it isn't just a brick wall, but essentially two walls back to back that the signal has to go through. I still don't think that is enough interference, but I also haven't attempted this before...so I could be wrong.

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@extomar said:

Although not optimal there are solutions like wireless bridges or even "home plug" power line technology. On the other hand you should be able to go into Best Buy or Wal-mart and just by a USB Wifi adapter for $20ish. An actual PCI card usually cost double if not more where I have never seen any more stability or speed over using the cheaper USB.

Are there any limitations to using USB? The main function I need is to stream HD video over the wireless network. Are there any speeds I need to be made aware of?

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@kn00tcn said:

running a long ethernet cable is not an option?

probably avoid those little usb wireless adapters, doubt they'll be picking up the signal as well as large antennas, etc

Ethernet is definitely out of the question. And yeah, I was thinking mostly on a card that installs to the motherboard.

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@kn00tcn: Thanks for the reply!

I didn't think anyone was going to answer my post, so I was just going to let it die...but thanks for answering my questions.

My biggest issue, which I finally learned, was that I completely ignored the opening project resolution. Premiere Pro, if you don't tell it otherwise is set to default a pretty shitty resolution from the start, so I pumped up the resolution to whatever video resolution I'm working on at the moment, and my quality woes were fixed. Essentially, what I was running into was that I had to convert the video files before importing them to PP, and so I wasn't entirely sure where I was losing the quality...turns out it was all in PP.

Thanks for the explanation on sequences, that makes sense now. And thanks for the heads up on frame-blend and mixing framerates, I'm sure that will come in handy once I start making videos in the future.

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Hello fellow Bombers. I've come once again seeking advice.

In the next few months, I'll be moving my desktop PC around the home in order to stream video from the Internet to various televisions. I've never had to do any form of research on this subject, since every PC I've ever owned has been set next to the router. So, in the next couple of weeks I'll have to purchase a wifi card or adapter to keep the desktop connected. Does anyone on this board have in suggestions on brand, or anything else that might help me decide on what route to take in this venture? Any help is highly appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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Not sure if this is the proper place to post these questions, and I'm sure someone will inform me if it isn't. But I'll ask anyway.

I'm new to video editing, and am having a few issues at the moment, and web searches aren't helping. So, I'm hoping to get a bit of help from the community here, or really those that have used Adobe Premiere Pro CS3.

1. Not sure if PP has the ability to add plugins to support more file formats, but was wondering if they updated the software...besides releasing CS4, to use .MTS files?

2. If no on #1, what is the best format to convert .MTS files to that doesn't lose quality of the video? Basically I'm having to convert the original .MTS files in Aunsoft before editing in PP, and then having to export the file from PP and with all the conversions I've lost a good deal of the quality. What I want is to not lose any quality when I finally hit up PP, and I know I'll lose some quality when I export from PP, but am hoping for a middle ground of a decent file size accompanied with a decent video quality. Also, what is the best format to export from PP?

3. And lastly, this is definitely a noob question (do people still use the word noob), but I finally figured out that in order to drop video in the timeline of PP I need to create a new sequence. What exactly are sequences? And why does PP create one automatically, but I'm not able to use the timeline?

In case anyone needs to know, I'm recording from a AVCHD camcorder, I believe at 1080i at 29 frames a second. Any help is greatly appreciated. And please remember, I'm extremely new...so be gentle.

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@pyrodactyl: I have it on the default difficulty, since I'm fairly new to the franchise. Thanks, I'm sure it'll help me with my playthrough.