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I still don't get the big deal because I am always connected to xbox live...What's the difference. I think people are making a big deal out of nothing. I guess there are people that still don't have and Ethernet connection.....

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Looks nice....

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Yea, I will be getting this!!! Wish it was a launch title!!!

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LOL, is there even a way other than not buying the system?? I am getting it tho, lol!

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I am very excited!!!! I love console releases!!! I looked at the PS4 and I feel that I won't play it like I would the X1. I can't wait!!

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I have it pre-ordered so I am looking forward to it. Can't wait!!!!!

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I am really starting to get pissed at Madden. Not only do they block 2K from making a football game but they also continue to bring us the same game with roster updates and minor gameplay tweaks...This game is soooo tired to me. Any other thoughts?

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I really liked the Final Fantasy Versus game but that was about it. I have already preordered by XBOXONE. But if I see some more games I might get both. Can't wait for the next gen to get here!!

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I am in. I can't wait for E3. I had a PS3 and the community just didn't do it for me. I will get both systems but I lean toward the XBOX consoles

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Im loving the game so far. I am at EGO level 294. Just the sheer fact that I know there are hundreds of other players in the world is cool. It's fun to get to the brink of death only to have a complete group of strangers coming to your rescue. I am enjoying the game alot.