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Good. This is good.

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@splodge: Apparently this has been going on, with folks downloading mods from the Nexus and putting them on Steam. Don't see any direct way on a mod's page to report it.

Why would I ever make a mod and try to sell it when any chump could just re-package it and sell it for less. At least the mobile phone app stores have some procedures in place to eventually get fraudulent apps taken down. Judging by the way Steam are handling this, it will be entirely up to the person affected to get it taken down. Just ask nicely, I guess? Please sir, could you please take down my work?

I like the idea of mod makers being able to make money, but without giving them protection and adequate tools to make sure their work is not stolen or duplicated on a platform that has none of the anonymity of torrent websites, I can't see this ever being a positive thing. Why give scammers and thieves an avenue not just to copy others work, but make potentially large amounts of money?

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So for shits and giggles, what to stop me from uploading someone elses mods and charging for them? Would the creators have any right to come back at me? And what if I change one small thing about the mod then sell it? Do I have to provide any proof I am the creator of the mod? What If I get a huge mod, make a myriad of tiny changes to it and sell each version for different prices?

I guess I am wondering if we are going to see a lot of duplicates and theft. Since valve will be doing zero quality control, I don't see how this will be avoided.

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I am going to be emigrating the day this is on, hopefully I can catch parts of it in the airport(s) and then watch the archive :( Will be the first BLLSL I have not watched live :(

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@thunderstorm101: No worries! Enjoy!

Heh just checked my mail and they sent me 4 more. Here they are folks!



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I really like Heroes of the Storm, need to get more time on it. I've toiled with Dota and it's not for me. Heroes is much friendlier to me.

It's the entire point of it. The only gap in the market is all the people who are put off by the complexity and hostility of DOTA / League. HoTS quite cleverly reduces these problems while adding complexity in the maps. It's really quite smart!

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@brendan said:

Why do you want help liking movies, if you don't like movies at all? My Dad doesn't like movies either, and his opinion is insane. "Why do I want to watch what some random person just made up in their head?" He has basically written off fiction his entire life, from any source. If you have such a broad "Fuck that" for an entire medium then what do you expect of anybody?

I think he made this post because he recognizes that fact and is wondering about what he is missing.

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You definitely need some kind of grounding. Your problem seems to be that you don't have a foundation to compare anything to, and modern big budget movies are so bombastic that they can't keep your attention (which ironically is the opposite of their intent).

Here is a list of films that I personally enjoy, and require a certain level of patience that might suit you.

Chinatown - One of my favourite films. A Noir-esque adventure in which a young and extremely talented Jack Nicholson investigates a dangerous conspiracy. Visually stunning and masterfully composed.

Network - Someone mentioned it above, and for good reason. This movie oozes reality. The acting is so good it might help you with the issues you mentioned in the OP. A dis-illusioned news anchor oversteps his bounds and begins to change the world around him, either using his own will or that of some unseen power. It is a beautiful film that demands your attention. Even scenes of marital dischord, which I usually find boring on film, are written so well that I was on the edge of my seat. I love this movie.

Bob Roberts - Tim Robbins kills it as a predatory politician running for Governor. It is shot in a weird fake documentary / drama format that really works. Some amazing performances all round, and you will even spot a young Jack Black among the political fanatics. An oddly prophetic movie also, and darkly humorous.

Blade Runner - It's a cliche to recommend this movie to people but I can't help myself. I have seen it dozens of times, and never get tired of it. A beautifully realized sci fi landscape is home to Deckard, a detective whose job is to retire (kill) wayward androids. Harrison Ford is fantastic. The replicants are scary. The soundtrack is one of the most iconic ever made.

Best in Show - Easily one of the funniest films ever made. And it's about a dog show. Seriously.

Some modern stuff that might tickle your fancy :

'71 - A young British soldier begins his first ever tour of duty in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the height of The Troubles. Entire sections of the city are split into Loyalist and Nationalist, Protestant vs Catholic. I saw this recently and was impressed with its authentic portrayal of 70's Belfast and it's respect for what it was trying to portray.

Moon - A lone astronaut is sent to the Moon. I won't get into what happens, but know that Sam Rockwell is great, and this movie is great.

If movies are not your thing, then maybe they are not your thing, but I hope you do find a type of film that you enjoy because I personally feel there are few nicer things in life than sitting down with a nice beer / whataveyou and watching a good film, eithr alone or with some buddies.

EDIT: Honourable mention to Sword and the Sorcerer. Stumbled across this classic 80's fantasy flick a few years back, and was shocked at how enjoyable it was.

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@shagral said:

@splodge: I swear man, some of the maps are jinxed. I have 30% win rate on Cursed Hollow (feels more like 5%) which defies laws of probability (other maps are around 50% which is how it's supposed to be). Seriously, fuck Cursed Hollow.

~I have 100% on the map with the seeds and the big tree plant monster thingies, after about 45 games. Dubloon map? 0%. It's some kind of issue with the way my team plays on that map. I think we concentrate too much on trying to control the center, and then back off at the wrong moment to get some exp in lane and they get to cash in their dubloons. We try to correct it every time but it never works!!!

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I really like HoTS, it's a great breath of fresh air after burning out on League. Me and four of my buddies can just log on, play a game and the only thing we need to worry about is map control. No last hitting, items, worrying about falling behind in CS and gold and then worrying about how the fuck you are going to win your lane. Just merc'in fools and smokin chumps.

Fuck the dubloon map though. For some reason we have never won on that map.