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God, my city is a dystopian helsscape full of garbag, traffic jams, and fire. I feel ashamed.

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@gerriam said:

@splodge: Sounds like a plan. The pub you're describing sounds like a really fun and potentially very successful endeavor, so I'll do my darndest to make it out there and check it out. Maybe I'll get my friend who's living in Unna and come visit you and your buddies some time.

Otherwise, as you've already said, just shoot me a PM when you're here and we'll make things happen.

Will do!

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Thanks all for your advice and help!

@gerriam I might PM you in a few months when I am finding my feet over there! Thanks duder. The bar I will be working at is going to be re-vamped as an Irish bar, and the exciting thing about it is that my buddy who is opening it is finally going to be in charge and get to run it the way he wants. There will be three genuine Irish bar men and plenty of music (we are all musicians... well, I'm a singer but the other guys are excellent). From what I have seen in the previous bars he worked in, the Germans love a genuine Irish pub.

@dudeglove That's good advice about the radio and the crappy TV shows. My friend who I will be staying with is also Irish, but is fluent in German so he will be teaching me too.

@biffmcblumpkin At first I was like "Why would he...", but then I got it ;)

@viking_funeral One of the things my friend mentioned to me is in that three years of running bars in Germany he has only seen two fights, one of which was more of a heated argument. It's one of the reasons I am looking forward to it. I love my own people, and my country, but too often when Irish people get drunk the atmosphere in a pub / club can change dramatically and become hostile. I have been involved in some pub fights myself (never an instigator, but sometimes you have to stop people from attacking your friends), and I am pretty calm the majority of the time, even when drinking. Hell in Brilon I was even able to sit down and have a conversation with two reformed neo-nazis about politics and their experiences. These guys looked so aggressive, and drank their asses off, but there was nothing but jokes and good times. Socializing in Germany seems to be exactly that - social experiences with other people. Irish pubs tend to get kind of clique-ish and people don't talk to others outside who they went there with all that much.

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The guy who put the above video on d'tube has about thirty mins of the demo on his channel. I think there's a second part coming soon. I went to check out his twitch where he originally streamed it, but it looks like his account was deletes for streaming the demo :/

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That is fucking awesome.

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You know what, I want to play this game again. I'm gonna buy this definition edition just so I can experience it again.

Thanks OP for bringing it up :) You gave me a hankering to play it.

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Awesome game, loved it to death!

Sad it didn't do well on re-release, but hey, that does not take away from how awesome the game is.

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I implore everyone to watch the following documentary. Even if you are not a soccer fan. It is a fascinating exploration into what it takes to run a huge club like Barcelona, and the pressure it involves. Also, the dudes that run the place are pretty pimpin. All their meetings take place in catered rooms where they just eat and drink constantly while whacking out million dollar deals. It is awesome.

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Guten tag!

Hello my German friends, I am moving to Germany from Ireland in a few months for work and will be there at least a year (longer if things go well).

I will be moving to the seemingly lovely town of Unna , to work in a bar.

I am a little worried about the language, even though I did six years of German in school (that was about ten years ago, and I have forgotten most of it). I have been to Germany about four times over the last three years, and each time after a week I feel like I have been able to understand about 40% of the conversation, but lacked the language skills to say much myself. I am a quick learner though, and will try hard to pick it up.

My job will entail dealing with a lot of people every day, so I have a few questions for any German duders up in here:

1) I have noticed that a lot of German people speak a serviceable level of English. Is this true across most of the country? I will be trying very hard to learn German as quick as I can, but I hope people will recognize I am learning and speak with me in English sometimes.

2) Any major cultural things I might have missed? I don't feel like I have made any mis-steps when it comes to this, but you never know what things are deemed appropriate / not appropriate in different countries. Obviously I am not stupid enough to talk about the war, etc, in an insensitive fashion.

3) I have observed in the past that Germans seem to be quite responsible drinkers (compared to the Irish at least). What are your own experiences of drinking in Germany versus other countries you have been to? I am interested in the way Germans socialize as a pub is where I will be spending most of my time.

4) And finally, if anyone knows Unna or is indeed from there, or somewhere close to there, I would love to hear your impressions of the town and anything cool that happens there. I spent a week in Brilon, and Schutzenfest was in full swing. It was an amazing week. You guys know how to party!

That's all, any kind of advice would be appreciated!

Danke schön!