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That's a dope remix.

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@skadave said:

What would they have to do to make Tony Hawk 5 a good game?

- I would want it to reflect THPS 1-3. No Open world, just individual contained levels. To make it more current they should create 15-20 of these levels with an upgrade system that would allow you to open up areas with new abilities.

A Hawkoidvania style game you say? Interesting....

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@csl316 Yup it would work great on console with a bit of finagling.

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Started playing it this week with four of my buddies, it's fun! Pretty frantic too. It feels a bit shallow without the usual MOBA trappings, but the combat is certainly enjoyable and there is plenty of it.

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@turboman said:

I feel so bad for this guy. The mighty activision hammer is coming down on him right now.

I dunno man, he's got some pretty baller tats. He will be running Activision within a year.

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Personally, I think the 5 refers to the amount of players on your team. It's a MOBA.

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@theht said:

Just finished it. What a goddamn mess. Not the documentary itself, which was actually very insightful. Never heard of the Nazanin Boniadi stuff. Fucking insane.

Also, Miscavige totally looks like an evil Seth Meyer.

I think he looks like Ted from Mad Men

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It is just not his thing.

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Get well soon Dan! Try not to poop your brain out. I did that once. It's no fun.

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