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A nice fancy bottle of Tullamore Dew whiskey, a warm jacket and a new hat.

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@quantris: darn tootin. Personally, I have always found dan's reviews quite insightful and I am entirely unsure what OP thinks he is gong to gain a better understanding of by asking him some question vaguely (?) related to sexism that may or may not be to do with something he said once versus something he said recently. Is the question "Are you a hypocrite"? Because the answer is definitely yes, the same answer as if it was asked of anyone who consumes oxygen on a daily basis. The man drew a record amount of penises on a UPF recently, to great comedic effect. What is it that OP wants from him? Isn't that enough? WHAT IS THE FUCKING QUESTION?!?

I think its something to do with duck sized bayonettas and john cena sized mac and cheese.

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I sent jeff a message with a photo of a pizza made of fries once and he told me it was gross.

Dan will probably reply.

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The Flumpf

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@moralsquandery: well whatever the question is the answer is most likely

A) John Cena

B) macaroni and cheese

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Track mania is actually Scott free until April, give it a shot it's good fun. There's an unofficial giant bomb server too.

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If you're question is as vague and obtuse as most of what you have been saying here I fully understand why he may not have answered. I have read all your posts and I still don't have a clue what it is you want to ask him.

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Glad they confirmed it. I can understand if people were caught off guard and did not see it coming, but hey, sometimes that k the way these things work!

Strangely there are a lot of people arguing that they are NOT together and the creators are only saying it after the fact. Man does anyone remember a time before the internet when someone would correct you on something and you just accepted it?

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We getting our email podcast today??

Edit: for some reason I thought it was Tuesday. How embarassing. Well it is technically tuesday where I am but it would be the earliest podcast of all time.


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Screw those places, come to Ireland!!