Will this world ever run out of guilt?

I heard this on the radio today while working and could barely believe my ears-

!Video Game Consoles are Killing the Planet!

Two questions:

1. My electric bill was about $30 last month, am I still guilty of "green" crimes?

2. If my PS3 is running Folding@Home while I sleep, which is more important, curing cancer or saving a polar bear?

Throw in that it's shaping up to be a record breakingly cold December in my state, newspapers and paper magazines are becoming dinosaurs, U.S. mail volumes are at an all time low, the auto companies need bailed out because they can't make money selling "green" cars, job losses are at a new high, and now my hobby is killing the planet?

When did the hippies win?



I hate to be like every other sheep/lemming, but it's probably:

-Gears 2
-Fallout 3

I'm trying to keep my enthusiasm for Gears low because all I've seen tells me that it's really not doing anything fantastically new, but I really do miss chainsawing dudes in the face.


Could be...

My gut tells me that "Mythic" is going to be a Halo skin for Catan.

I just wanted to type it down so that I can come back and type "I told you so!".



I bought it on PS3 primarily for the d-pad and I still hold a grudge for my 360 RROD. All my multi-platform games are now PS3 purchases.

I couldn't give two farts about achievements/trophies/carrots on a stick.

I am a gamer! I am NOT a rat in a maze!