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What AA setting are you using and how high is your draw distance? Turning those two down might help.

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I use a Windows tablet a lot with the site, which is generally a nightmare (can't watch live streams), but recently I have lost all functionality when watching a regular archived video. Now all I can do is hit the play button in the centre of the video, and that's it. I have no seek bar, quality settings, cant expand to full screen etc. To pause I click the video again. This means I cant rewind or fast forward anything, which is immensely frustrating. I end up downloading the files, which can be quite large and take up a lot of space.

Not sure if any of the info helps, but I thought I would post it anyway. I get that no one cares about making this site work with windows tablets, but I hold out hope that some day I can at least watch the odd live stream!

My tab is a windows rt 2. Uses internet explorer 10.

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Swashbuckling space opera - what's not to like?

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Oh delicious podcast, fill my ear holes

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I would really like to see what the difference between regular Destiny gameplay and a horde mode would be.

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@gaff said:

So... April 16th then. Oh jeez.

Let the games begin!

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I want an 8 and a half year old Spiderman. No powers or anything, just a movie about a kid making forts in his bedroom and throwing sticks at yucky girls. The only better movie would be zygote Spiderman.

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You take that back!

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I have two also, someone sent me them a while ago on reddit but I ended up not needing them.

They may not work though, I don't know if the person who sent me them has since used them themselves!

Give them a shot, and let me know if they worked.



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I have never seen this thread before...weird.

Bumping old threads usually annoys me, but I thank you for this one! I have never seen any of this stuff. Funny as all fuck.