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@mooseymcman: Well fuck. Guess I'll go play FFXIV and check back in a few hours.

I just played a few games of LoL, and some Diablo III.... still no Bombcast :(

I now have a pretty dope routine for the bombcast now. I listen to the bombcast, bring up salty bet in one window on mute, and play hearthstone beside it.



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Episode 3 spoilers.

The thing about the rape scene that sort of annoys me, is how people are applying modern, "real world" values to fictional characters living in one of the most fucked up place there is. In this world, you get killed for treason or desertion, but if you rape someone? Eh I guess we'll send you to the wall or something... Tywin basically ordered Tyrion to rape Sansa last season, if you remember. In this context, a rape scene isn't a problem in itself. I think that part of the "controversy" is ridiculous. No, this show doesn't say "rape is okay", it simply depicts a world in which women are often just a commodity and rape is, sadly, commonplace.

At the end of the day though, after reading the book version of the scene (without context, granted), I absolutely think it was unecessary. Parents having sex in front of their dead kid was disturbing enough I think, I'm not sure what rape adds to the equation. And yes, it was rape.

@singingmenstrual Your post made me cringe.

The books are FULL of rape. If it's not to do with the main characters, it's mentioned quite often. Any kind of medieval setting would of course be filled with rape. Rape was extremely commonplace hundreds of years ago, especially in the dark ages. Not to mention that women were seen to be "of age" the moment they started menstruating. There is misogyny and sexism and rape in the TV show because the world in which the story is set is full of misogyny, sexism, and rape. Unless you are a powerful woman with influence, you are basically cattle, because that's the way shit was in medieval times. You cant compare it to our reality, because it is a fictional world. I don't understand how anyone can get up in arms about that.

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@nightriff said:

I sent in an email that I do kinda hope they answer, nothing funny, more get their opinion on the matter

You mean you didn't completely insult another country or the people in your own?


There, I finally said it.

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Really enjoyed the race. Hamilton might not have been the most exciting, but that was a master class. Felt really bad for Massa though =( It was interesting to see a rare glimpse of panic in the body language of that rear left tire pit dude.

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Christ almighty, enough of this. He works for gamespot and is an essential part of their team. It would make no sense. And hasn't there been about 500 of these threads? I love Danny, but this is getting a tad needy.

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Nearly halfway funded already! GO SNIDE GO

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I eat sausages with other stuff. Or I cook em up a bit, dice em, then simmer them in a mixture of balasamic vinegar and red wine until the fluids have reduced. Then I mix the syrupy goo with some beef stock, tomato passata, chopped tomatoes + herbs. Serve with pasta. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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I'm Gen 5, and haven't played it for about three weeks. I guess I am just waiting for some new stuff to come out. I have the season pass, so I will go back to it when they release some new maps. It's an awesome game, and lots of fun, but I kind of over did it.

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Hmmm is there another EU clan? Cant seem to find it. Theres a giant bomb one, but it only has 1 member? is it legit?

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This playlist features members of Shactac playing Arma II, the Napoleonic Wars mod.

Whats great about ti is that they operate like real units, marching in formation, lining up and then blasting each other with muskets. When they get into melee they put away the guns and start shiv-ing each other. It's comedy gold. These guys have a great sense of humour and it seems like the best time!