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It was recorded yesterday! Apparently a certain MR O'Dwyer arrives with a Buckfast delivery at some point.

Hopefully it goes up early. I need something to listen to while bashing my brain off this keyboard for another ten hours, desperately scooping up all the goop into a jar so I can paint some googly eyes on it and pretend it's me except with no work to do.

Woop woop.

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Heh you beat me by 48 mins!

It really does look absolutely fantastic. I cannot WAIT for this shit. Plus its awesome knowing that CD Projekt will do a good jop on the PC version, like they always do.

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@mb said:

@hailinel: I found this alleged list of 89+ "missing" features from Sims 4...not that I care about the franchise at all, but it's interesting to watch how fans are reacting to it.

Its looks like 1/3 of the 89+ missing things are about babies. There are no babies or toddlers as Sims just as objects in a bassinet; so why would there he highchairs , cribs, etc is what I would ask myself.

This will be my first Sims game, and it looks interesting even if I cannot imagine what it will be like. But as I read some of the comments about the 89 + things that are missing I see a trend of "simplifying" some weird minutia on Maxis' part. Some of these changes, like building on flat ground, seem there to cut down on math & calculations.

This game seems like it was built to be played on anything - consoles, PCs...maybe even 2015 smartphones or smart HDTVs. That is just wild speculation, but I think this new game is meant to cut some fat to make the base game much simpler to run on anything in the same way.

I think you are spot on there.

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This is pure public shaming. So what she was a shitty girlfriend and slept with people? Is that so disgusting that we need to expose it over the internet?

Also, maybe you're not such a good boyfriend yourself if you try to expose your ex's life on the internet to shame her.

This has no place here.

Thats not really what the conversation should be about (nepotism and corruption in the industry are worth talking about), but yes it was a shitty thing to do. The internet posts I have read on it have been vile.

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@darkstalker: These forums don't seem very tablet friendly at all really, which is unfortunate as I spend a lot of time with the tablet away from the computer and I like to go on the forums to distract myself from my complete and utter lack of creativity.

I find it almost impossible to quote people , you lose all the fancy posting options, flagging / reply / edit button are missing until you kind of guess where they are and bash the area a few times with your face. The reply box is tiny and only shows two lines of space also, so if you want to read back over what you are about to post its easy to accidentally hit something else with your finger and you get taken away from the page. Also, the text box seems unresponsive as a lot of the time... I tap on it then hit backspace to delete something, but the first tap didn't register and the page backs up and I lose what I just wrote. Hence, some of my posts are grammatical minefields with more spelling errors than that sci-fi novel my dog wrote.

This is on IE11 on a surface tablet, r2. Same thing used to happen with my Galaxy Tab 2.0, with chrome and the android browser.

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Don't care for the Sims either way, but man is it there going to be a fun shit-storm when this game comes out. Gonna get my popcorn order in now. Maybe I can order in bulk from Amazon.

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@olddirtybearon moder police are not trained to shoot to disarm, as this still leaves a chance the perp can pick up the gun and fire. They are trained nowadays to empty their entire mag. Thats why there are situations where violent offenders or shooters go down and end up with 50+ bullets in them. They unload the entire clip then reload.

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@Miokman not only that, they have all been ordered to pack up their equipment and move back to the target down the road. Media wont be within miles. E - never mind,thats what you meant ;)

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Maybe they have secretly made Sims 4: Urban Warfare and dont want to ruin the surprise.

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Theres reports a woman was shot and receiving treatment.

On the vice stream, you could hear what sounded like semi auto \ auto fire whizzing over him from the direction of the protestors. Looks like someone retaliated with live rounds.

Tim poole and his crew fled and were encouragingly tended to by a local woman whos front yard they collapsed in.

Man, the internet is nuts. Its fucked up that I can watch this happening, half the world away. Tim poole and co are brave, brave duders.