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I just hate the conflict. I grew up around conflict. This was the only board I frequent where there was really very little of it. The whole reason I play games is I was escaping from shitty people shouting at eachother.

I feel like there's a bunch of dudes screaming outside my apartment but when I pop my head out to get them to calm down they laugh and throw beer cans at me. Not a great analogy but it describes my current feelings anout these forums pretty accurately, if not what is actually happening.=\

Big props to the mod team though, the tone has been a lot more civil as of late and they can tale a large part of the credit.

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need it so bad baby ohhhhh yeahhhhh

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Now lets leave this thread for another 5 years and see what we think then!

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@splodge: A bot match and a human vs bot match under my belt I would say the game is pretty easy to play mechanically (though going to base to buy stuff takes some getting used to). So far I've tried Ache and Jinx, both ranged so I need to check out some melee fighters next. The map feels bigger than Dota, but not entirely sure if it actually is bigger or if things are just more spacious and characters move slower. Because the character movement (and tempo of the overall game) feels much slower than Dota 2. The free characters I see are Ashe, Garen, Jinx, Lux, Ryze, Master Yi, Riven, Varus and Wukong. Got any insight to them in general (well, you covered Garen already)?

Also, is there a way to transport from base or is it all transport back and run out?

But overall, first impression of LoL is pretty good. Well, I am obviously ignoring the community aspect. Had someone wanting to report me for being a KS noob in the "hey, want to play with humans against bots" thing after a tutorial bot match. But that feels like it's to be expected.

Heh yup unfortunately League is full of assholes, the same as most online games but I just hit the tab button and click ignore beside their names. If people cant criticize in a constructive fashion, you are under no obligation to read their BS.

If you take Teleport as one of your summoner spells you can teleport to a friendly tower or ward. Good tactic if you need to get back to lane quickly. Some champions have teleport skills. Shen will teleport to a friendly character, and Pantheon can leap up and fall onto the map, causing damaging and slowing enemies. Twisted Fate can also teleport.

You can get away with buying the recommended items when you are starting out. Get the essential ones first, then depending on how things are going go for offensive or defensive items. Make sure to check if they have an active skill attached, and remember to use it (thats my problem. Buy an item with a skill attached and lforget to use it about 80% of the time. I suck ). With the AP characters you want plenty of magic damage. AD chars you want physical damage. When it comes to defense, a Zhonya's Hourglass is great for AP champions. When you are about to die, just pop it and it will freeze your char in stasis for a few seconds. Hopefully that will be long enough for your team to help you out. It is also very useful for surviving Ult damage etc. Magic resist is important if you are up against AP champs. A lot of LoL will be familiar in that sense. It uses all the basic shit like magic damage, magic resist, armor, armor penetration, etc.

Ashe is a good starting point also. Make sure to only turn your Q on (adds a slow effect to auto attacks) when you are attacking other champions, as it drains mana. You want to level up her volley and q first, then her E. She is an AD champ so you want attack speed, crit chance, and damage. Good items for attack speed are static shiv / phantom dancer. They will give you crit chance as well. For damage an infinity edge is pretty good. There's an item called Runans Hurricane (and a similarly named one for melee chars) that will make your auto attacks hit multiple targets which is great with her aswell.

Garen is fairly straightforward. A Spirit visage is a good item with him as it has some HP and will improve his health regen. He is a pure tank though so just focus on HP and damage. Not much too him.

Jinx is a new enough character, I actually find her kind of awkward but that's just me. I don't know a lot about her as I have not played her that much.

Lux is a lot of fun. One of the best chars for kiting. She does not have a lot of escape though, so you have to keep to your range. The trick with lux is that once you land her bind, immediately follow up with her E and her ult. When the ult finishes hit E again to pop it. That's a hell of a lot of damage. Her shield is great for keeping people alive also.

Ryze is a spammer. His damage scales off his mana, so get plenty of items with extra mana. The recommended items for Ryze are set up that way. He has a nice root which is just a straight cast, so you cant miss. Then just spam your abilities. His ult has a really short cooldown, and it gives you some extra movement speed and makes all your spells do AOE damage for a bit. Also nice to kite with. Level up his root and Q first. His E is kind of shitty and only really useful for wave clear and finishing off enemies with little HP left.

Master Yi is a dangerous dude that can get really out of control if he is supported well. His Alpha strike will hit up to four people. He jumps in with it, then lands back at the place where he started. You will see what I mean by that when you play him. His other abilities are to heal him and buff him. His ult makes him Uber-speedy. I find him difficult to play, but that's because I am not great with the melee dudes in general. I always stay too long in an exchange and lose too much hp :(

Riven is a melee character that can be very frustrating to play against when she gets going. I dont play her, so I dont have any tips I am afraid.

Varus is lethal. Has an AOE damage / slow that is very annoying to get hit with. Great for poke. He also can charge up a shot that has nice range and pierces multiple enemies. That thing does shitloads of damage. Pop away at range and keep him out of trouble.

I have never played Wukong, but he is a good hit and run kind of champ. You can leave a body double behind and run away invisible if you get into trouble. Not a bad idea to give him a go as a melee char as you can escape if things get rough.

Not a lot of info there I am afraid, as to be honest I am not the best LoL player around, and I tend to not pay attention to a lot of the technical details. I just like smokin fools.

If theres anyone who can correct what I have written or give some more info, please do!

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@pezen said:

@splodge: Thanks for the tip! Yeah, I'll probably start dabbling with bots first just to see how the game functions mechanically if nothing else. I don't need to ruin anyone's fun by jumping straight into it without any sort of handle on anything.

No probs!

Some good starting characters :

Annie - Basically a mage class. Every 4th spell she casts will stun. Her ult is a big bad ass bear that you drop on fools.

Brand - Another mage class, good for getting used to skill shots in LoL. Each spell will set enemy on fire, then if you hit them with your q while they are ablaze it stuns them

Garen - Very basic, straightforward tank. Has great health regen out of combat.

Taric - Good support to start off with. Lots of armor and a nice stun.

Teemo - Teemo is a little shit. I love teemo. Fires poison darts, can blind people, and can go invisible if you stay in the same spot for a few seconds. Best thing though? His mushrooms. You can lay down mushrooms all over the place like landmines. They slow and poison when someone hits them. They are the best.

Jungling in LoL is difficult for me, so I don't really play any junglers.

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Man that was crazy. Always amazes me that drivers walk away from those crashes.

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@pezen said:

You know, I'll just download and check out League. Easier to have an informed opinion if I did as opposed to dismissing it for not being the first moba I got into. Hell, I remember thinking Dota 2 looked really boring at a Dreamhack once. And now I am more into it than I ever was into Starcraft 2.

And I think that's sort of the case for a lot of people, Dota 2 just came out at the right time in the right way. Dota 2 came out when I figured I would give mobas a try and I think it amassed a certain hype and people wanted to be part of that zeitgeist. At the time League was already established and had it's audience and for me personally I am not even sure it had a Mac client at the time.

@gamefreak9 said:

hat being said I don't play either and think they are mediocre games with only a fraction of the skill ceiling that a truly competitive game like StarCraft 2 has.

I don't think that's the case. On a fundamental level the strengths you need as a player on either side of your preference is two completely different types of competitions. One is a one vs one game and the other is a team vs team game.

If you figured out DOTA already, you should be able to pick up league with little trouble. If you want to just try out the characters, play against bots or play in the ARAM mode. It's just a single lane , 5v5. Good for getting used to combat etc.

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I love those movies. Is there a 4th one coming out?

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@parkingtigers said:

If you're buying a tablet, get the best one you can. That's the iPad Mini. I moved down from the full size iPad, and comics of all types still read just fine on the 7.9" screen. I use ComicZeal to read the books, which has a Manga option built in.

I notice you only listed Android tablets, but when it comes to the hardware the iPad Mini really is a class above. Light, great screen (especially with the new Retina display), and the narrow side bezel makes it feel bigger than other devices of the same size. The added bonus is that in addition to your primary purpose, you'd get a really good gaming device too.

iPad mini is indeed quite nice.

If you dont want to go iOS, and want to stick with android, I would reccommend the LG 8 inch tablet. I sold a lot of these at my old job. Probably the best value android tab on the market at christmas. Extremely reliable, excellent screen, and many more features.