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I'm a utility worker / grocery clerk

I can relate in someways on how you feel. I had people get upset at me over stuff my store doesn't have, and other bullshit. It can get annoying as hell at times when I'm trying to focus on my job. It can really get annoying having the same person asking me questions over and over again. Especially when I'm trying to focus on getting stuff done on time.

One time I had to control myself when a customer blocked my cart and called me boy, and I couldn't get my stuff done because he was in the way. Even then I had to remain calm without doing anything to piss-off the costumer. Hell I almost could have gotten fired afew days ago, because I made a silly mistake. Last thing I need is to have costumers complaining about me. Anyway I'll always respect people and be nice since its my job, but if people start getting violent then fuck it I'll hit them back.

Once we had a particularly nasty customer who INSISTED that we had a five year old blackberry phone in stock and that we were just hiding it from her, and then she spent ten minutes explaining to us that if we were doing our jobs right and weren't so "fucking useless" we would have the phone in stock at all times. I said "You know what, let me double check in the back." I went in there to get a minutes peace and calm down before I had to deal with her again, but I just thought fuck it and sat down and watched ten minutes of a Quick Look on my phone. I then went back out to her and told her I checked the whole store room and we didn't have one. She actually seemed happy then, and said "Well at least you bothered to look and didn't keep wasting my time."

After she left we laughed for quite some time.

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These are really good. I usually cook one or two per person at once, cool it down with cold water and ice, mix in all the flavoring and top it with cucumbers, fresh spring onion, shredded omelette and whatever else is in the fridge.

+10 internet points if next time you make it look exactly like the serving suggestion and post a pic here.

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Remind me to never get a job in customer support..

I agree.

I already hate dealing with customers at my job. Let alone dealing with it back and forth.

I'm of the opinion that everyone should hold a job in customer support, even for a short amount of time, to get an idea what it's like to have to deal with shit in that position. Seems like it would make the world a less shitty place.

My best customers were always people who worked shitty jobs in either retail or over the phone. They got it.

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I generally like Koka Noodles, the chicken flavour:

I prepare them one of three ways:

A) Put a small amount of water in the pan, boil em up, then near the end add in the flavor. Then, I butter some toast. Add noodles onto slice of toast, fold toast over, and consume with great celebration and joy.

B) While the pack is sealed, I gently smoosh up all the noodles with my fist. I don't crush them to a powder or anything, I just make em crumbly. I then put the crushed noodles in a microwaveable bowl and pour in enough water to cover them. Microwave for about 3 mins and 30 secs, stir a bit, add flavour, then microwave for another 2 mins or so. Toast is optional. I will also sometimes take half a slice of american cheese and mix it in to make it kind of goopy and cheesy.

C) After cooking the noodles in the normal way, I take the large end of a tennis racket and fasten each individual strand around the strings. I then compete in Wimbledon, and win. At the after-party, I slowly turn from ecstatic to maudlin as I realize the only reason I have so many friends is because I am so great at tennis. No one cares about the noodles, even though they do all the work. It is a long drive back home, and even though it's not raining, it's hard to see the road. My tears are the rain, the noodles my only friend.

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@lumley said:

Remind me to never get a job in customer support..

I agree.

I already hate dealing with customers at my job. Let alone dealing with it back and forth.

I worked in a Vodafone store (an agent, so not an official store) in Ireland for about 6 months. It is hard to describe the sheer hatred and loathing that customers confronted me with on an almost daily basis.

Vodafone, like most massive corporations, have a TERRIBLE customer service history. Often, customers came into the store because they had gotten sick of being dicked around by Vodafone's customer service labyrinth.

A lot of the time I sympathized with their plight, after all, I think all of us at some time or another has had to deal with a phone/utility company over the phone and it can often be a nightmare. I would try help them as much as possible and handle the complaint for them by cutting past some of the lower level reps to get to managers etc that could actually sort something out for me over the phone. Which took a bit of doing mind you, as their reps were about as helpful to us as they were to the customers, although it wasn't really their fault either as they had no power to do anything. I gradually got to know which people could actually get things done, so I got pretty good at getting problems sorted after a while.

I have had customers call me every name under the sun, refuse to leave the store, smash phones on the floor in front of me, threaten assault, threaten legal suits and all manner of horrible shit. These people never seemed to understand that A) I was not the cause of their problem, B) I was probably the only person who was genuinely willing to help them with their problem, and C) I was a human fucking being with you know, feelings and stuff. Once I even had to tell an old lady to leave the store because she busted her way to the front of the queue and started tapping her keys on the counter in ignorance, trying to get me to hurry up while I was dealing with someone else's contract. I asked her politely to wait her turn and she started screaming about how the coverage in her area was terrible, as if we somehow had control over that, calling me a scumbag and a knacker, saying that I was the reason the whole country was going to hell (oh the irony).

ALWAYS treat people with respect and patience. It works both ways. I would bend over backwards to help nice customers (even though officially we were supposed to give them the customer service number and get rid of them as soon as possible if they were not buying anything), but if they started insulting me for shit beyond my control, that was it. No more help from me.

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Battlefield 3 on PC. Later wanted to get premium and the DLC, and it was cheaper to buy the all inclusive edition that included premium.

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Word, mod.

Ah, I have given up. I am just gonna wait for the DVD. See yall later spaghetti.

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It's on Youtube

Yeah its the horrible dubbed version though. I am looking for the original version with english subtitles. I understand that wouldn't matter to some people, but the dub is absolutely terrible. You can barely make out most of what Lambert is saying, he just whispers all the time. And, the other characters just sound comical.

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I'll be very shocked if that is on any VOD-service. You'll be best off getting that DVD.

I live in hope.

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Hey all,

All night I have been trying to get my hands on a legal digital download of the 1997 cyberpunk movie Nirvana, starring Christopher Lambert.

I want the original language version with english subtitles, because the english dub is god awful.

Anyone know of a site or digital download service where I can get it from (legally)?

I can buy the DVD from Amazon but I am slightly inebriated and in the mood to watch it right now!

Any help would be appreciated.