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You will get used to the colour of the moonstone chest. It's the only one that is that greyish blue. I get excited when I see them now :) I got a legendary grenade from one, and a pretty badass sub machine gun with 200% accuracy that freezes chumps.

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On another happy note, I recently found out that I'm no longer diabetic (I reversed it) and I'm not back in the pre stages and was even taken off my medication for it. My thyroid has also started working again like normal. Oh and Homestar runner is suppose to be back again for reals just not as often. If that isn't happy news I don't know what is.

Great news all round! Congrats duder!

Here is some more happy tunage. Whenever this music came on when watching Hunter X Hunter I always knew something awesome was gonna happen.

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This is christmas come early for me. I LOVE Far Cry 4, and it is gonna look awesome on my PC.

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It really depends if it grabs me or not.

Bioshiock Infinite was a game where I was absolutely glued to the story. But when I play Borderlands, I dont even pay attention to it. If there is a cutscene, I will make a sandwich (LET ME SKIP THEM FOR GODS SAKE!!). I am playing the pre-sequel now and I honestly couldn't tell you what is happening, and I am on my second play through.

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You will generally get a hell of a lot of moonstone. I am on my second playthrough and I always have about 50 moonstone around. If i spend it all, after a couple of hours I have most of it back.

But yes, I think there should be a prompt telling you what you are about to do. To me, the most frustrating thing is when I have 39 moonstone and cant open it! If you are one away, it would be nice if you could "owe" it.

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Im on the tablet, so if someone could embed this I would be grateful


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Great replies so far. I know they've benefited me at the very least. Though one thing I hope future replies do is maybe write how they ended up arriving/acquiring their great jobs, to the benefit of those wishing to attempt/try/experience their field of work.


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I am so jealous of all yall.

I have worked about 15 different jobs in the last ten years.

I am now resigned to making my own way in the world because I am 100% sure at this stage that working for someone else is not my thing.

Unfortunately, the avenue of work I have chosen (script writer) is almost impossible to break in to and I am spending all my time either thinking about the industry, writing scripts with no real goal in mind and searching for funding.

It's a nightmare. But, I would rather do this than sell another tablet to harried parents at christmas.

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Always enjoyed the Lobby and am really enjoying the new changes. Feels like segments and guests and more room to breathe now that there is more time to fill.

And then there is dancing like Tetris pieces.

The more room they have to be silly, the better they get. Danny is an inherently silly guy and Mary Kish is as silly as silly can be, so I guess what I am saying is that the more you say the word silly the less it means anything. Try it. Silly, Silly, Silly,Silly,Silly,Silly,Silly,Silly,Silly,Silly,Silly,Silly,Silly,Silly,Silly,Silly,

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The last ten minutes are absolute gold.

Both GB and GS betray every rule in the HR handbook, and I love them for it.