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While I feel sorry for Dan, raising money for an employed professional who probably gets a company laptop ( I think I remember Rorie talking about getting one) and could probably use an office console in the interim seems a little over the top. There are a lot more worthy causes to fundraise for.

It's not like people would be forced into it. I would gladly throw in a few bucks. Replacing three consoles and all those games is very expensive, and I doubt he is rolling in it after having to move to san fransisco. It would just be a nice thing to do, and those who wish to take part could take part.

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Ah jesus that fucking sucks. God damnit.

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i want your connection plz

e: 3 1/2 stars??? i want to see what 5 stars is! *_*

UPC are the bomb if you are in a decent coverage area. I could get 200mb if i paid an extra ten euro a month but to be honest that would be total overkill.

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To the tune of "Rock & Roll Dreams Come Through" by Meatloaf, Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell



WHo likes the bombcast

me thats who





WAITING for an alibi

and also for the podcast

Makes me sing

A song of sixpence

And a bottle full of rye

Quit playing games with my heart

My heart, my heart

I should have known from the start

The start.

Sorry lads went a bit mad there waiting for the podcast. Hopefully it's up soon.

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I dont know, when It was just celebrities and other famous people it seemed like a fun way to spread a message and raise money for charity as if 1 celeb has 1 million twitter followers then they may be able to raise a good chunk of change while bringing awareness to a whole new group. My problem arises when (like everything) Joe/Jane Nobody jumps on the bandwagon and starts issuing the challenge to all their Facebook friends in another desperate attempt at 5 mins of fame. The amount of people that i've seen go out and buy bags and bags of ice to do the challenge and then donate $5 is crazy. If a couple of bucks is all you can donte thats fine as every little helps but just give them the $15 and not buy the Ice.

But without the exposure of everyone doing it, they would not have raised forty times more this year than they did last year. Their standard media program is to get celebrities to endorse, as you suggested, but it has been the proliferation of everyday folk making the videos that has raised them this amount of money. If it was just a few celeberities doing it back and forth no one would give a shit. It would be just another viral marketing attempt. They would never raise anything close to what they are raising now. The vast majority of donations are from people who have been nominated by others. Just donating 15$ does not keep the concept viral, it cuts it off.

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@nux said:

Playing Bravely Default.

You spend 2 hours playing Bravely Default.

You are in a bad mood.

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It's a harmless, catchy way to raise awareness and money for a worthy charity. I don't get why people are being so cynical about that.

I don't think the cynicism is entirely unwarranted. There is a certain amount of over exposure that occurs when something goes this level of viral that can be grating. You see it everywhere - All your social feeds are taken up with it, it's on the news, celebrities are all over the media doing it. Too much of anything can certainly get annoying.

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Wow, thanks for all the replies everyone, I appreciate it quite a bit. It's nice to read that I am not the only one that feels this way. Anyways, there is definitely a lot to catch up on, now that I have access to it all, but little free time these days, funny how that works. haha

I am covered on the Endurance Runs though, watched them all, twice. :D Currently I am working my way through the Random PC Game videos, starting with Daggerfall, after watching the two Metal Gear Scanlon episodes. Great stuff so far.

The random PC game stuff is truly a goldmine. God damn they are so good. And if you have not watched the bio-forge videos... good god man. Get stuck into those!

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The reason this was promoted in the way it was is because it is such an effective method of raising money. It has exceeded anyone's expectations. Last year, they raised 8 million dollars (EDIT -- its actually 2.5 million) for ALS, and that was with extensive marketing and media campaigns, celebrity endorsements, etc.

The other day, the total for this year was 58 million dollars(EDIT - 80 million dollars as of yesterday TIME article). It is truly a worldwide phenomenon, not just America. Practically everyone on my facebook is either getting water dumped on them or donating money. It is everywhere.

I personally think it is fantastic. I don't care that it is gimmicky, or that people are jumping on a bandwagon, because it works really well. People's entertainment intake has switched mediums. It used to be that telethons and celebrity endorsements was how you raised money, and it was never that effective. But with this, they get all the celebrity endorsement's for free and get worldwide exposure because celebrities are just as obsessed with social networking as all us plebs.

This is just the way people get into shit now. And I think its remarkable that when before, people would just send a cheque (which is admirable), they now fully interact with the message. They make videos about it, look up other peoples videos, it's absolute genius. Each one of those people is seeing the letters ALS dozens of times and getting it worked right up into their brains.

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GB has genuinely helped me through some very rough times in my life. Without my friends, GB and the Tell em Steve Dave podcast, I would be a very different person right now in a very precarious position. No joke.

I would also like to add my kudos to this thread.

Here they are: