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One of the best shows you'll ever see. Everyone watch the Cracker, at least the first 6 episodes, they get a bit garbage after McGovern stopped writing them.

Love cracker. The Robert Carlyle episodes are god damned amazing. He is a fantastic actor.

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For me, the following probably impossible formula is all that matters:

Photo Realistic 3D Models and Envrionments


Almost Godlike processing Power


Occulus Rift style VR set with some kind of fancy suit


The Matrix. Or whatever the hell you want.

Some day....

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Another idea, maybe feature a piece of old content once a day/week on the front page? Throwback Thursday could maybe replace TNT? I could pretty much guarantee that they could sell more subs if they "abused" their back catalog of premium content a bit.

That is great idea. you should sling that Jeff's way. He is pretty proactive with his tumblr : http://blog.jeffgerstmann.net/

@crembaw is this what youa re talking about? Because it's freakin great. Jeff, Ryan and Rorie get progressively drunker (Rorie gets shitfaced) and Vinny just goes batshit crazy in the control room. It's my favorite Giant Bomb video ever.

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Theres gonna be some 8 player gangbeasts on the lobby soon :


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There used to be a lot of talk on forums about the bombers being careful of putting out too much premium content in consideration of non-subs.

I feel like that sentiment's changed.

I would agree with you, but the non-subscriber content has increased year by year.

*Looks in the mirror* It's not midnight but...




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There should at least be an option to turn it off for premium members

This does make sense.

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@lawgamer You'll Never Walk Alone always sends chills down my spine. That and the Scottish national anthem at international rugby games. IT ends so powerfully, its baller. Just wait til the pipes stop.

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@mithhunter55: you miss the point

Hmm not really. Me and my friends call each other horrendous names and abuse each other constantly. It comes from a place of love. What happened on the podcast was no different.

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Wheres the guy with the yearly video stats?

I don't know his username, but if you say it three times in the mirror at midnight you get turned into a pie-chart.

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They will be pushing console sales with this as well, so it behooves them to keep quiet about the PC version.

There will undoubtedly be one though. How could they not? It's Activision. Destiny will probably end up on my Casio calculator watch.