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No chat for me. Eventually got to the "server is just not there" message.

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Hey duders,

Quick post here - chat working for anyone on the UPF stream yet? IT may be just me. Just wanna know in case I gotta reboot my snizz.

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@i_stay_puft: Yup totally platonic! I do that with my buddies all the time. We hold each others hands in front of us, gaze lovingly into each others eyes, then go on a holiday, just the two of us.

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@markwahlberg: Yeah you are right, I guess it is just frustrating knowing that if they HAD kissed, there would have been some kind of bat-shit crazy backlash. I think we are almost at a point where no one gives a shit about that stuff anymore, but it is going to take a few generations of kids who don't care growing up.

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Had they stopped at them holding hands as they walked into the portal, I would have bought the good friends thing, but then they had to add the shot of them facing each other and taking both hands, staring at each other longingly as it panned away.

Yeah there seems to be a lot of resistance to the idea that they got together... not sure why. It was plain as day to me.

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@dudeglove said:

Aren't you meant to drink excessively to cope?

I'm going to assume you were replying to me and let you know I'M ON IT.

Heh the previously mentioned lady teacher friends of mine are also AAA drinking buddies. The secondary school teacher can drink me under the fucking table, it is kind of embarrassing.

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@cornbredx: IT is not the case in a lot of places, it depends on where you are teaching. The government is actually quite good with setting plans for building new schools and reducing class sizes, but with our recent austerity drives a lot of things are taking a hit.

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@aegon: I had a really strong suspicion about the two when they first saw each other again after the time apart. I understood they were close but I had a hunch there was more to them. I'm glad they sorta answered the question between the two sorta ambiguously, not sure if they would of outright done something that would of put people up and arms about but glad they addressed it. To see this in an american cartoon show is actually pretty awesome.

My gut reaction was "Wow, that was a great ending and really brave". Then a few seconds afterwards I felt kind of angry that I felt it had to be called "Brave". There have been plenty of romantic moments throughout the Avatar series that have shown people kissing etc, but nooooooooooooooooooo we cant show a girl kissing another girl. .

Kids these days do not give a SHIT about that stuff. I have two nephews, 8 and 14, and my best friends kid who is 12. All these kids I have spoken to completely understand the world in a way I never did when I was a little kid. It is normal to them almost. There is still the playground nonsense, but it does not mean what it did when I was growing up.

I understand why they could not show them kissing, but I did feel a little frustrated because the kids that I know would not have batted an eye, in fact they would probably have just said "Ewww they're kissing!" like most kids do.

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I am not a teacher but have several friends who are, one in primary and one in secondary (Ireland, its ages 4 / 5 - 11 / 12 and 12/13 - 17 / 18 respectively).

Secondary school teacher has had a lot to say about terrible students, but is also very understanding that it is usually a product of their upbringing and their home life. She is excellent with them though, and has frequently took problem students aside not to chastise them, but to really talk to them and try help them with whatever problems they are having. It is not always successful, indeed there is little she can actually do, but it improves their behavior in class which hopefully leads to them learning something. As someone who went through a public school education and had to watch hypocritical teachers picking on students due to their backgrounds, I really appreciate that.

Primary school teacher is constantly flustered because her class size is often monstrously huge. She taught a 34 student class for a year. Imagine trying to deal with 34 nine year old boys and girls. The woman is a saint. The main issues she seems to have with her students can all be traced back to the large class size. It is almost impossible to give any one-on-one time to the kids. Recently she has been teaching a very small group of autistic and developmentally disabled children, which she reckons is almost as equally challenging but she has more satisfaction in what she is doing as she can really see the effects.

Ireland is probably very different from where you are though...