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@greggd: Venture Bros is probably my favorite show. It is so good. Can;t wait for the next season.

Same, dude. Up top!

Double top!

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The man has been a game critic for almost as long as I have been alive.

I challenge anyone to maintain high levels of enthusiasm for decades about your hobby, especially if picking apart that hobby turns into your job.

His years of experience makes him invaluable for game reviews. If you want someone to review the game who is more in line with your own tastes, that's fine (although I don't really get the point, if you already like the game there's no reason a review should matter to you at all), but if you want a genuine, and by this stage expert critical eye on it, Jeff is the man to do so.

I went to a Pearl Jam gig a few years back to write a review of the gig for a magazine. The reason they asked me to do it (I don't even work there), was because I am a big Pearl Jam fan and there was no one on staff who was. I went along happily, and wrote a glowing review (I never had a chance to see them years back, it was my first time). I submitted the review, they were happy, and there was some nice comments on the article.

It was only after reading it in work that I thought "Well what the fuck was the point of doing it in the first place?"

I have no idea what possible use anyone got out of it. EDIT - Other than those who missed the gig getting confirmation that the band they like are still great.

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im interested in the world of destiny, but like the "plot" of this first game, so far (im on venus) is a mess. and thats shocking and disappointing to me since the halo series had some of the best stories in a fps imo.

Still enjoying the game though, but i fully expect the reviews to slaughter the game, aand i hope bungie takes on some of the criticism and addresses it for the first expansion.

I too am interested in what the reviews are going to be like. More to see how Bungie reacts. I don't really but a lot of stock in scores, but they will have to. They have already been getting out in front of the negative ones, which seems a bit of a bizarre thing to do before any reviews are even out. IF the reviews are positive, great, but I wonder about their reaction to negativity.

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I'm just sort of confused by how little dialogue there is. I mean you have Nathan Fillion in the tower and he barely says anything.

I feel like the game they designed and the story they imagined are at odds with each other. They're doing a quick get in get out mmo style fps and somehow they want you to care about the story without them actually telling the story. Maybe if they had a mass effect style codex it would be easier to dive into the lore but they instead put the whole thing outside of the game. I really feel like the MMO stuff is holding back the story telling.

It's the one foot in both worlds approach that is the problem, I think. I understand that people are enjoying it for the Diablo / Borderlands-esque gameplay loop, but those games have loot and skill progression at a frankly manic rate, that's what keeps people playing them. It remains to be seen whether Destiny can keep its player base engaged. I personally hope it does, and they fix some of the problems people have with it in upcoming DLC. But if all the DLC will be adding is more places to shoot stuff in, and the story telling remains the same bland affair, I don't have high hopes for it as a 10 year commitment.

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Im still of the opinion that the whole reason the game is structured this way with the weird social restrictions on matchmaking (apart from the strikes and multiplayer) is to encourage you to get your friends to play so you are getting the most out of it, and to make it fun. As a single player experience it looks tedious to the point I dont think I could stick with it. I have not played it yet, I am hoping to eventually pick it up when the PC version appears, but I have watched a significant amount of the content being played. None of my mates are really into shooters so it sounds like I might have a bad time unless they include a matchmaking system.

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Consider how they're selling the game in trailers and consider the comparisons they spur on themselves to games like Borderlands, and Star Wars Bounty Hunters, etc. Then look at what's actually there. Bungie kind of set themselves up for this by not selling the game on its own merits and its really weird that they'd advertise it as this completely tonally different game. Like, if you knew selling it as that would sell more game copies, why didnt you just make that game? Its wierd.

I wonder if the massive marketing budget was so much its own machine that they operated too independently of the developers, and went with their own ideas of what the game was.

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@Domineeto I think the problem is in the mission design. The disjointed nature of the story missions, combined with the fact they are mostly the same thing : bring ghost to place, scan thing, beat waves of enemies, kill bullet sponge boss, repeat. Story wise, this takes you right out of the immersion. Why is that rotating set of actions so important to the unîverse?

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Maybe explain why you are excited instead of pointing out that no one else is, and we might grow to share your enthusiasm!

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There are no relatable characters in deatiny, it seems. I have watched an awful lot of the content, and there hasnt been a single character you could give a shit about. Not that the writing is making characters unrelatable, they dont seem to even exist.

Now in Diablo, I dont bother reading the story. But this ok, because the loot race has me hooked. You are consistently finding better loot and getting stronger. Destiny though... it zeems like most of your loot is assigned to you by some random number generator at the end of the mission. It just looks empty and soulless. All the fun things about borderlands and diablo, which is obviously what they are going for and has been their justification for the repetitive missions and bland writing, are just not there.

I will be buying it on PC in a sale someday. Until then... I honestly dont think this game is going to keep up the playerbase they want it to. They sold a ridiculous amount of pre-orders, but I would not be surprised if you see a lot lf people dropping off until the dlc comes out.