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You take that back!

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I have two also, someone sent me them a while ago on reddit but I ended up not needing them.

They may not work though, I don't know if the person who sent me them has since used them themselves!

Give them a shot, and let me know if they worked.



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I have never seen this thread before...weird.

Bumping old threads usually annoys me, but I thank you for this one! I have never seen any of this stuff. Funny as all fuck.

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just get him into dota. then he will know true horror.

The Thing is basically a DOTA character after all.

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Well, by the time Max is of an age to really understand we will be living in a post-VR dystopia, so his reaction will be this :

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Always love your videos Mr Turbo. Keep up the good work!

Does anyone know of any "Best of" videos for the Deadly Premonition ER's?

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If you made an account just to have these kind of arguments with people, I find it very hard to take you seriously. This seems obsessive and frankly, a little creepy.

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UPF 11/04/2015

"Axel Rose is a genius!"

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That's a dope remix.

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@skadave said:

What would they have to do to make Tony Hawk 5 a good game?

- I would want it to reflect THPS 1-3. No Open world, just individual contained levels. To make it more current they should create 15-20 of these levels with an upgrade system that would allow you to open up areas with new abilities.

A Hawkoidvania style game you say? Interesting....