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So with Owens dropping the NXT belt, he had better be booked to take the US title off of Cena or they will of completely ruined all of his momentum.

I think Owens winning at Battlegrounds will be his permanent ascension to the main WWE roster. I think his crossovers have been leading to it. There's no place on Earth where his defeating Cena for the belt doesn't make complete sense. Sadly, I don't think we'll see him on NXT any time soon, but Owens winning at Battlegrounds really adds some much needed prestige to the U.S. Title (not to mention some of the best series of matches WWE proper has seen in a couple of years).

Really happy with the Japan show overall. The main event was a waste of space, but the rest was top shelf stuff. Happy for Finn, in a GREAT title match, a "better than expected" Neville/Jericho match, a "Nicki Bella can have good match" match, a Lesnar "Funeral Day" bury match, and hum-drum house show Cena match. Good stuff on a very Japan-centric show.

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Japan loves their monsters, don't they?

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San Andreas wasn't a video game movie?

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I'm kinda falling in love with this one.

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Can I just say, after watching this week's NXT, I have a weird kind of respect for Rhyno that I've never had for him before. He's never been a guy that's been anywhere near my radar, but I've got to admire an older guy like him, who has pretty sharp ring awareness, moves well for an older/big guy, and really hasn't had a terrible match since coming to NXT. Sure, he never wins, but he's pretty great at selling the idea of being a contender. All of his matches have had the illusion that he might win, even when the booking of the match clearly shows that he's not. He's like some kind of ultimate jobber, and for some reason I admire that.

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How do you botch that Ambrose/Harper match by NOT having at least two or three pre-taped bits where they're actually fighting on the streets of Chicago? Couldn't they have shown two of them flopping around in front of (or inside) Wrigley and/or Soldier Field? The Field Museum? Sears/Willis Tower? CM Punk's house? ANYthing?

I really liked the tag match (I hope Vince heard the reaction Cesaro was getting from that crowd) and liked the Reigns/Big Show match (of all things), but they rest of it felt like a discarded Smackdown episode. Forgettable.

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This seems like the kind of thing that should be a "tip jar" and not a required fee. Did they not learn there lesson from the flood of bullshit that came out of green light? Ya some great games came out of that, but a ton of terrible ones did as well.

This, to me, is the perfect solution. If Steam would only allow for donations straight to the user, it would allow Steam to track where the money is going, and it would benefit the quality of the workshop more. They'd be able to instantly see who's stuff is top tier, help promote it, and maybe even hire the person or persons involved. Instead they decided to come up with a pricing scheme that does none of that and actually creates a storm brewed in a tea cup. I guess as long as Big Daddy Gabe gets a little taste of everything, that's all that matters.

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So, I need to know, are the Heyman audio troubles legit or is this some kind of "reality" bullshit? The bit with Heyman and Lesnar, I thought, was legitimately interesting stuff, or at least Heyman sells it as such. I almost thought they might come out and say that Lesnar's contract had been extended, but I've a feeling that announcement wouldn't make Roman look strong.