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@splodge: Not from the creators of TLA and Korra we won't, but I highly doubt Nickelodeon will just let the franchise sit when they could make Fartatar: The Legend of Meelo and finally get rid of their last well written show.

I would love to see Netflix pick it up. That way they could just take their time, do an entire series, and release it all at once :)

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That was an excellent finale. Really enjoyed this series. And even though there were hints I did not expect the end at all! Granted, it is left somewhat open to interpretation, but I don't care!

Will we see more Avatar? That's what I want to know!

Also, I am glad that the thing was finally done.

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The only game that I could not put down once I started playing it this year. Had a hell of a lot of fun. Killed a lot of orcs in various horrible ways.

Makes sense to me!

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@jeremyspittle: Skydiving is cool but I really like salads.

Well, how about you can only eat salads while skydiving.

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Is this just another thread about Hatred or is it still to do with forum moderation?

This very sub-par looking game is getting so much attention and I can't believe people are dumb enough to fall for the controversy play.

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You're a MOO

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The only thing I can really take from all this is that I really want to see The Interview.

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Criticism isn't censorship, and Valve has the right to sell or not sell whatever they want.

Someday edgy teens on 4chan will realize this.

Yup. They are free to sell their game through other channels. If it has enough of a following, they should just throw it up on their website for five bucks or something. At least it will then sell on its merits. If it turns out to be a steaming pile of poop, it wont sell. If it is actually a decent game despite its childish attitude then they will make some money. They have enough publicity at this stage to get by without Valve if they wish.

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I will most likely play this with subtitles and the Japanese Dub. I dont think the english VO is even particularly bad, I just prefer to play these games in their original Japanese nowadays thanks to ANIME!

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At www.thisyearcollection.org they have four very well put together "Best of" podcasts for The Hotspot. Also a lot of Giantbomb best of podcasts, and a lot of others worth listening to!