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The selective use of matchmaking in Destiny is it's biggest and most glaring flaw. It's a game built from jump to be multiplayer and improves dramatically with a team, and yet makes it overly difficult to form these teams outside of a relative few selected occasions. Fuck you, I'm a grown ass man too old to be playing video games so much and my friends all have better shit to do than play Destiny instead of spending time with their ugly kids. Let me ride the coat tails of some college aged punk kid who is hitting super hard bong rips and playing Destiny for 5 hours straight. Sto working against me here Bungie, I want to love your game because it has really fun parts but can be a giant pain in the ass sometimes.

^^^^^ This. I think the shooting is Destiny's most redeeming quality, but every single aspect of the game surrounding that shooting is a design nightmare.

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"Excitement" probably isn't the right word, but I'm curious to see whether it's good or not. If it's good, I'll play it.

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Ikaruga, Sonic 2 and Persona 4 are the only ones I'd feel confident giving 5/5 or 10/10. Putting numbers next to things is dumb though, imo. Leads to too many nonsensical comparisons.

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I was going to watch this series, but then I bought the English release of the game when it was released on pc awhile back and figured "I'll see the original first!" Have hardly touched it. Should probably just watch the anime.

I know this hurts my anime cred but the English voice actor doing the main guy, well, he's somethin' special :)

If you watch/play the dubbed version, you're missing out on the angelic voice stylings of Hanazawa Kana. Personally I find that unacceptable.

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I actually dislike crafting in video games because it is almost never an enjoyable thing to do. Collecting a bunch of materials and managing items between multiple containers feels like a chore, and the actual act of crafting isn't fun either.
I would much rather just buy everything.

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Gamespot also gave Dragon Age Inquisition a 9 out of 10, but I personally could not stand that game. We'll see.

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I will play that videogame, should it come into existence. (Which seems likely.)

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I don't understand why Bloodborne's getting so much disapproval. I enjoyed it far, far more than either of the Dark Souls games.
The combat felt far more active than before since you couldn't just spec to sit behind a shield. Invincible dodge moves are among my favorite mechanics in games though, so I guess you could say it just catered toward my tastes.
The visuals were fantastic, too. I was compelled to move forward just to see what sorts of creative new environments or enemies lay ahead.
It's easily the most enjoyment I've gotten out of the series so far, and possibly the most enjoyment I've gotten out of a current gen game.

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I'm most curious about the handling model. This is the team who made the NFS Shift games, and if you didn't own a racing wheel, those games were an absolute nightmare to control.
I'll likely check this out because I'm dying for a good sim-style racing game on my PS4, and it will likely be another decade or two by the time the next Gran Turismo is released.

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Would fit fairly well, sure. I'd be into that. I'm not sure having a sexy lady vampire would work in todays age of feminism in games coverage, but personally I'd be into seeing Rayne in a game again, even if it's just a one-off DLC character thing.