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Do we need a Metal Gear Scanlon waiting room forum? :O

I do believe it's called a watiting room.

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@basm321: The show is called Brass Eye. It's a spoof news magazine program. It caused a lot of controversy after the final seventh episode was taken off the air. That episodes deals with pedophilia, and it's hilarious. Pedophilia is not funny. But aspects of the extreme paranoia and media shitstorm that surrounds it can be. Brass Eye is amazing, start to finish. ALso, understand that the vast majority of people featured or specially interviewed in the show were celebrities / public figures who were unaware they were having a joke played on them, and went along with any old bullshit because they were getting on the telly.

The "reporter" in brass eye is a man called Chris Morris, who created the show. He is a comedic genius. You might remember him as Denholm Rheynholm In the IT Crowd (if you haven't seen that either you better watch it!). He had an utterly bizarre radio series called Blue Jam, which is a bizarre mish mash of prank phone calls, music, and comedy skits that were at times almost violently surreal. This show is amazing, and at times quite scary(?). Its fucking weird.

Also notable is his black comedy Four Lions which follows the misguided adventures of four english Muslims who dedicate themselves to Jihad. It stands on its own, but th econtroversy was too much for some. (Personally I love it, it's very funny and very weird, and unexpectedly sympathetic).

You will also find his name all over things like In The Loop (created by Armando Iannuci, his old radio producer), The Thick Of It (excellent britsh comedy about politics, a must see) and many more random things.

How does this all relate to Metal Gear Scanlon you ask?

Well, I am hoping that by the time I have finished this post, it will be released!

Ima go check.

EDIT --------------------

It's not there yet :(

I'll just leave this excerpt of Malcolm Tucker cursing up a storm from The Thick of It (this man is going to be the next Dr Who btw) and go back to refreshing the page over and over.

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@jesus_phish said:

@splodge: I think 3/5 is a good score. The story is a let down sure. But the visuals of that game and the actual shooting mechanics are rad. The soundtrack is pretty rad too. Also I can be a robot man, which is the rad-est of all.

Yeah 3/5 never means a game is bad, in my opinion. And people have to form their own conclusions. I have played a hell of a lot of 3/5 games in my time, and had a lot of fun doing so.

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@splodge: Maybe if they did a better job of explaining why we're running to shoot the dudes and scan the things it wouldn't be so bad. I mean there's not much more to the gameplay in Halo, Half Life or nearly every other FPS than run to the place, shoot the dudes, run to the next place but with Destiny you're never really told why you're doing this stuff or what's driving your character other than the ghost mentioning a lot of mystic mumbo-jumbo. Like, why did I even go to the Moon? What did I discover there? I honestly can't remember what the point of going to the Moon was. Something about a dead guardian?

And FFS we all know the moon is made of CHEESE GOD DAMN IT.

But yeah I agree.

Lets not turn this into another vague destiny thread though (entirely my fault).

I predict Jeff is going to give this a 3/5, but it will be a struggle for him to get there, and I imagine he is probably wavering between a 3 and a 4 as we speak. He will take his time reviewing it because I can tell that he wants to like it, but the elements just are not there. He will however, do his best to find them.

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The core gameplay is good and I like the PVP.

The story is rubbish and playing through the story is equally as rubbish. Go to A, go to B. Go back to A, now go to C. Now back to A and go to D. Go to the tower every once in a while. Why can't I just go to the Moon, go to A, B, C, D, maybe back to the tower to hand something in and get some exposition and then fly back to the Moon for E?

This is what bugs me about the story. And the game in general. Not really the fact that it is repetitive, I enjoy repetitive brawlers and shooters sometimes.

It is mainly that the way to save the world, possibly the solar system, and potentially the entire universe, which is a massive undertaking of EPIC scale....

.... Is to run to place, shoot dudes, scan a thing, shoot some dudes, and repeat. That's it. I don't mean to be reductive, but apart from the odd exception, that is really it.

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I was in a choir lesson at my school (Ireland). I was around 16. The teacher had popped out for a second, and when she came back in she moved us all into the next room and turned on the TV. She told us something was happening and we should probably see it. The first plane had hit, and myself and a friend immediately knew what happened. We just looked at each other with this look of "Oh holy shit....". It was bizarre. That one look was all it took to know what was going to happen from then on, and that the whole world had changed in a very real way. I remember thinking "There's going to be a full scale invasion in the middle east, and it is never going to end." Might sound eerily prophetic, but I had figured for a while something like that was going to happen.

There was speculation as to how an accident like that could have happened, and how it managed to hit the building so square on. Most of the people did not really know what was going on, but I remember exchanging a glance with my choir teacher and she knew what was happening aswell. Then, the second plane hit. It was pretty scary. Some of the girls in the class started crying. It was fucked up.

We spent most of the next day just talking with our teachers about it, and about what was going to happen. Some of the people in our school had friends and family in New York and they were really worried.

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@basm321 said:

@reddonkeyham: I wish I knew of some. I mean there are the old gameinformer podcasts, you could give those a try.

Ps: giantbomb should hire dan ryckert's dad


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117 hours on COD MW2 multiplayer .... which is crazy because the idea of putting that much time into a COD game now is a little upsetting.

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@basm321 actually, cake is also a drug.


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Its like that Candyman movie.