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No killer instinct for me :(

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Saw the back order status on mine(preordered 6/10) as well as in process status. Called Microsoft and they confirmed that I will be charged on the 21st and will get it on the 22. They have shipped my xbox live card thingy tho

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Nice little touch

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Nice little touch

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To me they can call it whatever they want. I am not even particular about my name, lol. No biggy.

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I am looking forward to seeing how the tech works. This is one of the day one games I will be picking up on launch day!

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I guess it is better this way. I can't wait to see how much real money I have on the system when I get home, lol.

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I think it is funny that people don't want an electronic device "Listening" for a command but they don't mind believing in an invisible being that watches everything you do all day and punishes you for anything it deems bad. That includes watching you go to the bathroom and having sex...quite ironic, lol!

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@oginor said:

@extomar: Except it's worth 0G. It's a fun, little, useless trinket to have tied to your Xbox avatar, that's it. Quite frankly, I think it's kind of a nice idea for us early adopters of the new platform.

And as to Day One DLC...it's not like we're getting more actual gameplay...we're talking about some bonus items to make games a lil easier/interesting on day one, not extra campaigns. It's a nice little frill for pre-order folks. What's the big deal?

I agree!