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@Sinusoidal everything you just mentioned sounds amazing. Can I come to Korea and watch TV some time?

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@sinusoidal: you are right there =) Reddit is prob a good place to get some decent recommendations.

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Hmmm tis a tough one. Most of the classical stuff I have read is kind if dark... Dickens etc. And the russians can be fairly bleak too. But if you dont mind a bit of that, I reccommend Ana Karenina by Tolstoy. It's about a fancy lady and her fancy affairs, which might sound kind of boring but it is really quite incredible.

Edit - and oh shir I cant believe i didnt think of the count of monte cristo and don quixote as someone recxommended above, that's probably exactly what you are looking for!

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My favourite PC game of all time is Dungeon Keeper 2.

I have probably completed the game about 8 or 9 times, and spent god knows how much time playing skirmishes.

I cannot recommend it enough.

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@ben_h You should set up a youtube channel and throw all those old videos on to it!

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Im gonna make a sandwich.


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I love Breath of Fire III. Psx i think? Put many hours in. Has a fantastic story and a lot of depth.

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My main issue with the formatting is that if I use my tablet, I get zero formatting options. They dont even show up. No links, pictures or video embedding. Just a text box and a post button.

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Hmmm fifa committee has now officially suggested that the 2022 world cup in Qatar take place in November / December because of the heat, under a shortened schedule. http://edition.cnn.com/2015/02/24/football/qatar-2022-world-cup-winter/index.html

This is going to cause massive upheaval to the domestic leagues world wide. The 2022 world cup is shaping up to be a massive clusterfuck.

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I envision a future where Mr DeLia somehow spins his momentary internet fame into gold and riches but ends up strung out in a dingy hotel room, coming out of a stupor to find the lady he spent the night with stole his wallet and the last of his angel dust. He then embarks on a restorative journey that culminates in a daring rescue at an E3 besieged by terrorists.