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Man, I am picking this up when I get some moolahs. I spent many an hour with Grim Fandango as a young chap. Huzzah!

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For all of you whom cannot prevent the bad men invading your brain and controlling how you feel about a videogame, there are solutions: http://zapatopi.net/afdb/links.html

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Nonsense. High review scores have never effected my enjoyment of a game. Where are you getting this from?

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Game are already showing a far broader character palette. It is actually happening. Dragon Age is a fantastic example. No one seems to be praising it for that though. It seems that when people begin to get what they want, they ignore it and continue complaining that there is no diversity. It's more than a little annoying.

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Dungeon Keeper 2. It's like a soft pillow.

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@cbyrne: i assume in disbelief because you always thought they were real? Mind blown!!!

I view creationists to be on the same level as conspiracy nuts. We dont get a lot of them in Ireland, but there was a girl in college (we actually got on very well) who firmly believed dinosaurs never existed and the earth was 5000 years old. I would provide her with very simple and easy to understand proof and she would just shut down, like her brain stopped working. I often wonder if conspiracy theories and certain religious beliefs effect people in a similar way.

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Awesom, I love this. Always impressed by the artistic talents of duders! Some day they will sell a pill that I can take and instantly be able to draw =(

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Thank you sir!

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I know it was posted, but for the life of me I cannot find the thread, even with the search function. Dunno wuts happenin.

Someone kindly posted a rip of jeff's mixlr feed from the panel the other day. Anyone have the link handy? Or if someone could link the elusive topic then mods could just lock this up!


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@artisanbreads: For the me, the most interesting part is how much it ADDS to the game. This is what diversity in games looks like. Dragon Age Inquisition has completely hit the nail on the head, I think. Games are increaingly becoming more and more diverse with lots of different choices to make based on culture, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. We have a way to go, sure, but things are going in the right direction.

Unfortunately, no one seems to get props for doing things right. People scream from rooftops they want more diversity, then when they get it, they pick it apart and denegrate it for not being the specific kind of diversity they want for themselves.