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Anyone know if they recorded already? Or will it be today? Brad was at TI4 yesterday....

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Dem 4 seconds though....

I wonder will the extra pauses start to grate in his memory until he finally goes back to try improve the time. 18:10 is perfect, but 18:06? That's GODLY.

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Seems like Bing would qualify as a catastrofuck.

I don't know what they did in 2013 but it seems to be working. That change is kind of drastic.

Windows 8 with built in Bing search started becoming common? Plus Surface tablets with default Bing.

Yup, I use a surface tab, and the bing search is actually decent. It's similar enough to google that I don't really notice the difference. Plus, I find Bing better for video searches.

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Not sure how accurate this is, but I think I heard someone say on a bombcast that Nintendo makes as much money off selling insurance / something else through their other ventures as they do from the consoles. Or did I get that completely wrong?

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I hope Brad retires as email coordinator, it isn't fun or entertaining, just gross and disturbing.

I find it pretty funny.

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Here's hoping we get more Bradmails!

The Bradmails have made me all sticky and weird. I am not sure I want any more. I need an adult.

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Let's get back to watiting.

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This video working for anyone? I cant seem to find the speedrun online

Here's the archived video on Cosmo's Profile.

Ah I think twitch was the problem. Got it working. Thanks :)

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This video working for anyone? I cant seem to find the speedrun online

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