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Can I join? Gt:dirtysponge name in game is iTwan

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Great read! This game is soooo great

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I would have to say that this could be a deal breaker for alot of consumers. Not everyone wants to get a game when it first comes out. So if a used game can't be played on these systems parents wont by them for their kids or kids and us consumers will just buy less games. In the end the gaming industry will suffer.

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Hmmm, Just wish they would come out with some details on this thing is they plan on coming out with it soon. Im on the fence with this new logo. I want to hear the pitch first, lol.

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I might just wait on a couple of reviews before getting it

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I went to take a look at this game and the graphics are great but more importantly it is free!! For that price point I downloaded the came and it seems so far that I don't have to pay extra for cars or anything. Worth the price, lol!

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@fox01313 said:

At least you don't have to pull out a map like in Far Cry2 in this sequel to find yourself getting mauled by ninja tigers while trying to find out where to go on the map.

Priceless, lol!

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Downloading Dragonborn when I get home!!

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I am enjoying the game alot!!! And i love how you can go back through parts of the mission to perfect your score against friends. I like the game so far.

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@ajamafalous: LOL, that is funny, lol