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Overly judgmental is a good one.

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After the trainwreck of a year 2014 ended up being there near the end, I'm super cautious of any big budget games nowadays.
That said, as silly as it may sound, I do wish there were more linear, straight-forward, narrative-focused games nowadays. Getting burned out pretty hardcore on open world crapshoots.
If The Order ends up being a point A to B shooter with a decent story, then sure, why not.

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If you're looking for something of Forza or Gran Turismo quality, neither Driveclub nor The Crew are good choices. If you have to get one, I would say Driveclub at least has gorgeous visuals going for it. The Crew is atrocious. Maybe it's better with a bunch of friends to drive around and muck around with, but the handling and the event types are zero fun whatsoever.

If you want something good, save your money and put it toward Project Cars or Gran Turismo 7.

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It looks like there are fewer and fewer reviews per year, comparing this year's chart to previous ones. Not saying it's a good thing or a bad thing. Just an observation.

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People should be able to work if they want to work, so this is a bummer to hear about.
That said, I do not think Human Element looked or sounded all that interesting.

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I'm available most of the time throughout the week (minus Monday), but not during weekends.
If I'm online I'm usually up for whatever.

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2014 depressed the hell out of me, especially in the later part of the year.
I will purchase Metal Gear Solid 5 if that happens to be released in 2015, and I will purchase Persona 5. I feel pretty confident that those two games will be entirely functional and at least decent.
I will wait and see for every other big budget release this year.

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Count me in if you'll have me. I'll be happy to just see the content I've been missing out on since the game launched...
I raided on WoW back when those were difficult, so wipes are no big fuss.

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Stumbling across any aspect of a story that is meant to be held secret until later on is always a huge bummer, but a lot of what makes Persona 4 a great game is the time you spend with the characters.
Keep goin. There are still things to enjoy in there.

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Good lord am I tired of hearing this.. If a woman is given the same job in the industry as a man but receives less pay or is treated with less respect simply because of her gender, then yes, that is a problem.

Having a female character act a certain way or look a certain way in a video game however, is not a problem. If a creator wants to make a character a certain way, let them.

Censorship is only beneficial to a certain point. If artists are not allowed their creativity, regardless of how tasteful or distasteful it may be seen as, eventually all works of creativity will be the most boring, soulless nonsense imaginable.

If the argument is "people only buy games because they have girls with huge racks, ditsy personalities and zero clothing in them", that is perhaps the silliest thing I can imagine. If someone out there has only bought a video game because there was a pretty fictional lady in it, or refused to buy one because the protagonist is female rather than male, I have never met one of those people, and I highly doubt they even exist.