We're soaking in it....

It technically hasn't happened quite yet, but I think I might be the beginning of the not giving a damn about the "Guitar Hero/Rock Band" franchise crowd.

GH1: Awesome!
GH2: Totally AWESOME!
GH3: Boss fights? Really?
Rock Band: Have you not seen the size of my apartment?
Guitar Hero Aerosmith: Steve Tyler must be rolling over in his urn...
GH: World Tour: Well this is just getting silly.
Rock Band 2: Not just no, but HELL no.

Yeah, the worm is just about turned for me and the rhythm genre.



Honestly just an area where I can dump a variety of html code for things not only things like gamer cards, but my last.fm widget, and stuff similar to it. Being able to put in a header is a good suggestion too.