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I am mostly looking forward to landing on the planets where the mathematics have gone a touch haywire. Every algorithm has its peaks and troughs. Those will be the most onteresting places in the game, imo.

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I got some very extreme and hard to process news when I was fourteen and playing Summoner. Ruined the game for me and I never finished it

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Its cool, I can summon brad for you.

Sim sim salabimmmmmmmmmm

That didnt work.

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Heyo! any yall duders using Duo Lingo? I am learning German now that I am living in Germany, I think I would use the app more if I had more people on my list to "compete" against. My username is ForrestCov. Feel free to add me!

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Good. This is good.

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@splodge: Apparently this has been going on, with folks downloading mods from the Nexus and putting them on Steam. Don't see any direct way on a mod's page to report it.

Why would I ever make a mod and try to sell it when any chump could just re-package it and sell it for less. At least the mobile phone app stores have some procedures in place to eventually get fraudulent apps taken down. Judging by the way Steam are handling this, it will be entirely up to the person affected to get it taken down. Just ask nicely, I guess? Please sir, could you please take down my work?

I like the idea of mod makers being able to make money, but without giving them protection and adequate tools to make sure their work is not stolen or duplicated on a platform that has none of the anonymity of torrent websites, I can't see this ever being a positive thing. Why give scammers and thieves an avenue not just to copy others work, but make potentially large amounts of money?

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So for shits and giggles, what to stop me from uploading someone elses mods and charging for them? Would the creators have any right to come back at me? And what if I change one small thing about the mod then sell it? Do I have to provide any proof I am the creator of the mod? What If I get a huge mod, make a myriad of tiny changes to it and sell each version for different prices?

I guess I am wondering if we are going to see a lot of duplicates and theft. Since valve will be doing zero quality control, I don't see how this will be avoided.

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I am going to be emigrating the day this is on, hopefully I can catch parts of it in the airport(s) and then watch the archive :( Will be the first BLLSL I have not watched live :(

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@thunderstorm101: No worries! Enjoy!

Heh just checked my mail and they sent me 4 more. Here they are folks!



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