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They should remaster the first raid.

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The vast, vast majority of the GB community behaved well. There were a few trouble makers and idiots that decided to behave badly. Maybe the title of your post should be edited to target the troublemakers, because as it stands, you are generalizing across a massive swathe of different people from different countries, backgrounds, religions, genders... Seems a bit hypocritical.

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Remember that time he said that Britain won WW II?

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If there is one thing I have learned about Final Fantasy games it is to never listen to other people's advice on which games in the series to play. It's entirely subjective. I was told to stay well away from FFVIII, but that ended up being my favourite in the series. Advice on FFXIII "getting good" after the initial ten hours was also ridiculous. People will tell you that certain games in the series are objectively good or bad... Don't listen. Play them for yourself.

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Anyone watch the matches today? I was on the edge of my set for about seven hours total. What an incredible game that France and England match turned out to be. Unbelievable stuff. Twelve tries. Fucking incredible. I feel a little bad for England, but Ireland won so GWAN THE FUCKIN BOYS!!!

Next up is the 2015 World Cup. Ireland have won the last two Six Nations championships in a row. I am very, very excited.

Now we just have to try hang on to Shmitty as our manager. Will New Zealand call him home, I wonder?

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I watched Contact last night so I thought they were dumping on the inhabitants of the Vega system.

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Hey folks,

Some of the guys here seem to be very clued in technically... I am not too bad myself but this is beyond me so I need some advice.

IF a laptop has been restored to factory settings, is there any way to recover old files that were on it beforehand? It is my understanding that when something is deleted, it is merely allocated to be overwritten and the information still exists. Is there software out there that will do it? Or do I need to go to a specialist who can re-build tables etc. (Might be talking out of my butt on that one)

I am not sure if the drives were formatted. My guess is they were not, and the system restore utility was used to reset it to factory settings.

Also, do not worry, I am not up to anything nefarious. My nephew did this to his laptop and there were files on it that my sister desperately needs.

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Man, thsoe GAA games are GARBAGE! It's a shame Gaelic football and Hurling are awesome and would make great video games. Hurling is just an aewsome sport to watch. The level of skill and pure talent is incredible. I don't watch it a lot, but around All-Ireland time I get stuck in. Here's a tune from an Irish hip-hop chap called Captain Moonlight. I had the pleasure of hanging with him a few times, he is awesome. The song is all about hurling. (He is from Kilkenny BTW)