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@splodge: Just a little something I like to call "Jeff Killme" But maybe this new one will calm your discomfort?

Think outside the Dan

"Ya know, I've never actually eaten potato chips, and uh Mountain Dew is a cleaning product, right? It's pretty bright and pungent. But yeah, totally buy em. I assume they're good."

AAAAGGGGHHH. This is worse.

Thank you.

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@TruthTellah Donetsk (I mean done, but sometimes I just go with what auto correct tells me)

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@IceEyes thats is really, really freaky. It looks like bizarro jeff. Thanks for creeping me out!

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@Bisonhero awww man I gotta be up in 7 hours to catch a train and I just know I am going to end up watching it =( DAMN YOU TIME ZONES.

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If you have not seen it, try Bladerunner. Its sci fi, but comtains a lot of the things you are looking for. And get the directors cut. Not the theatrical release.

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@EwanSuttie just curious, why not go yearly instead of monthly? Saves money in the long run, and you get the coupon for the store. If you are being smart and subbing \ resubbing when theres stuff built up, I get it;)

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@TruthTellah I think its great too. I trust GB to handle sponsorship and advertising tastefully, and if it means more events like this, I am all for it.

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They've been talking about it for a week, keep up!

It's the premium thing, 'cause they said it was being sponsored by Squarespace.

Weird theres no mention of it in the PAX post and I dont recall them talking about it. It's gonna be at like 4am my time though, if its at 11:00 over there. Guess I will watch the archive :(

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Edit: Maybe he's taking about the member's only get together?

Dunno, its definitely a studio set up. Maybe hes just kidding around because of the advertisements.

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Whats this foo talkin boutLooks like @giantbomb's set is all ready for tonight's Premium Show. pic.twitter.com/5v8rhrMAlD

— Danny O'Dwyer (@dannyodwyer) August 29, 2014