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Man things sure turned out good for that Notch fella. I am delighted for him. He pretty much nailed it. Fair ball :)

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Maybe not what you are looking for, but do you play Backgammon? It's a great one to learn for travelling, and the rules are surprisingly simple. I like playing it as an add-on to conversation. Backgammon is social DLC yo.

Other than that... I dont know. Magic the Gathering?

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I'm American and have never had the money to go to another country. I don't really know where I'd want to go if I did, or what I'd do there, I've never really concentrated on being a traveling man. That's not to say that I have no desire at all to go somewhere else, I've just never looked into where to start.

I would start with south america, but maybe go with an english speaking country first. Come to Ireland! This place is awesome, if you know where to look ;)

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Im Irish. I have been to:






U.S.A (New Jersey, North Carolina, Philadelphia, West Virginia, Washington DC. I almost count them as different countries.)

England (London Mostly, Manchester to see a Man UTD game with family, they thankfully lost).

And I lived in The Isle of Man for two years, a British "city state" of sorts, except it's a tiny Island with one town that hosts the worlds most dangerous motorcross event, the TT, every year.

P.S. Travelling is the best

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The OP is a rube. Hmm... that sounded rude. Sorry, OP.

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That's being displayed on the top right corner of the site right now. It sounds like a new piece of content that we haven't heard of yet and it leads to a 404, so I'm not sure if it was posted by accident or not. Either way, I'm supremely interested to find out what it is.

Edit: the full link leads me to believe it has something to do with Dan and Alex preparing for the big thing that happened at the GB PAX panel

I imagine CBSi had to sign off on their dangerous antics so they went to some kind of wrestler training for a day ? I bet that's it. If it is, I get a cookie.

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"Alex and Dan's Pax 2014"


I blame the hacker 4chan.

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A training dummy would probably be very useful in this kind of situation. Folks have been clamouring for one in Diablo 3 for a while now, but blizz have refused to do it for some ungodly reason.

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@bribo said:

Do you have full control of your eyes? If so, I would recommend you avert said eyes.

@phoenixdownpillow said:

Pity. This is actually standard functionality on many many forums.

It's the first I've heard of it. Would you be so kind as to point me towards those forums? I'd love to become more entrenched in my current mindset.

I have never seen it either. I would also like to see how this works though. I imagine that it would just become a complete mess with weird illegible conversations happening in the same threads between different groups of people.

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I imagine the problem is the nature of the forums and the way they work. If you block someone, but you are in a thread where that person is conversing with someone else, the line of conversation will get very complicated and not make any sense. People replying to nothing, etc. Blocking people doesnt really work on forums. I do wish it was in the gb/chat though. That would be nice.