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@MB yeah, sorry... just.. wow. Utterly dumbfounded by that. It actually took energy out of me. I'm going to sleep.

Good night folks and thanks for being the only place on the internet where this conversation can be had in a level headed fashion. Not that it counts for much, but I find it genuinely impressive.

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Wow. Thats the proof. Rehashing the fez Igf conspiracy. Re-stating publicly available information. Connecting spurious dots. No evidence whatsoever. All insinuation and frankly slanderous statements.

Utterly pathetic. There is nothing here that proves racateering.

I hope the people attacked in the video sue the producers for slander. They have a clear cut case. What a load of horseshit. If that video is proof enough for you, you should be embarrassed.

Not a SINGLE piece of incontrovertible proof. Not a single one.

As I said earlier, the "integrity" argument is evaporating completely.

He even says "If this is true, and I think it is.."

Jesus christ.

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The general consensus among researchers is that a very small portion of the gaming base can be encouraged to commit acts of violence by playing video games. However, this percentage aligns exactly with those who are violent in any competitive field, and lower than most sports activities. Somewhere in the region of 0.2 - 0.5 percent. It is a function of psychology that applies to everyone across the board, be it playing video games, rugby, soccer, american football, etc. The afore-mentioned sports are seen as situations where it is OK to release violent urges. It is competitiveness that causes this, not the medium in which you are competing.

I have tried to find the study that this research is drawn from but I am failing. We studied it in college. If anyone could find it I would be grateful. Notably, it was one of few truly independent studies that reached the same conclusion, not commissioned through family values lobby groups. (edit - as was the case with the vast majority of the post-grossman studies)

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Any thoughts on the latest GITS: Arise installment?

Just finished it. It had some of the more impressive action sequences of the series, although I found the narrative a little confusing (not a huge revelation when it comes to GITS though).

All in all I loved it. I really like what they have done with the prequels.

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@humanity said:

@splodge: Dungeon Keeper 1 was better ~ of course

I also love DK1, but I prefer DK2 because that was one of my formative gaming experiences. And, unfortunately, one that any of its spiritual successors has failed to emulate.

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I couldn't agree more. Posting a video that cryptically addresses this issue, ignoring any back story of how this whole situation arose and focusing solely on the final outcome (harassment) isn't providing any resolve. You avoid anything specific (no names, no facts) and just say that this harassment is awful. Of course it's awful but at least talk about how this came to be. My God, this was shoehorned into a video where you also talk about Diablo 3 and some other game and titled "Bombin' the A.M. With Scoops and the Wolf". It's taken me ages to even find this and it was only because I found a thread talking about this while it was still open. I think it was open for around 15 minutes before it was locked. Do you think that looks like you've given it the respect it deserves? We're at the point now where gamers legitimately think that gaming media think their time is over and they're misogynists. At least do something to change this message.

If you go back and read through Patrick's posts, he addresses this.

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@sergio said:

I think there is a bit of misinformation spread here and elsewhere online about how journalism in other fields work. Even some members of the games press have acknowledged this and have explained the differences as being due to the origins of the gaming press as an enthusiast press. If they want to grow up as they say, they will inevitable have to adopt more of the codes of ethics other journalist outlets practice, or they can remain a PR press that some people mistrust.

Pointing to Roger Ebert is disingenuous, since he is more of an exception to the rule than the norm. He didn't start off as best pals with Scorsese, pushing his films. He saw a great young director and championed him, as any critic might do in any field. He also gave bad reviews to him while they weren't "friends." If there is a game critic with a Pulitzer Prize for Criticism, then I'm sure more people would be willing to give them the benefit of the doubt to being an exception to the rule. They might not have a Pulitzer, but I do think GiantBomb has proven to be ethical regardless of their friendships: recusing themselves from reviewing Bastion, saying Dance Central doesn't always work even though they have many friends at Harmonix, including a former employee.

To your Roger Ebert point, there was a guy, and Irish Radio DJ and music journalist who found a very little known band in Dublin. He went to a tiny gig and was amazed. He started playing their songs on his station. He promoted their gigs. They were U2. No one knew a thing about them.

Dave Fanning was his name, and while he is kind of a knob, he gave one of the worlds most popular bands their break. (I can take or leave U2).

His reputation was made on that. He went on to be a central figure in the Irish music scene, and made a comfortable living doing so. At no point was there any conflict of interest.

What people are not understanding is that sometimes for entertainment journalists, forging relationships with creators is their job.

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@marokai said:

I think @splodge's point was simply that at some point you have to step away from things that you simply have no control over, otherwise this constant coverage of the harassment just becomes CNN-style misery porn. All you're doing at that point is just wallowing in it. Everyone here recognizes and has made it clear the harassment is awful, not okay, and has gotten out of control from some people, but at a certain point that's kind of all that can be said about it. There's no other conclusion to reach except "Yeah, that's kind of fucked up."

Like, I keep reading about the horrible stuff that's happened to Zoe, and Anita, and others, and yeah, it's awful. There's only so many times I can re-state that before I'm just smothering myself in a particular issue that really has no other angle to discuss and need to take a step back. That doesn't mean I don't recognize the weight of it.

That's kind of what I was saying. Really my point was that it is completely impossible for a small group of people to take over an industry that is worth tens of billions of dollars. It's like saying the Irish soccer team is going to win the next World Cup. As much as I wish that were true, it is completely and utterly impossible. Worrying about an impossibility achieves nothing. It is futile. Another act of futility is repeating the same arguments over and over in different forms, hoping to break new ground. Nothing changes. In the face of such a thing, I completely understand why some want to just back off and wait until there is a verifiable change. Just talking about it does not make the change happen. It takes time and a sea-change in attitudes, which in our instant gratification internet world is expected to happen straight away. But this is never the case.

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@patrickklepek Get outta here with your chronological logic! That has no place in the space-time-continuum that is #GamerGate.

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It really seems like he has the right idea :)

With all this horrible shit going on, I am so happy that I can watch Dan and Drew fudge their way through Metal Gear. It is honestly one of the highlights of my week.

The people who are concentrating all their efforts on hatred have probably not even had time to pick up a controller and play a video game. They should do this. Go back to the roots. Play through Super Mario World with some friends. It might give them some perspective. The games have been forgotten.

There nothing to be lost in the first place. People will make what they want to make. Hell, some developers have come from abject poverty and war torn countries to make fantastic games. How can people really believe that a small group who they disagree with on social issues is going to "take over"? It's just such a tiny world view.

If your problem is that you feel you (as a gamer) are being harassed, well, that sucks. But it will get better. You have to deal with it. Life is shitty sometimes. It can really fucking blow. But the world keeps turning, everyone keeps going to work every day and the clock keeps ticking.

And games will still be made. Good games. Shit games. Like it has always been.

I am not saying you should forget about everything, I am just saying some perspective is needed on what really matters in life, and what really matters for this hobby that we all love and enjoy.

ALL OF THIS. Thanks, duder.

This mentality is repeated every time something bad happens. People want to stick their heads in the sand and go back to playing Mario Kart. If you don't want to be involved then fine, but you can't tell people who've suffered an invasion of privacy on this level to just shrug it off. Ultimately these are the people responsible for the games you want to go back to playing, and if they don't feel safe then, as a player, that's something you should care about.

This is important.

I understand the desire to just "go back to the games," and it doesn't mean we get to pretend some horrible things didn't happen along the way.

That was never my intention, there as a bit of mis-communication in relation to my comment. Partly my fault, I muddled things a bit.


An excerpt from the twitch chat on LordKat's channel.

Getridofgamernerds: www.wompwobble.com

Getridofgamernerds: going to be dumping some evidence shortly

Getridofgamernerds: that some of these indie devs don't even code

Getridofgamernerds: but outsource via programming sweatshops in india / china

Wow. This evidence must be a real scorcher. Some indie devs don't even code now.

Edit 2 - There are literally people lauding Adam Baldwin's career in the twitch chat.