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Also, LOL isnt a rip off. Have played it on a fairly casual basis for about three years now, and altogether I have spent about 50 bucks on the game, which is pretty damn good value. I buy champs with the earned in game currency, and if I see a skin I particularly like I buy that will real money.

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Theres plenty of places that cover LoL to death. I dont think there is a bias at all. And if there is, it has no effect on the amount of people playing. 27 million at last count.

Edit - that figure may be registered accounts. The daily player count is roughly 15 million

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I would confront the man and demand he pay for new shoes as they have been ruined with ink from his stupid painting.

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I LOVE thisyearcollection.org. You guys are the best.

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Hopefully the archive is uploaded soon, managed to sleep through the entire thing :O

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@daze said:

- Calvary -

Great Irish black comedy drama starring Brendan Gleeson. It's from the same director/writer of The Guard (Martin McDonagh) the brother of the guy who directed/wrote In Bruges. That should probably tell you what type of movie it is and if you would like it.

The Irish really have a knack for having real serious moments followed my funny ones and back again. Oh it also stars Aidan Gillian (Littlefinger).

Probably my favourite of the 3, go see it.

You may have already seen these, but if you want to watch some more quality Irish movies, I recommend the following:


Excellent dark comedy / crime flick starring Colin Farrell and Cillian Murphy. Great performances all round. Colin Farrell's character is a complete cunt.

The Butcher Boy

I never read the Pat McCabe book, but from all reports the film does it justice. Equal parts disturbing and funny. Join Francie Brady on his very, very strange adventures.


This movie is a bit of a strange one. I worry that some of the characterization may be lost on non-Irish viewers, but it is certainly worth a watch. Not really any comedy in this one, it's a drama about the "town idiot" that really, REALLY hits home. Excellent performance by Pat Shortt (used to be part of a comedy duo called d'unbelievables that was HUGE in Ireland).

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I hold my big toe over the bowl, and let the urine dribble down my leg and into the toilet.

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Dave Snyder =(

I wish the Snyde would abandon his silicon valley megalopolis and move into the GB offices, construct a replica plane cockpit, and make flight club videos with drew and a disembodied vinny voice.

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Obviously Destiny. It got pretty much all the hooks of a MMO, as well as pitch-perfect action gameplay. If you enjoy shooting guns in games, Destiny is clearly the MMO for you.

If you preorder now for PS3 or PS4, you'll be able to play the Beta in two weeks. It's a little later for Xbox and Xbox One. No PC version however. Can't wait for the 17th. I'm hooked.

Man I want a PC version of this game so bad. It's the only exclusive that I feel like I am really missing out on. Might have to eventually get a ps4 anyway :/

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@andmm: Which part, the female mod or the temporary ban? I made the temporary ban comment to try to add something instead of just being critical of conmulligan's suggestions. Am I being naive promoting the idea of a female moderator?

I think there already is a female moderator(s). Could be wrong but I think that's the case.