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I put a ton of time into Harvest Moon 64 and a friend of my brothers saved over it. Lost several in-game years worth. Had a wife and kid and had my house just shy of fully upgraded. Was pretty bummed out about it.

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@hatking: Be a cool guy like me and use a shitty $20 pay-as-you-go phone.
No one wants to steal it. If you lose it or break it who cares. It's a simpler life. A better life.

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@cfilipec: I'm sure it will be a terrific game without any sort of twist like that, but it would be more interesting if there were something.
If there has to be some sort of twist, my money is on the game taking place in a training program or something, what with the absolutely not at all period appropriate holographic UI of the iDroid. MGS has never been absolutely grounded in reality but having something like that in the 70's requires far more suspension of disbelief than I recall any other game in the series needing.

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I don't want to sound like a uppity jerk in saying this because who cares really, but I was surprised to see folks say they were having trouble with this boss because I stumbled into him and managed to kill him the first try without any special item gimmicks or viscerals (though it was admittedly close at points).

I would say a lot of any boss in this game's difficulty is in your head. Bosses have a hard time dealing with you if you're putting a lot of distance between you and them, and there's no time limit or anything, so if you're hanging back and sussing out the boss's attacks with openings, you can generally get small hits in here or there with little risk of danger, and with this particular boss, darting around the columns to heal or use antidotes makes it a little harder for him to get at you. Also keep in mind the generous invincibility on the front-end of your evasive roll/dashes.
Patience and full stocks of health vials and antidotes. There's no need for flashy visceral attacks or item-based strategies. Stick to 'dem fundamentals, yo.

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Overly judgmental is a good one.

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After the trainwreck of a year 2014 ended up being there near the end, I'm super cautious of any big budget games nowadays.
That said, as silly as it may sound, I do wish there were more linear, straight-forward, narrative-focused games nowadays. Getting burned out pretty hardcore on open world crapshoots.
If The Order ends up being a point A to B shooter with a decent story, then sure, why not.

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If you're looking for something of Forza or Gran Turismo quality, neither Driveclub nor The Crew are good choices. If you have to get one, I would say Driveclub at least has gorgeous visuals going for it. The Crew is atrocious. Maybe it's better with a bunch of friends to drive around and muck around with, but the handling and the event types are zero fun whatsoever.

If you want something good, save your money and put it toward Project Cars or Gran Turismo 7.

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It looks like there are fewer and fewer reviews per year, comparing this year's chart to previous ones. Not saying it's a good thing or a bad thing. Just an observation.

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People should be able to work if they want to work, so this is a bummer to hear about.
That said, I do not think Human Element looked or sounded all that interesting.

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I'm available most of the time throughout the week (minus Monday), but not during weekends.
If I'm online I'm usually up for whatever.