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Older gamers are not as easily impressed.

I have played so many shooters over the years that something has to be significantly different to get my attention. Half-Life and Half-Life 2 were both radically departures from the industry norms. I just don't see that same leap forward in gameplay anymore. A lot of games are playing it safe. Syndicate to me tried something different and that didn't sell at all. So maybe games aren't really being made for people like me anymore. I still find games a lot of fun most of the time, but I can't remember the last time my jaw dropped.

The last time I had an experience with gaming that really felt like it meant something was playing Journey about 9 months ago. I bought a PS3 with Last of Us and GTA V, so I could play online with some buddies and play some PS exclusives I never got to try (I play my games on PC).

I was in tears at the end of the game, and I did not really understand why. It illicited an almost child-like emotional response in me, the kind of response I remember from playing through Final Fantasy VII for the first time, or when I finally found every single secret level in Super Mario World.

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Thanks for the heads up, will def be checking this out tonight.

I can't wait. I love this stuff. Regardless of how you feel about space travel, it is incredible to see the amount of technical and scientific wizardry that makes this happen. They said on the Q and A that their job at this time is basically just to watch. The orbiter is pre-programmed and performs all its routines automatically. It's amazing.

Damn, this made my spam bot trigger finger all itchy-like.

I might post a load of links later to watch some football games LIVE in your browser.

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I am the same age as Danny, and I mostly agree with him. Personally, I think the next major evolution in gaming is going to be an entirely new experience that will appeal to the public at large, not just those who play games (much like the Wii was for millions of people).

What's coming? I think VR is going to be it. The conusmer version of the occulus rift is going to have the gimmicky, new tech factor that will attract non-gamers. It will also open up a huge expanse of possibilites for industrial training and entertainment in general. I honestly think immersive VR is a bit closer than we think (I reckon within 5 years both Sony and Microsoft will be pushing VR big time) and the next next gen will be a console with a huge focus on VR.

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First of all, I swear I am not a spam bot.

Secondly, the MAVEN observation satellite is going to enter Mars orbit later tonight, and NASA are streaming the whole thing live.

MAVEN is going to be observing the atmosphere with some high-tech shenanigans so that scientists can try and figure out why Mars went from a relatively warm and wet planet billions of years ago, to the dusty, majestic shit-hole that it is now.

The webcast begins at 9:30 pm. Currently they are answering questions about the mission (see stream below).

I absolutely love that we live in a time where I can watch an orbiter enter the atmosphere of Mars live on the internet. I am not entirely sure what level of footage we will get from MAVEN, I am hoping they will stream footage from the orbiter.

Freaking awesome.

Here's the LINK


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Im dead right now atm tbh

me 2 bro


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@MB my experience has been the same. They are certainly very inventive at times, but it's too much of an imitation and not enough of a parody.

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@hailinel said:

@splodge: Contact Nintendo's customer support. They can likely walk you through the process.

Already tried, the number the chat robot gave me is not in service. Cant find a number for europe that works either.

I think I have to just remove all info from my nintendo ID but leave it intact. Then format the system while leaving NNID intact. I think.

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@heyguys said:

I sold my XL a few months back, and it was pretty simple but I was able to transfer my account to my old school 3DS which I still owned and then format the system. I'm not sure if you'd be able to format the system and still download the software you purchased on it.

Yeah I am not getting a new one, so a system transfer is a no go. :(

Hmm it seems like if I delete the ID, then no ID can ever be set up on the 3ds again, effectively bricking it for any e-shop purchases.

Do I just completely remove any personal info I can manually? Am I ever able to set up another Nintendo ID account? All this shit is so confusing. I dont have a clue how to sell this thing without a) Forever losing access to the e-shop or b) Completely losing all money I have spent in the eshop and not being able to pass those games along with the system to someone else, unless I keep all my credit card details on it.

This shit does not make sense.

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Hey there,

I have a 3DS XL which I want to sell. I have some boxed games, and some games I downloaded on the store.

I have been trying to find answers to the following but the information out there is all a jumble of guesswork and nonsense.

Has anyone here ever sold their 3DS and how did you do it?

I do not wish any of my personal info, credit card info etc to remain on the system. It is my understanding that I am going to lose all the games I have paid for, so I would prefer to include them in the sale so I can recoup at least some of the money.

Heres what I think I have to do :

1) Delete my nintendo network ID (this gets rid of my info?) under NNID settings.

2) Format the system to get it back to factory settings.

My understanding is that when I do both of the above, the person I sell it to will have a fresh system, and once they set up their e-shop stuff they will be able to re-download any games I have bought. IS this correct?

If I buy a 3ds at some stage in the future, will I be able to use the store as the ID will still be linked to my email? I dont really understand the nintendo way of doing things!

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If Far Cry 4 is at least as good as Far Cry 3 I will be more than happy. Other than that? I think everything is a known quantity at this stage.