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More released match-ups.
SWAT Team vs GSG-9
Jaguar Warrior vs Zande Warrior
Jesse James Gang vs Al Capone Gang
Persian Immortal vs Celt
Centurion vs Rajput
Somali Pirate vs Medellin Cartel
Vlad the Impaler vs Sun Tzu
Ming Warrior vs Musketeer
Comanche vs Mongol
Navy Seal vs Israeli Commando

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The official first two episodes are:
Attila the Hun vs Alexander the Great
Nazi S.S. vs Viet Cong

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And boy, do they know it.

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Well, it's official. There is going to be a season 2. It starts in Spring of 2010.

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@DanielJW: They explained on the show.
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They explained why they had two different grenade tests. The RGD-5 Grenade has shrapnel. The M67 Grenade doesn't. They put the RGD-5 in the washing machine to see how the shrapnel would affect enemies standing farther away from a closed space, like if the grenade was thrown into a car. There was no shrapnel to test on the M67, so they had it thrown into a closed area with enemies inside to see how it would affect enemies if the grenade was thrown into a small room.

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@TheGreatGuero said:
" @SplitterCrow: I understand that the final battles are determined through one-on-one battles. However, it doesn't just match up two real guys together, like many of your suggestions, but instead tries to create your average warrior from that group based on the skills and weapons and such that they have. So Attila the Hun vs Genghis Khan, for instance, won't happen unless they change the whole structure of the show with season 2. Instead, the show would do like... The Huns vs The Mongols. You know what I'm saying? That's all I meant.

Heh, yeah, I don't know. I wasn't seriously suggesting it. But if you wanna go back to my UPS vs Fed-Ex idea, they could count packages and their delivery trucks as weapons, I suppose. They should save that battle for the season finale. "
True, most of the fights are based on warrior classes instead of single warriors. But season one did have William Wallace vs Shaka Zulu, so single fighters aren't ruled out completely.
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@TheGreatGuero said:
" @ahriman22: Dude, it just couldn't work. It's gotta be real people with fighting styles and moves they can really test and compare. It also has to apply to a group of warriors, not just one-on-one matches. OOOH! I got one! Black Panthers vs The Ku Klux Klan. Now that's a match I wanna see! "
Actually, One-on-One matches are the standard. Groups are usually used when dealing with modern firearms and such, as those could kill a single person too easily. Still, Black Panthers vs K.K.K. sounds interesting.

Another idea: Navy SEALS vs British SAS
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Deadliest Warrior, a new show on Spike TV, has ended its first season. The show pits two historical fighting classes (or sometimes, as in the case of Mafia vs Yakuza or Taliban vs I.R.A., unorthodox fighting forces) against each other. Both ancient (Viking vs Samurai) and modern (Green Beret vs Spetsnaz) warriors are allowed, with their weapons and tactics being tested in labs and firing ranges to measure the lethality of each combatant. All this builds up to a computer simulated showdown based on the collected data.

Although no season 2 has been anounced yet, the hype about the show has a strong possibility of bringing it back. Who would you like to see fight?

Here are some of my matchups:

Attila the Hun vs Ghengis Khan
Assyrian vs Legionary
Jesse James vs Ned Kelly
Jannissary vs Conqustidor

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Expand Port Royal into The Caribbean. Sora absolutely has to face Davy Jones and Cutler Becket.

I can imagine Sherwood Forest from Disney's Robin Hood being pretty good.

Narnia would also be awesome.

I'm surprised more people haven't responded to this thread.

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