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My actual biggest disappointment would be related to gamers themselves this year but let's not open up that can of worms.

In terms of actual games, hmmm.... probably Watch______Dogs. I was totally stoked for it. I tried to not get too hyped up, but I just loved the concept behind the game with all the hacking and fancy business. I thought that would be way cooler than it was. The city itself was boring as shit too. Not as futuristic as I had hoped. Where is my neo-punk deck-diving open world game people? God damn it will someone just make one already?

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Why other peoples opinions on things effect fans of videogames to this extent has always alluded me.

If not for expressing these sort of opinions and many others, positive and negative, why have a comment sections at all?

It's not the expression of opinions, its letting other peoples opinions about something you like upset you and bum you out. That's why I said "To this extent". It's Giantbomb's Game of the Year. They are under no obligation to cater to everyone. Some seem to interpret dismissal of a game that none of them have played (which I dont think will happen actually, they generally give everything a fair shake) as a personal attack somehow. It's just weird.

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I dont fully understand why their conversation about DA:I bummed you out so much and upset you. Why does it matter? You really like the game, right? Enjoy it then!

Why other peoples opinions on things effect fans of videogames to this extent has always alluded me.

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Entered this thread under the fairly reasonable assumption that there was an Elephant in Bayonetta 2.


This is you:

God dammit the image url linking is still completely busted, have not been able to link a gif or jpg in months.

Heres the LINK instead.


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At this point they should just say fuck it and base the next game in a massive expanse of desert and call it Assassins Creed: Fuck-all. The lack of towers to climb and people to stab would be a refreshing change of pace. You could spend your time on four hour long chase missions pursuing mirages to your death, after which the game deliberately bricks your console and calls the cops on you for buying another AC game and thus perpetuating this never ending stream of THE SAME OLD SHIT.

I'm not even that mad really, I just wish Ubisoft would invest some time in new IP that does not all follow the same formula. I like Far Cry 4, but if the next game is just more of the same I will not be buying it.

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@bisonhero: kind of. Being a bad ass implies some kind of acknowledgment of risk. Louis bloom in nightcrawler... the risk is kind of his job and he is eerily methodical about it. Not a bad ass, but certainly a Bad Mother Fucker. A Bmf.

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Tonight I saw a movie I had been putting off for a while as I had some pre-conceived notions about it. The trailers for Nightcrawler painted it as something that had potential to be interesting, but a seemingly over earnest Jake Gyllenhall put me off. I have a friend who works in our local multiplex and he called me up and told me to come down. We sat in front of the largest screen in the place with his co-workers and a giant plastic bag filled with popcorn and watched the movie.The last movie I watched him in was Source Code, and while I liked the general idea and thought his performance was certainly up to par, it did not really hold my attention.

Nightcrawler... holy shit. I was glued to it. I nearly pissed myself because I did not want to leave my seat in the last thirty minutes of the movie. I have not seen anything quite like it. Gyllenhall is AMAZING. It is by far his best role. The character is... one dimensional, in the purest sense. Singularly driven and laser focused. The script never falters. The movie is a deliberate commentary on the media, that much is pretty clear from the very beginning, but the events that occur are so real and "ripped from the headlines" that you can just imagine this person going about his job today, tonight even, in Los Angeles or whatever city you want.

Has anyone else seen it? Please don't spoil anything, it's a movie that folks need to go into semi-blind, but are there any out there who were as blown away as I was?

I am still thinking about it. My movie of 2014. Definitely.


Some may be tempted to watch this movie using certain means. I cannot get across to you how big a mistake that would be. The huge screen, to me, was an essential part of what the film is trying to convey. Everything looks more real on the big screen. The bigger the better. (You will know what that means after you see it).

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@splodge: I hope you're right. And I hope it is all positive. It's just a communication thing, you know? I care about games doing and being more, about them conveying the world in interesting and new ways, and it annoys me that the crew still shy away from topics that are, to many, just as important as gameplay and graphics. People have been waiting and crying out for games to mature in their depictions of sex and women for years; it is not unreasonable to be unnerved when a game that clearly approaches both directly is not spoken of in that light.

I do agree with you on this, and I apologize if I came off as combative earlier, but it is for these very reasons why I think Bayonetta does such a good job. It is, in its own absurd way, a very mature representation of sexuality. The game treats the player as an adult. You can admire this woman, who is sexy and strong and not feel like a complete pervert for doing so. There are no un-nerving up-skirts or flashes of cleavage while a character bends over to pick something up. I HATE it when a video game tries to "tantalize". It is creepy as fuck. Bayonetta herself is an overtly sexual person, and displays it through her actions and the way she engages with the world. And, by the way, it is but one aspect of her personality. It is not the entire focus of the game, but more of an aesthetic choice.

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I don't want to sound mean but you admit that you've not played or even seen the game so you kind of don't really have a leg to stand on in th great 'Bayonetta is male gaze bullshit' debate. I haven't played Bayonetta 2, but in the first one there was just one moment where the whole sexual thing was overdone (ya'll know what it was). In the first game Bayonetta was confident about pretty much everything about her, down to how she looked and by extension how she talked about sexual things. There wasn't much subtle about Bayonetta but it wasn't trying to be this silent critique of sexuality.

You didn't come off as mean. You did prove you didn't read the full post though. They need to talk about it. That's it. Even if it's a denial of its existence, they need to talk about it.

You are making assumptions about the content of a game you have not played. Why would they NEED to talk about it? If there was something worth talking about, they would have talked about it. As I said above, it is not what you think it is.

No I'm not. I'm saying that female and male critics who have played this game have mentioned it. Maddy Myers and Arthur Gies and more. I am happy to have this game be a fantastic and powerful use of sex in a positive way. I am not attacking it. I am attacking silence here. The sexual politics of the game exist, and in the modern age of video game criticism, it is irresponsible to not talk about them.

I think that in an instance of a game getting the portrayal of sex and sexiness as right as Bayonetta does, then yes, it should be talked about. They will hopefully praise that aspect of the game in the GOTY deliberations. Maybe wait til then before you jump on the guys for not talking about it. There will be plenty of talk about Bayonetta 2 in the weeks to come.