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Oslo, Norway

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I still find it hard to believe he's gone. The big guy's voice and mug has been a part of my day for so many years, and the podcasts and videos have more than once gotten me through really shitty days. He was the best friend I never met. Thanks for the laughs, Ryan.

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These three were just asked "who's the cutest little button of all you guys?"

Crazy thing is Vinny's hair in the original pic is waaaay more outrageous than the remix.

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Come on, I can't be the only one who thinks it would be the most hilarious idea ever to name the European version "Frenched"?

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I'll just get in line with the other Norwegians on here in saying that I don't know anyone that has ever bought a game at a Coop store. Platekompaniet is another story, but as previously stated, it's one of the most expensive stores to buy games at in this country. A new PS3 game will easily set you back $100. This is clearly a knee jerk reaction, and I think (hope) that it won't persist or spread to any other outlets.

This might already have been quoted, but another national electronics retailer, Spaceworld, put out a statement in an interview with the NTB linked to this story in which they stated that "We can not see any connection between the tragedy which has occurred and the fact that we sell video games. We have never seen any research concluding that a video game alone has led to events such as this"

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man, I cant wait to play me some  BOKUJYOUMONOGATARI 3D. What?

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Lars (1st name)

1.  Girls tend to like Lars.
Intelligent and smart, and knows how to use his tools.
Lars is everything a man has ever dreamed about being himself.
Lars is every girls perfect boyfriend.
"Ohh!! LARS!!!! you are so good!!"
"Hey...! I want a Lars too!!!"
"That boy over there.. He is just so Lars"

2.   big penis
dirty girls can't get enough of lars.
3.  Basically a scandinavian (Norwegian, Swedish or Danish) name that means "the God of all puny humans" from norse language. 
Larrse was a term used by vikings in the dark ages to describe all Gods basically, and is therefor also the considered meaning of it.
Hello Lars!
Hello God!

7.  The act of smoking marijuana.
 Yep, that sounds about right

Ivar (middle name)

"You're so sexy, but you aint a patch on that Ivar."
2.   An engine - made by Welsh Dragons
Makes funny noises - 'shhhhhgerromppp shhhhgerrrommpppp' etc

Aside from the welsh engine part, I can definitely live with this
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I think I played all of them back in the day, and I seem to remember them all to be mostly more of the same. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Not sure how they hold up today though, haven't tried them since back then. And, as Tordah said, I think they were all hard as nails.