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Why does Radd look a lot like Ben Judd? Maybe it's the 'stache?

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@hejklyscha: that looks like it! though I must've had another version of it, the house layout was a bit different and there was no dog following you around (must've gotten a broken copy of the game somehow back in those days).
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I'm looking for a sandbox-y Amiga game, which I loved playing around with and help me learning english. It was lost when my dad decided to format the disk and put something else in it. I'm pretty sure the title screen said the game was from "Sierra On-Line" but whenever I check their games list I can't find it. So it may have been some kind of a unfinished demo. 
The game, IIRC, was a very simple Sierra adventure game done in their CLI engine at the time. The graphics are similar to the era of the early Kings Quest and Police Quest games. It only had two screens, the title screen and the other was of a cross-section of a house.  The house was about 4-5 storeys high, with 1-2 rooms in each. I remember the bottom floor had the kitchen and the living room, and the top floor was an attic. The stair well was next to the center of the screen.
You controlled a bobbing-headed dude (that ominously stared at the player almost all the time) that walked around by himself and interacted with the objects in the house. You could only control the dude by writing commands like "go to kitchen", "go to attic" and so on where he would walk over there. If you could figure out what the objects were you could interact with them as well such as "sit on couch" (I remember the attic had one of those old style vinyl record player). The game however, would crash if the character exited the mansion or went inside the closet (which leads me to believe it was an unfinished demo). 
Still if anyone else has it or knows where to find it, I'd be in nostalgia heaven.