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Personally, I think the 5 refers to the amount of players on your team. It's a MOBA.

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@theht said:

Just finished it. What a goddamn mess. Not the documentary itself, which was actually very insightful. Never heard of the Nazanin Boniadi stuff. Fucking insane.

Also, Miscavige totally looks like an evil Seth Meyer.

I think he looks like Ted from Mad Men

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It is just not his thing.

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Get well soon Dan! Try not to poop your brain out. I did that once. It's no fun.

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Loading Video...

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Done and dusted my friend. There will be an archive soon, I imagine.

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Earlycast yall reckon? I wonder if Brad has it all edited or is he working on it after todays stream.

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They should remaster the first raid.

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The vast, vast majority of the GB community behaved well. There were a few trouble makers and idiots that decided to behave badly. Maybe the title of your post should be edited to target the troublemakers, because as it stands, you are generalizing across a massive swathe of different people from different countries, backgrounds, religions, genders... Seems a bit hypocritical.