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I kinda sorta really liked the Cesarodust vs Sheamu-SO CRAZY match this week. I thought Cesaro's constant taunting of Sheamus ("Hey, Sheamus...I'm taking your title...") was pretty hilarious and Star Dust having to "meow" at Gold Dust in order to calm him down. How can I not love that kind of insanity?

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Charlotte and Bayley was my match of the night. Other than that odd-looking moonsault, I was laser-focused on this match. The video package and Bayley's entrance at the start had tears welling in my eyes and the finish was just devastating. The Divas division is in a rough spot now. I guess the next step is Sasha vs. Charlotte based on the post-match stuff, but it also seems like the only option left. They need to add more women to the NXT roster.

The main event was spectacular with some jaw-dropping spots. Everyone brought their best moves and showed their personality. I loved all of Breeze's opportunistic attacks and pins and his intense frustration when the kick-outs occurred. The pacing for this match was tight and built a strong story into a memorable ending.

It seems like the reset button has been pushed on the NXT title. Neville will be looking for fresh talent to face, but Zayn may be looking to get another shot. I can't wait for the next episode of NXT. There is no way RAW is going to match up to Fatal 4 Way.

I guess I picked a pretty good week to watch my first episode of NXT? I watched that Fatal 4 Way with my jaw on the floor thru most of the match. Is that a typical NXT style match because it might be the best match I've seen all year (and I didn't know a soul in it)? It was the very thing that WWE doesn't do anymore, it was a match where the participants told the story IN THE RING. Just great participation by all 4 guys in that match, and they all walked away smelling like roses. I particularly liked Tyson Kidd who seems to fit the smarmy heel role like a second skin.

I was also completely blown away by the women's league too in contrast to the regular WWE schlock. I was aware that Flair's daughter was a wrestler in NXT, but had no clue that she was actually a better wrestler that Ric. She and Bayley wrestled their asses off, and again, told their story IN THE RING. The rest of the program was kinda blah. No real stand outs, and I find SAWFT to be every kind of gimmick I hate rolled into one, but much more of an actual wrestling program than I ever would have anticipated.

Those two matches though were light years ahead of what's going on in the main WWE product and I refuse to believe that Vince doesn't watch it. Hell he should be making his entire roster watch it (well maybe everyone except Cesaro, Rollins and Ambrose) and ask them WTF they think they're doing.

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does anyone know if hoodslam is available to watch anywhere ? the bombcast makes it seem amazing

It is not. They have a youtube channel but they don't have DVDs or anything.

Holy shit! Drugz Bunny is even better than advertised.

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I can't believe I'm taking notes (?) while I watch RAW now, but here goes:

  • The Jericho/Wyatt cage match was ultimately meaningless, but I was really surprised when Jericho took that dive from the top, and really sold what looked like a legit knee injury.
  • The Ziggler/Miz/Sandow stuff is pure gold. It's just the right level of wrestling silliness and I love when Miz uses his "rage/I'M THE MARINE, DAMMIT!" voice.
  • Paul Heyman should just be RAW at this point. I never tire of listening to him and he's almost single-handedly gotten me more interested in John Cena than I think I've ever been. Cena also promo'd his ass off this week and showed what looked like real emotion too. Heyman and Cena are pure gold when they're on the mics together. They had a very good Emperor/Luke Skywalker vibe going on this week. I'd almost love to see a Cena heel turn at NoC, with Heyman back-stabbing Lesnar, and backing Cena. It won't happen, but it'd be a great moment.
  • In the "if I were running the show" department, I think WWE might have stumbled into a decent gimmick for Cesaro. They should paint Cesaro as a sort of Western European heel in the vain of a smarmy James Bond super villain. Have him come out in tailored suits, have him fly in private jets, and arrive in limousines. Give him a valet or just blow the dust off Steven Regal and have him manage Cesaro, and I think you've got the spark he needs.

Side Notes: I skipped the Divas stuff (can't stand it), and the main event was kinda dull and pointless too, even with the steel cage (are they continuing the Orton/Reigns feud or starting the Rollins/Reigns feud?). I also have a weird nit to pick (that came to me out of nowhere), but I kind of actively hate WWE merchandising. Not the existence of it, but the art design of it. None of it is esthetically appealing and most is just downright ugly. Cena's current red and yellow shirt looks like something from a comic book circa 1993 and Seth Rollins shirt looks like the Reo Speedwagon logo. I really think WWE could use some freshening up in the art department, with some cleaner design work, and more subtlety to the look of their product.

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Imagine a world where the entire RAW roster was nothing but Divas.

What a hot mess that section of the company is in, and do they even see it?

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I think, if WWE wants to play the long game, and they want to build Reigns as their next big guy, they should feed Reigns to Lesnar immediately. Have Lesnar decimate Cena at the next PPV, then feed Reigns to Lesnar with the same results. I think this is when (with a little help from WWE and Giancarlo) THE UNDERTAKER takes Reigns under his wing and teaches him the ways of the darkness. He teaches Reigns that he has to get inside Lesnar's head, if he's ever going to beat Lesnar. He speaks for Reigns and essentially becomes Reigns' manager to counter Paul Heyman. WWE needs to keep feeding Lesnar opponents, but always keep the shadow of Reigns and Undertaker in the background. Build it up to Wrestlemania, have Reigns beat Lesnar. It raises Reigns to God Tier and also voids Undertaker's loss at Wrestlemania 30.

Or just use Ambrose. Ambrose is already God Tier in my opinion.

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Am I the only one kind of enjoying The Miz right now?


He looks like he's having a lot of fun in the ring and seems to be getting some pretty decent heat.

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It's a time for change, so I believe this is a good opportunity to kill the Bombcast. Kill it and replace with The Bombcast Tapes: Side A (West coast team, releases on Tuesday) and Side B (East coast team, releases on Friday).

Getting a new Jeff hosted podcast and a new Vinny hosted podcast every week would be pretty sweet.

If our site had favorites, I would favorite this.

amen to this actually. now things don't sound so bad!

That has some meta-game level beef potential and it sounds delicious.

EDIT: Dueling Unprofessionals (besides the duel with the Midwest Super Pros) sounds like a splendid plan also.

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I blame San Francisco and the citizens who allowed it to become an overtaxed hippy town where only the super rich hippies can survive.

Good luck, Vinny. New York is a better state with you in it.

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I came into this thread hoping there would be more Adam Rose hate.

I am disappointed.

Side note: If they were to strip Bryan of the title, I'd sure love to see it end up in the hands of Bray Wyatt.