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@sergio: The movement has told me what their beliefs are. It's a vague mixed bag of ethical concerns that for some reason all involve female indie devs or critics. The one thing they have been clear about is that none of them have actually done anything to improve the industry. I have asked many times for links to all the good work that GG is doing to try root out unethical practises, but they all involve female indie devs or a couple of websites releasing statements.

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@spacecouncil Well if people here werent sure already, you have gone and exposed yourself. The old "60000 to make an hour of video" thing in reference to Anita is classic sexist bullshit that has been around since she first started getting death threats after her kickstarter. What circles are you running in that that is your train of thought?

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@bevinsky: theres no such thing as shadowbannimg here, its not reddit and this is not r/gaming.

You are saying then that Anita is either lying or misrepresenting the information? Thats a pretty fucked up stance to take.

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Man, these coincidences keep stacking up. First a blog about Zoe Quinns sex life shows up, then the GamerGate movement appears. Now female devs are getting continued death threats and being forced out of their homes, and the GG movement gets its own celebrity backers and an army of defenders.

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Having a lot of fun with it so far (PC). I am a couple of hours in, gonna play some more later. Jump pads are fantastic, and the jetpack kind of boosts you around the place. I spend most of my time jumping and boosting everywhere, which has unfortunately led to some pretty funny suicides when I got a bit too crazy with it. Have a new laser type weapon that is pretty cool. All in all I think its gonna be fun from what I have played so far.

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Look at your map and check areas where there are bridges. I have found that they tend to be near or around bridges, but that might just be a coincidence!

Can you make him flee by running at him with a caragor, then grab him and execute him?

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@Teaspoon83 sounds like Moot had a crisis of conscience. One thing I have noticed about him from some of his talks I have watched is that he is surprisingly sensitive and thoughtful for the man who runs the most anonymous place on the Internet.

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Really solid movie. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

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The most beautiful open world will always be, in my mind, the DC Wasteland in Fallout 3. It is a perfectly realised landscape of sparse vegetation, rusty jalopies, towering ruins and irradiated desert. I spent hundred of hours in that world and loved every minute.

God damnit I would brutally sodomize myself with a cactus to get my hands on Fallout 4.

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Serious question for pro gamersgate people: what has the movement accomplished that you are proud of? What have been the wins?

We just went through a steam discoverability proto-scandal and I didn't see much rage at popular youtubers there. Same with shadows of mordor and IGN. Shouldn't you be rallying around a scandal besides ones that happen to involve female game devs or people who disagree with you?

Why isn't there clamor to cover all the GG good works?

If someone can link me anything to do with GamerGate exposing corruption that does not involve female indie devs I will genuinely read it and give it my full attention.

Well, it's 04:13 am here and I am off to bed. I still want to hear from GG folks about what I mentioned above. Please link me what you have and I will read it in the morning, because I just spent the last 12 mins googling away and I can't find any actions carried out by the GamerGate movement that do not involve small, indie games companies that are either run by women or have women heavily involved in them. I may be wrong, in which case, please post me some links because all this good GG work must be hidden away in some very deep corners of the internet.