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Cant do that trick on a tablet :( cud someone pm me the afore mentioned link?

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@scarycrayons: now, if the site was in swatch internet time like its SUPPOSED to be, these problems wouldnt happen.

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Man things sure turned out good for that Notch fella. I am delighted for him. He pretty much nailed it. Fair ball :)

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Maybe not what you are looking for, but do you play Backgammon? It's a great one to learn for travelling, and the rules are surprisingly simple. I like playing it as an add-on to conversation. Backgammon is social DLC yo.

Other than that... I dont know. Magic the Gathering?

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I'm American and have never had the money to go to another country. I don't really know where I'd want to go if I did, or what I'd do there, I've never really concentrated on being a traveling man. That's not to say that I have no desire at all to go somewhere else, I've just never looked into where to start.

I would start with south america, but maybe go with an english speaking country first. Come to Ireland! This place is awesome, if you know where to look ;)

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Im Irish. I have been to:






U.S.A (New Jersey, North Carolina, Philadelphia, West Virginia, Washington DC. I almost count them as different countries.)

England (London Mostly, Manchester to see a Man UTD game with family, they thankfully lost).

And I lived in The Isle of Man for two years, a British "city state" of sorts, except it's a tiny Island with one town that hosts the worlds most dangerous motorcross event, the TT, every year.

P.S. Travelling is the best

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The OP is a rube. Hmm... that sounded rude. Sorry, OP.

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That's being displayed on the top right corner of the site right now. It sounds like a new piece of content that we haven't heard of yet and it leads to a 404, so I'm not sure if it was posted by accident or not. Either way, I'm supremely interested to find out what it is.

Edit: the full link leads me to believe it has something to do with Dan and Alex preparing for the big thing that happened at the GB PAX panel

I imagine CBSi had to sign off on their dangerous antics so they went to some kind of wrestler training for a day ? I bet that's it. If it is, I get a cookie.

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"Alex and Dan's Pax 2014"


I blame the hacker 4chan.

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A training dummy would probably be very useful in this kind of situation. Folks have been clamouring for one in Diablo 3 for a while now, but blizz have refused to do it for some ungodly reason.