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Holy shit this guy's brother is Beaglerush? I LOVE DOSE SWEET ARMA VIDEOS BRO

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@alex said:

@splodge: SO. If you're talking about a season mode free of any sort of financial stuff outside of trading, the answer is no. There's only the GM mode, and while you could totally play that for one season without paying any attention to the other financial stuff, it's not the same as just a straight season mode.


That is fucked up.

Why would they do that.

My brain.

Edit - never mind, I think I am still confused ass to what is in the game and what is not. It's been a while since I played me some Ice Hockey and have been thinking about getting back into it., This year is definitely not the time though, it seems.

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So, can someone confirm something for me? With all the kerfuffle about this game I for some reason cannot figure out the following:

Is there a mode where I can pick a team, play through a whole season, and win the Stanley Cup? And during that season, can I trade players, etc? A lot of people were saying that this have been taken out. I could be vastly mistaken.

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@plwolf said:

You know why those guys were bunched around you and not hitting you? You are playing on Easy!! Come on, Son!

At the very least play it on normal.

I know the GB crew hates these games but, for someone who enjoys them, it's annoying when you are not even fully representing what the game is on the default difficulty.

you think even on easy the ai would, you know, have ai and react to what you were doing. maybe at least not hit you as much or not do as much damage. but do SOMETHING at least. there's a difference between a lower level of challenge and being completely brain-dead.

The were doing something. They were vibrating up and down.

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Jeff should talk in his radio voice all the time.

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That zit though.


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@superjoe said:

There's no Y in Nad Tracker.

Nad Trackery

Darn Crytek

Crytek Nard

You're a Crytek Nard.

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@tarsier said:

they only showed 30 minutes and they didnt even do the online deathmatch stuff. need to see more before judge

The video was borked, its 1hr 17 mins. Try clearing your cache and re logging.

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@danryckert you got those old sketches you did lying around anywhere?

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I dont know why this would upset anyone. It doesnt effect you. He is being honest about who he is. Lots of people rag on things they dont like. I have never watched jersey shore but I think it sucks and I will never watch it. Who cares? It doesnt matter.