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@pyrodactyl: Yeah, I've had to look up a few things while playing. I knew this game didn't hold your hand, but was surprised at how much it just throws you in to figure everything out for yourself. Thanks for the bolt info. I had seen the bolt under #6 but assumed it had something to do with repairing something. And yeah, I learned about equipping artifacts the hard way...by not paying attention and dying in the middle of completing a mission. Why, in regards to the shotgun? I have a few and only have one on me if I have ammo for it. Do they deal a crazy amount of damage?

@sackmanjones: I've thought of getting into DayZ, but watching a few videos it didn't look all that great to me. I'm sure this is a well known fact, in which I don't know, but is DayZ all online or can you play singleplayer?

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Just got the game, installed and played a few hours. So far I like it, but it doesn't scratch that survival itch I've been looking for...fingers crossed for The Last of Us. Thanks everyone for your input.

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@poppduder: How do the survival elements measure against New Vegas and its Hardcore mode? I felt like it added so much of a deeper experience with the need to eat, drink, and sleep. Does this game have similar elements? Also, can you search inside buildings?

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Okay, so I've purchased this game online and am waiting for it to arrive. I had a few questions for the community about the game before I start.

1. I'm pretty big on survival in games, such as going into buildings for food, water, or anything else I might see as essential. I hear this game has survival elements, what exactly does this entail?

2. Should I play with the Complete mod? I don't know exactly what the Complete mod does, I just don't really want the game's main components altered to make the game easier unless it's something the developers should have implemented from the start.

3. Can you play the game with a 360 controller?

4. This is probably a little late, but should I play any of the other games before starting this? My main concern with playing the older games is graphics, not like I can't be immersed with uglier graphics, but eye candy is a plus.

5. And lastly, can I get a few opinions on what others thought of the game? It's already purchased, but a few opinions might give me some insight on how to play.

Thanks to anyone who comments.

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@foghorn6:Yeah, there was a save point. I knew there would be, I just hate going into a multi boss battle, getting to the last part of it and then dying, something I've always hated/loved about JRPGs. Hated for having wasted my time, loved because of the challenge and feeling after the battle. I must have been hugely overpowered since nothing of that battle was challenging. Guess I have my backlog of Bombcast episodes to thank for all the grinding I did, well, that and the fact that I kept finding tokotoko enemies left and right.

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I'm at the point in the game where I'm about to fight Shadar, not the first encounter. Right now I'm level 66 and have the perk that boosts HP and MP. Is it safe to say I'm in good shape? I just don't want to head in to this battle, since from what I've heard can be pretty rough if not ready, with out knowing if I have a fighting chance. So, am I ready or should I grind a little more?

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I just wanted to re-thank everyone. I think my biggest issue was not wanting to get rid of trusted personas in my collection, even though many were under-leveled and held very weak spells. To give an idea of where I was standing, I was between levels 20-25 and most of my personas were from the first area, and none of them were over level 11. Now I'm rocking several in my collection and all are over level 19 and my battles have more in terms of strategy and might to turn the tide in battles. If I hadn't had come to this board I would have never trusted myself to fuse and would still be trying to grind without the necessary tools at my disposal. So, thanks again everyone!

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Thanks everyone. I'll just fuse and not worry about making a mistake. I do like how nothing is permanent, so there is a level of trail and error before everything is final...or my safety net in fusing.

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@Venatio: I'm on the normal setting. That's kind of what I've been doing, I just didn't want to back myself in a corner.


This wouldn't have been a question I'd have asked if it weren't for my inexperience in the turn-based RPG market. My past attempts at Final Fantasy, a franchise I've always wanted to get into, had me doing the broken record of heal, change turns to the enemy, heal, change turns to the enemy, that I'd give up. Persona 4 on the other hand has been pretty good to me so far, and I'll stick with it till the end. Like I said, I just don't want to give up on the game because of not fusing or making a mistake at fusing. And for those that would ask, I'm not playing on easy, because if I can beat this on normal than it should open up a gateway to other turn-based games I've neglected because of the broken record scenario.

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I know it's important, or at least I believe it could be important, but is there a way to go about fusing personas? I still have several that are really low level, and am having a hard time considering fusing them. Should all personas that I fuse have a lot of the same stats? What are the main reasons to fuse? If it matters, I'm level 20 and right outside the door of the boss Prince Charming.