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DD/MM/YY 4 LIFE!!!!!!

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Ah was wondering why the unfinished QL wasnt out yet.

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Look at what the man is capable of (This is a very very funny video):

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Keep in mind, if you are playing it a week before most people, what do you think that experience will be like, considering it takes EA and most large studios days / weeks / months to release bug fixes and patches? Lately, I have been waiting at last two weeks after some games are released to start playing because they are bound to be unfinished buggy messes.

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Big shame for the devs, I hope they get it fixed quickly. They have a bit of momentum at the moment. It would be a shame to waste it.

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I mean, I saw that when he tweeted it, but it's still hilarious. I mean, that someone thought that up and sent it to Brad. The actual contents of it are disturbing as hell. Aside from Rorie only wearing a shirt, if that's what he wants to do, I'm not going to stop him. Assuming he isn't dead.

I'd probably go for some Rorie Ribs. IF you have the ingredients to whip up a bit of sauce, you could just BBQ.

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Gonna start watititittngnanting early. Or maybe not early at all... seems like they may have recorded already.

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What yall reckon? Was a nice bonus last week, would love if it happened again. Prob not happening though. Is it?