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Bravely Default is an obvious one, and Shin Megami Tensei IV.

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I, for some strange reason, ended up with a lot of obscure PS1 games in my youth. This one was by far the most fun. I only ever played against th ecomputer though, because no-one else would play it with me. I guess they found it too confusing and didnt know what the hell was going on.

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I cant sleep without some kind of white noise, unless there is no sound whatsoever.

Spent a week in Venice in february once, and there were no tourists. Venice is strange because there are no cars in the city, so there is no background noise. My hotel room was totally silent with the windows open. That was the nicest sleep I have ever had.

Failing complete silence, I generally have a podcast on so I can sleep.

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not true at all, the anime is great; I like the VN better, but I like reading more. Steins;gate starts slow but it ramps up by 5-6, and once you get to the halfway point is when it gets incredible and doesn't stop.

I second this. It takes a bit for the story to get going but when it does, it goes to places. And by the way, it's the second most highly rated anime show on MAL and number one on ANN.

I third Stein's;gate as being pretty amazing. You have to know if a series has a tipping point where it finally gets going to know if it's going to be good. That's why people will usually say, "Watch the first X episodes to know if you'll like it."

Ok I think I will give it another shot then. I got about four episodes in each time I tried. Look slike I should have just gone a few more :) Thanks guys!

Well, I just finished watching episode 11 of Rick & Morty, which concludes Season 1. The whole damn season was so good.

It's hilarious, has great animation, super interesting scenarios, and the characters are all surprisingly well put together for a comedy series.

Best comedy on TV right now, for sure.

If any of you haven't seen it yet... then what the hell are you doing?! Go watch it now!

Rick and Morty is FREAKING BRILLIANT. Dan Harmon's humor is well suited to the animated format.

If you like Rick and Morty, you might like Superjail. It's intensely violent and quite cerebral, but in the same over the top way that R&M is.

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I have had the same issue forever. Ill turn off emails and see if it helps

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@billmuir3: Many thanks good Sir. You have sired a grinning set of teeth that will beam through the ages.

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This is the best thread ever.

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Thanks, ill have to check those out. And I'm pretty sure its the Visual Novel thats held in high regard not the anime.

Shit... is that it? I cant stand the main character in the anime, that's probably the issue. And I find it uninteresting. But that's just four episodes, and I am well aware that some shows take a while to get moving. Code Geass would be an example... I didn't like it for the first three or four eps, but then shit really kicked off and I was hooked. Guess I am wondering if Steins;Gate is the same kind of deal.

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So, whats the deal with Steins;Gate, and why can't I get into it? It seems to be held in seriously high regard. I have watched the first three or four episodes several times trying to get into it, but I never get it and I just end up irritated.

Can someone explain what it is about this show they like? What makes it different? I feel like I am missing something.

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The facts differ my friends! Oceania vs Australia is the last true beef.