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This is two months too late, several deaths too short, and a strong reminder that when my sub comes back up, don't renew.

Wait, people died over "GamerGate"?

Okay, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that.

Well the organised campaign of hatred have led people to commit suicide, yes.

I would have thought this would be huge news, but I have never seen this anywhere. Do you have any more info?

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@alex: Again, Alex could you respond to what I said in regards to GameJournosPro? If there's a reason why you feel like you can't do it within this thread please send me a PM with your thoughts on the matter.

Otherwise it feels like you're intentionally ignoring honest questions in a thread where you've specifically said that you're trying to answer them.

Look back through, I am pretty sure he has answered everything about it, you may have missed it because he didnt tag you.

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There's no reconciliation at this point. The Gamergate truthers are never going to stop being angry and the gaming press is never going to cop to the fact that there were some salient points brought up, because why should they? Once people start flinging boulders of shit at you, you're not going to bother to dig around and find the snowball of truth.

Most of all though, I think these past weeks have shown that video games are not the forum to talk about social ills. Neither the readers nor the press has shown that they can both have this conversation in any shape or form. I think game developers should still try to make the games they want to make, but please, let's stop pretending like games media is the platform to really talk about it. Everyone, from the readers and the writers, are full of shit.

I think that this horrible shit-flinging has to happen in order to get to a point where we can talk about it properly. Sometimes you have to tear something down to build it back up again (a lame cliche, but relevant I think).

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The foundation shouldn't have any impact on issues brought up independently.

But they are not brought up independently. They are under the same banner as the foundation.

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@patrickklepek: targeted character assassination of a woman in games, but the allegations raised had no merit.

I guess Zoe Represents all women. Not to mention the fact that she did pornography shoots.

I just can't take anything you say about the issue seriously you have to much investing it because you're friends with these people.

You take everything that they tell you at face value, as if they could do no wrong.

On top of the fact that if you look at the stuff the women you wrote a piece about a few days ago posts on twitter, she is a horrible person. She shouldn't get death threats, but she is very mean.

By making that last statement you ARE condoning the actions of the few sending death threats. Simply posting that she is mean is you excusing the action ever so slightly. How about nobody should have threats sent to them regardless of how mean they are. A person's temperament should have nothing to do with whether its okay to harass them.

Well that and the blatant slut shaming in the second line.

Also, anyone who watches those five guys videos and claims that there is no slut-shaming is willfully in denial. There is a lot of that going around.

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I wasn't sure about this letter to the editor, despite it being very well written and the fact that I love when "Jeff gets real." I am one of those "both sides" assholes who like to point out that there has been some extreme terribleness coming from both directions. Plus, Giant Bomb being called out to say something felt to me like those who constantly call out Muslims to say something against ISIS to prove they are "good Muslims" or some crap. I didn't see what difference it would make.

The comments made by @vinny in this thread have changed my mind. This may sound cliched, but I love Vinny. I have read hundreds of comments about this whole situation over the last month, but he put things in a way that really helped me to understand the situation. GamerGate is crap. You may agree with what it is saying, but it was literally founded on gossip and scandal, not on a quest for journalistic integrity. The accusations from the very beginning against Zoe Quin read like something from TMZ. That is the foundation of GamerGate: a personal issue that no one should be concerned with. From there, some Frankenstein idea of ethics emerged, but the ground was tainted from the beginning. "You can't build something off a pile of corpses" is exactly right. Now, ISIS and GG are NOWHERE in the same league and I would never suggest that, but if members of ISIS were to come out and say "nah, that the people decapitating heads in my ISIS are crazy, but us over here actually want to talk about our problems with America," my suggestion to them would be just to start a whole new group completely divorced from the crazy people.

GamerGate is like some blob from a horror movie. It has no head, no body, or really know driving force. It just kind of flops about, destroying things. To those of you pointing out how the aggression and death threats from the anti-GG is being overlooked, THAT is the difference. They are human beings who are scared and have coherent points who are super scared of this blob tumbling towards them. Now, I'm not saying aggressive threats should be excused, but GG has been so formless and toxic that there isn't much to do to fight against it. Some one claiming to be from GG could attack some one else at any time for any reason and then just scream "ETHICS!"

I may be biased. I love Zoe Quinn and am still flabbergasted on how she ended up as patient zero for this whole thing. Still, I have a lot of problems with the way the progressive criticism has been conducted on gaming sites for the last year. I don't think it is corrupt, but rather very human. The critics (rightfully) point out that they can't be silenced because you don't want to read it, see it, or agree with it, but then they turn around doing the same things, acting like criticism and their perspective is infallible. Plus, there is problematic group think that I see in both ideologies.

But guess what? One side is writing editorials, making videos, and speaking in public. They may be aggressive and rough and perhaps even hyperbolic, but at least they are being constructive. The blob known as GamerGate just screams on twitter and sends death threats to people. I haven't even seen a well constructed article from that side even on a tumblr.

This whole thing is a mess and GG people do not deserve harassment, but your cause is too mutated and vindictive to be effective. Cut yourself free and escape the blob is what I say.

I found your thoughts to be extremely interesting. This might sound pandering, but it's one of the best posts I've read on this about seeing a different perspective.

Hear hear.

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@killdeer: I could've sworn Adam Baldwin coined Gamergate in reference to a Youtube video about Zoe Quinn?

That is precisely how it went down. An undeniable fact.

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Hey remember that time Reddit deleted 25,000 comments and shadowbanned people simply because they were pointing out unethical behavior from journos was bad?

That is not true. I was browsing that subreddit at the time. A huge amount of posts that were deleted were disgusting and sexist. There was a hell of a lot of hate speech being written there. They locked down any discussion about the topic because they did not have the resources to moderate it. Unfortunately, the legitimate concerns had to go unanswered because a portion of the users could not control themselves and argue in a responsible fashion. Which sounds familiar.

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I wonder if an independent organisation of some kind could be set up so that gamers could express their ethical concerns to them instead of going straight to the echo chamber?

The IGDA could set up a diverse group of individuals who would investigate legitimate ethical concerns.

What I see a lot from the GG folks is they feel no one is listening to them, and they are just dismissing their concerns because of the history of the movement. Also, that they have no other avenue to have these concerns adressed. The people within the movement who do actually have concerns may feel like they have no other option.