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Cant believe I am staying up this late. Gonna pay for this tomrrow so bad. I DO IT ALL FO THE BOMBCAST

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Jonesin' so hard. I imagine theres so many bells and whistles on the vincast it just takes that much longer.

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:( too late for me now. cant justify staying up til 6 am to listen and play hearthstone. Or can I??

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Wonder what time it be up at... early-cast yesh?

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Consoles will be dead within the year.

Next on Giantbomb: Will video game characters ever transmorph into real, living beings?

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If you want to use a keyboard, the tablet must have Bluetooth and then pick up a Bluetooth keyboard. I think the MS surface pro tabs are the only ones you can plug a USB keyboard into, as they have the port and its a full version of windows. I have a surface 2, which has the port but I have not tried a USB keyboard as the surface tabs have a pretty slick proprietary one that clips on.

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I worked in electronic sales for the last four months, Nexus 7is a very nice piece of kit and very reasonably priced. If you did want to spend a bit more, I would go for the LG 8.3 inch tablet. Those things are gorgeous. IPad mini is always reliable, but for the same price the LG tab is WAY higher spec.

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Doh, you're right, this thread is ancient.

Still, jogging is good advice in general, so I think my point still stands.

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Is it just me or does Mischa Barton look like a meth-head in that photo?